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24 Opthimus 18-Year ratings

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Everything looked super with this one. Great bottle and nice color.. But at the first sniff.. There is alcohol.. Tasted it.. Main taste is alcohol with some nice tones underneath.. The finish is also packed with the pure taste of ethanol and some nice tones underneath.. Have to trie an older one to see..

Not bad, but I can imagine several better rums for this price, honestly I think it is not for mass of people, but rather for advanced rum drinkers. It's taste is not so rich.

This Opthimus 18y is a step above its younger bro the 15y. More mature and complex, this rhum can be a good daily sipper. Small reproach, maybe a little bit too alcoholic ...

Much better than 15, little bit sweeter and smoothier.

Wood and caramel flavors
Light cinnamon flavor. Light spice and sweetness.
Spicy mainly on the finish.
More powerful than the 3 years less mature Opthimus 15-Year

Holz und Karamell-Aromen
Leichter Zimtgeschmack. Leichte Würze und Süsse.
Würze vor allem im Abgang.
Kräftiger als der 3 Jahre weniger gereifte Opthimus 15-Year

Denne Rom har en dejlig sød smag, og er en af min favoritter.

It's not at my top ten but I can recommend it with a clear conscience. However, at this price level could be find better pieces.

Opthimus 18-Year er en rom med mild smag og en rødlig farve.

It's a nice Spanish-like rum. I had it straight up. It was sweet but not too sweet. It has no heavy aftertaste

My second Opthimus rum, a decent rum, medium sweet with a short after taste.
Only slightly better than the 15 yo

Very good stuff. There are a lot of directions you could go with this rum, i look at it as a complex rum because of all the different flavors. Nice bottle, and worth the money spent unless you are a tight wad and in that case try beer.

This is one I had high hopes for. And it's ok, but definetly not a great one... Not worth the price at least.

God Rom med masser af smag og behageligt eftersmag, denne Rom kan jeg godt anbefale

It's alright but not great in any way...Average nose, average strength, average aftertaste, tastes of alcohol...
I won't buy it again.

Notes of vanilla and oak on the palate with aromas of fruit; figs, prunes. Long finish . This is an achievement for a middle range among Opthimus which is often considered the best.

Nice rum. Sweet taste of red fruits, caramel and great oak taste. Nearly no alcool taste, even if SOME PEOPLE here talk about "ethanol" !! You can buy this one without doubt. I bought it for 57€

Sweet and Mellow as an 18 year old rum should be. Clear notes og fruit, caramel and tobacco

Sorry, cant help my self ... another one for the collection :-)

Deze heerlijke rum van de Dominicaanse Republiek heeft een 'echte' rumsmaak van karamel, hout en vanille met ietwat alcohol in de nasmaak. Lekker zacht om puur te drinken maar wel droog.


God solid rum, ikke for sød, men heller ikke for whisky-agtig.
Køber gerne igen, da den hører til i alle barskabe og dermed også mit

A smooth and delightful rum, with a little alcohol bite, so it needs to get some air in the glass before drinking. The smell/taste/aftertaste is so nice, that you will have to lock the bottle away, or you will find yourself drinking it everyday.

I was a whisky drinker before i was infected by rums,and back then i preferred irish of scotch.As i opened the good-looking bottle of the Ophtimus 18yo,and poured a glass,let it breathe a bit,and smelled it- it was just like an irish whisky.Curious,i took a sip. It is a great rum,but the oak is overwhelming,even if its mild as a pot still irish whisky.

It's true what it says on the bottle, 'puro Dominicano'. This rum is very much a Dominican rum, in all aspects. Full body, no-nonsense nice brown rum with a sweet and complex but simple tone. Very good rum for the price.

Nose - Good : light , smoke , sweety , caramel , vanilla , fruit.

Taste : mild , slight sharpness ,chocolate, caramel ,
dry fruits , lttle bit smoke

Opthimus 18 year rum orginal 400px