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Ok rum, nothing special but decent. Nothing to remember though.

Jantarová patnáctka z Dominikánské republiky, která se válela v sudech od bourbonu a whisky, má krásnou chuť po vanilce, čokoládě a kakau s jemným dlouhým medovým závěrem ξ;


Positivt overrasket - fin balanceret med gode nuancer

This rum was an dissapointment the first times i drank it.
But after 3-4 Times i disovered the tastes that i had missed.
This is a realy good rum!

bouteille de 2016, très bon, puissant, complexe. A tester

Mild und sanft, Honig und leichte Ingwerschärfe, Fruchtigkeit und Süsse.

As usual, I walked into one of my favorite liquor stores hoping to buy a specific one and it was not there. Browsing through what was available, I finally found a rum by Opthimus at only $46, which is still below my $50 per bottle limit. With the name of Oliver & Oliver on the box, I knew that it had to be good since I love their Vizcaya rums by the same company. Mine is bottle number 124 from 2016. It is a 15 year solera rum.

I opened it up and poured a snifter, then let it breathe for more than an hour. The aroma and taste are of caramel, with no after burn or horrible taste. It is a very good rum, but not complex enough to make it into my top ten sipping rums. It won't go to waste and I now have another expensive fancy bottle for my collection. I should be thankful that I have already found my top ten after starting out only two months ago. Thanks to all of the reviewers who guided me to the right ones.

Ein angenehmer Rum zum geniessen mit einem bleibendem Abgang.

Nose: caramel, oak, well balanced

Palate: smooth, well balanced, some sweetness, also some slight sharpness, slightly smoky, but the taste is not very voluminous and not lasting very long.

Maybe even 8.5, because it‘s really smooth.

Sugar: 29 g/l

It's a nice rum but I like the older ones better...

Den skal bare lige stå og spritte lidt af.

Vinder ved nærmere bekendtskab
Eftersmagen er begrænset

Enjoyed back-to-back 25, 21, 18 and 15 year old Opthimus rums this weekend. The 15 year Opthimus was such a disappointment. It was well priced for a 15 year old rum, but man is it nasty when compared to the older siblings! The burn is awful and the flavors are so immature that I would recommend skipping this one. If you want to try Opthimus for the very first time, try the 21 year old and it will set you a very good benchmark.

Opthimus 25 year 7 points
Opthimus 21 year 8 points
Opthimus 18 year 6 points
Opthimus 15 year 4 points

Sød, mild og kort eftersmag. Ikke noget power over denne.

Dear readers, i bought this bottle today in a grocercy store. Nice bottle with a real and worthy cap.
Nose: dried fruits, candy, caramel. Mouth: banana, more dired fruits, toffey. And nice and long lasting.
This will not be my last bottle of this brand.
Year 2016, bottle 2040 of 6000


for his Age this Ron as a very smooth & sweet taste Long in the Swallowing.

Smager godt, uden at være prangende. Dufter fint. Eftersmagen er begrænset

The Opthimus 15y is the entry point in the range of Opthimus. It is quite sweet and easy to drink with pastry flavor and vanilla. Not too complex, this Opthimus can be drinked with no thinking.

Tää on hyvää, herkullista ja makeahkoa! Nam. Tätä kelpaa hörpötellä.

Ein wunderbarer Sommer Ron.
In der Nase, angenehme Aromen von Trockenfrüchten, Banane und Honig.
Im Gaumen werden diese Aromen noch mit einer gewissen Schärfe untermalt.
Der Abgang himmlisch.
Ein super Ron aus dem Hause Oliver&Oliver

A wonderful summer Ron.
In the nose, pleasant aromas of dried fruits, banana and honey.
In the palate these aromas are still underlined with a certain sharpness.
The departure celestial.
A super Ron from Oliver & Oliver

Blød og rund smag. Duften er en meget behagelig blanding af vanille og kanel.
Sød eftersmag

Dufter en anelse sprittet, der gemmer sig karamel, vanilje, og måske rosiner i duften.
Smagen er sød vanilje, karamel og fad.
Det er en okay rom. Men nok ikke en rom jeg vil ofre penge på selv.

Tastes a little bit like whisky, but with sugar, which makes it better.

But I don't like the aftertaste. Maybe a bit too strong.