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51 Flor de Cana 25-Year ratings

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Definitely adding this to my sipping rum list. There isn't anything about this rum that I don't like. The aroma in the bottle is awesome. I cannot really describe it save to say it smells wonderful with just a little bit of sweetness. The flavor is simply luscious. Silky smooth on the tongue with subtle sweetness married brilliantly with soft oakiness leading to an enveloping warmth and leaving with a satiny vanilla aftertaste.

Sounds like something from a romance novel but frankly this rum will evoke romantic notions. This is a very special rum well worth the $100+ price. Highly recommended! In my humble opinion, having this as anything other than a sipping rum would be criminal. As close to a 10 as I can get thus far.

Im inclined to rate the Flor 25 as a 10, but I too feel its overpriced at well over a 100 euro's. The packaging and bottle are really swanky though. You do feel you are buying something special. Tastewise this one sits halfway between the Flor 18 (lots of caramel, oak and vanilla) and the Flor 12 (zesty and spicy). But its smoother than both. You can feed this to a baby. Its has no burn whatsoever. Also it is, as expected, more complex than both. Less sweet than the 18, slightly more adult and masculine tasting. There's a hint of old books in the smell and taste. But delicate too at the same time. Let it sit and breath, clean your palate and taste consiously otherwise it won't register fully.

Beautifully balanced wood, caramel, vanilla notes. Very smooth and soft nose.

En la copa, tiene un color ámbar oscuro.
En la nariz, hay caramelo, vainilla, almendra amarga y aromas de roble suaves.
En boca, es seco, no tan fuertemente amaderado como era de esperar de un 25 anos. Las notas de madera se equilibran junto con caramelo, vainilla y almendras amargas.
Compleja, termina agudo y seco con el roble suave, no es dulce ni empalagoso Fenomenal

Tastes like a classic, smooth rum. Problem is I just won't remember it in a few days.


Nice hint of Carmel easy on the nose and easy on the pallet very little burn

Full body, subtle sweet, soft oak very classy. One of my favorites.

Barevné zlato v lahvi. Již sklenice napovídá, že se nebude jednat o jen tak nějaký rum. Jeho vůně je kouzelná,lehce připomínající čokoládu i trochu vanilky. Tuto láhev si dokážu představit do své sběratelské poličky.

Smooth and clean . No sweet at all. Let it sit and breathe for a short wile.
Less sweet than Zacapa XO

Excellent! Perhaps a bit overpriced; but very tasty and extremely smooth. One of the smoothest rums I have ever had. So easy to sip straight.

End of the bottle so not as aromatic as it should be i guess. Discreet nose compared to the 18 years old.

Aromas of dried apricot and orange.
Long oaky finish. Woody, grilled toasty bread flavors.


End of bottle. Toasty nose with a hint of hazelnut. Grilled flavours in mouth and long smooth finish, more buttery, balanced. Not a favorite but a good rum.

Slightly expensive but wonderful product. Everything exudes quality, from the beautifully finished bottle to the brownish amber floating inside. Once it have had some time to breathe, and this is important in my opinion, the nose greets you with hazelnuts, butter, roasted brown sugar and a hint of leather and oak. It's very refined. On the palate I pick up delightful things like soft oak and leather, buttery nuttiness and candied apples, fading into a dark and tingling finish, rolling back to the soft oaky notes.
This rum is very, very good in a no nonsense kinda way, but as mentioned above it's key to let it breathe for a good while.

Good rum to sip from that I put next to the Diplomatico as a reference. Very enjoyable!


It's one of my top 5 rums smooth sweet oaky flavours to sip to

Great nose, not too sweet but sweet, Carmel notes, vanilla, spice, lingering finish. Most expensive bottle of Run I have but worth a taste if you get the chance!

I did like this rum, although to me it tasted more of a whiskey/bourbon rather than a rum. This rum also has a decently high price.

If $150 is not much for you, then give this one a go. But if you check my cabinet, I can name a few better 50 dollar rums. Having said that, this is one of the smoothest rums you will ever drink.

such a damn good sipping rum. bit stong with the alcohol but one of my favorite

This is when it gets real people, in my experience there are sweet rum lovers and more raw rum lovers. I'm the latter, thus my rating, but if you are to sweeter notes you should definitely give this and any of the flor vintages a go.

Good one to start the tasting session with. Very discrete, dry and smooth, yet complex

A bit bitter. Tastes of tabacco, wood with a buttery finish

Absolutely one of my favorite rums. Shows that Flor de Cana knows how to do rum well.

Inconfundable taste, a lot of flavour and aroma, very sensitive, incredible aftertaste, loooong finish.

Love the taste.. This is my rum to celebrate special occasions..