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The nose is very full and sweet with thick caramel, fudge and vanilla. Nice but not a lot happening. I get the same notes in the taste, perhaps supplemented by dried dates. It's very sweet and smooth. The finish even things a bit with a long, rounded barrel note, but to me, it's not quite enough to counter the massive sweetness. A shame that Oliver & Oliver went overboard with the added molasses, as I think it slightly ruins what seems like a nice rum.

Wife told me to buy this one!
- But dont tthink we are going to open it.
To expensive, so it's for collection only.

Si le paradis des rhums existe le mien est en république dominicaine chez OLIVER I Oliver, j'apprécie énormément leurs rhums et celui ci tout particulièrement.

Lovely rum, sweet, complex, lot of taste, no alcohol feel - and do miss that a little bit.

Got a little taste at the local tiki rum bar. Really delicious. Will need to come back for more.

En meget lækkert, sød og dejlig rund rom, men giver stadigvæk et godt "spark" når den lander på tungen. Lige en rom efter min smag. 8,5 er min vurdering, men ikke mulighed herfor i ratingen. Top 5 i min rombog

Endnu en god rom fra Oliver & Oliver. Dejlig tyk og rund smag og duft.

Hvis jeg kunne ville jeg give den 8,5.

Fad, fad og fad fylder næsen, og dette tager man da også med i eftersmagen. Den her rom... den er klasse! CHOKO CHOKO FANT!! Giv den 5 minutter, duft til og smag. Jeg er ikke bekendt med prisen, men har nydt 5 cl hos svigerfar. Alt under 1000kr er pænt her, og 9 stjerner.

The brothers Oliver again exceeded. Simply sensational many fragrances, which harmoniously ...

Very nice and smooth with a hint of pleasant afterburn.

Ein Wunderwerk aus dem Hause Oliver & Oliver.
Ein sehr geschmeidiger Ron mit 1001 Aromen, ein Solera mit Charakter,
leider auch mit viel Zucker (35 gr./l) aber egal, ziehe ihn einem Millonario XO,
Zacapa XO oder Zaya (alte Version) vor. Eigentlich eine 9.5 in der Wertung.
Schöne Mahagonifarbe im Glas.
In der Nase herrliche Düfte von Vanille, zarte Holznoten,
tropische Früchte und ein Hauch dunkle Schokolade.
Im Gaumen ganz mild und perfekt ausbalanciert. Toffe und Vanillearomen treten kräftiger hervor,
auch die dunkle Schokolade wird intensiver.
Honig und zarte Holztöne sind nebst weiteren Aromen zu entdecken
Im nie endenden Abgang bleibt ein Aroma von roten Beeren und Zuckerwatte.
Einfach ein genialer Ron für diesen etwas gehobenen Preis.

A wonder from Oliver & Oliver.
A very supple Ron with 1001 aromas, a solera with character,
unfortunately also with a lot of sugar (35 gr./l) but no matter, prefer it to a Millonario XO,
Zacapa XO or Zaya (old version). Actually a 9.5 in the valuation.
Beautiful mahogany in glass.
In the nose delightful fragrances of vanilla, delicate wood notes,
tropical fruits and a touch of dark chocolate.
Very smooth and perfectly balanced in the palate. Toffee and vanilla aromas are more pronounced,
even the dark chocolate becomes more intense.
Honey and delicate wood tones are to be discovered along with other flavors
In the never ending finish remains a flavor of red berries and cotton candy.
Just a brilliant Ron for this slightly higher price.

Rating kommer i morgen nå jeg er blevet ædru eller lige efter ikke sød

Volle smaak van karamel en chocolade en toch niet te scherp. Goede afdronk.

Für mich eine der besten Rums. Gestern ein Glas probiert und er hat mich sofort restlos überzeugt. Ist sein Geld wert. Sehr mild und gehaltvoll, lang im Nachklang!

This is allways a Nice treat, sweet and lightly roasted caramel. Yummy

molasses. sweet rum.
i smell smoke and chocolate.
i taste wood. more than in the xo. some smoke. orangepeel in the back. cinnamon. chocholat. raisins and grape. some prune.
no more than 7 out of 10 points. for me its much too sweet. but if you like it, this is for you!

C'est un excellent Rhum de Rep Dom.
Préférez le moment de la fin du repas pour l'apprécier comme il se dois.
Vous allez vous régaler.

God og dejlig sød og mild rom, men den mangler lige...

Lots of banana leaves, subtle sweetness of exotic fruits and a really high class drink!

Edit: Smelled the glass 2 days later. Still smells wonderful. Bumping this to a 9!

I love everything about it. From the nice botlle. To the sweetness balance, the afterburn, the caramel, vanille, sherry taste, the price, everything !
It was the 2th best bottle of the group of four people after 20 rums. Two of us bought a botlle. 25y for 80€. At that price it's the best rum i know. When i want to convince friends to try rum this is the bottle i use. Solid 9,5 ! Right under embassador and riise ultra.

nice and smooth with a pleasant sweetness.
But it's not quite good enough to give it a 9.

Taste very well. I love it.Very soft and so smooth.

opthimus xo es el que tengo
color caoba oscura en nariz aroma de madera, frutas y especias,vainilla y algo de presencia de nuez moscada.
boca ligero dulzón tabaco,cuero,nuez muy persistente en una palabra increible

Uno de los mas ricos rones que haya bebido. Redondo en todos los sentidos.

Opthimus 25 year rum orginal 400px