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42 Opthimus 15-Year ratings

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Ok rum, nothing special but decent. Nothing to remember though.

This rum was an dissapointment the first times i drank it.
But after 3-4 Times i disovered the tastes that i had missed.
This is a realy good rum!

Blød og rund smag. Duften er en meget behagelig blanding af vanille og kanel.
Sød eftersmag

Dufter en anelse sprittet, der gemmer sig karamel, vanilje, og måske rosiner i duften.
Smagen er sød vanilje, karamel og fad.
Det er en okay rom. Men nok ikke en rom jeg vil ofre penge på selv.

Tastes a little bit like whisky, but with sugar, which makes it better.

But I don't like the aftertaste. Maybe a bit too strong.

Den er ikke så kraftig i næsen. Vanilie og en smule lakrids er hvad jeg får ud af den.
Smagen er ikke noget at råbe hurra for. Den er ok men smager ikke af meget

I can see the tones in the rum, but I felt like it was too sharp on the edges.

Somehow this rum resembles a strong caribbean character. Alcohol aroma is powerful at first but it gently dissipates in the palate. To be fair this should be a 7.5

I got this for € 50,- in a local store. That's maybe a bit pricey but certainly worth it! You get a well balanced rum that should be to almost everyone's liking. Nothing nasty in there, but nothing that stands out either. If it was cheaper, I would buy this one more often.


Un rhum simple d'abord mais trop sucré pour être honnête. Le nez rejoint la bouche avec un léger goût vanille-caramel et une pointe de grillé. La finale simple, courte et peut-être légèrement poivrée.

A simple rum first but too sweet to be honest. The nose joins the mouth with a light vanilla-caramel taste and a toasted edge. The final single, short and perhaps slightly peppery.

rhum simple et agreable a deguster en fin de repas

Opthimus 15-Year er en god rom efter kun15 år. Sødme og smag passer fint sammen.

Un rom clasic fara mari pretentii in stilul clasic Oliver. Cred ca variantele mai mature sunt mai recomandabile de consumat. Un miros discret cu un finish putin cam spirtos.


En udmærket rom med en fin kant - en anelse splittet men absolut en smag værd

Esta rico pero le falta bastante para llegar a la altura de su hermano mayor.

My first Opthimus rum, a decent rum, medium sweet with a short after taste.

Dette er min første Opthimus men bestemt ikke den sidste, den er ret god af en 15års af være.

Eye: Clear, Waterclear, Hazelnut-Brown
Nose: Sweet, Caramel, Toffee & Vanilla
Taste: Wood, Coffee, Light Toffee, Medium Body, Medium Alcohol ( warming )
Aftertase: Sweet, Medium Lenght, Medium Alcohol
I Think i gotta taste this Rum more frequently.. for me it is a 7 or 8.
There is sweetness, , hints of coffee and toffe, plus maybe some dark chocolate
(maybe i'm getting misguided by the description tho!) the thing that i don't like is it's medium alcohol taste.. still a good sipping rum!

Denne Rom er god men der mangler noget i at den kan få højere karakter

Let it brief for around 15 minutes and it becomas even better. It is similar to Ron Esclavo 15 year. Recommnede for the ones that like a sweeter Rums,

This is my first Opthimus rum. I like it, decent sweet taste witch good finish. I was comparing this rum with Diplomatico (12) and Opthimus is winner. On the other hand Opthimus is too expensive.

Because of the price point, it is expected that Opthimus 15 is a good sipper. I believe that this is a great rum, but best served over a hard cube of ice.

Opthimus 15 38% Dominican Republic

Eye: Liquid mahogany

Nose: We begin with a peculiar smell of sawn timber, like singed oak. Then dusts of alcohol, honey, fir, resin and exotic spices e.g. cinnamon and dried vanilla. It is very “natural” and the alcohol burn is strong which is surprising for the mere 38%. No dominant sweetness here which is a relief. There are some promising fragrances of burnt sugar, heavy white blossom, like lily and sleepy ripe tulips.

Mouth: Low key? No. Everything washes over the palate at the same time and crowds the mouth. The strength bring tears to my eyes and they are not tears of joy. Is this really only 38% ABV? It is like a sweetened Balvenie double wood. It is difficult to discern what is what as this angry spirit and its fiery components battles on the palate. It is a bit astringent (guess that’s the oak) which is different but not wrong. I find honey, fir resin, some christmas fruits, dates and a hint of pomegranate. There is also some green apples (it has a slight resemblance of Calvados actually), burnt caramel, coconut milk, herbs, spices and a little varnish.

Reaction: It feels like a cask strength. What kind of steroids is this Opthimus on? It is really quite strong but at the same time that compensates for the lack of breadth and elegance. What a paradox! The sweetness is formidable and the notion of sawn wood is a welcome touch which alone makes this odd rum worth trying. It is no standard beginners edition for wannabes but something for the true aficionado I think. I look forward to try an older Opthimus where the elements had time to settle just a little bit. The capacity for greatness is certainly there in this bomb-of-a-rum.


Price: 500 SEK
Tasted: 2016, in a Riedel Sommelier Cognac XO glass at room temperature.