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Skotlander handcrafted i rum

Skotlander Spirits' Handcrafted I rum is produced using molassis sourced from Brazil and distilled at the Nordisk Destilleri in northern Denmark using a handmade Muller copper still sourced from the Black Forest in Germany.

Half of all Skotlander Spirits' rum is stored in small burnt sherry casks for aging, and will be first sold starting in 2016.

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11 Skotlander Spirits Handcrafted I ratings

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Måske lidt enebær i duften, men også græs.
Smag har lidt citrus, lakrids. Mild eftersmag men det brænder i halsen.

For what it is, it is a decent rum. One of the better white ones, I have tasted. It's just that white rums are not very tasty on their own. And at the price you have to pay for this rum, that's the least you can expect.

er desværre ikke fan af produktet, da det eneste jeg kan koncentrer mig om med glasset i hånden, er den meget stærke duft, som ikke falder i god jord hos mig.

I had high hopes for this rather pricy bottle, as the reviews are good. White rum never really ticked any of my boxes before, so i was hoping this would change my mind. Though it's good, I wouldn't call it a revalation. It's a very special white rum, no doubt. Both the crisp nose and black pepper palate gives me associations of tequila. Very good tequila I must admit, but this is not what im looking for in a rum. It could be good in drinks but im reluctant to try this, given the price. But hats of for a quality product with perspective.

Smager langt bedre end den dufter.
Glæder mig til at smage den, når den har ligget på fad et år eller to ☺

Skotlander Rum I has improved my cocktails greatly. Very tasty with both the gentle taste of alcohol as well as hints of fruits. Highly recommendable.

The sweetness and the sincere flavour is what strikes me the most. I didn't even think this was possible to experience from a white rum. But there's so much texture and flavours. I had to get myself one of the bottles straight away after I tasted it.
It's funny to see the looks on peoples faces, when they taste it, because it's nothing of what you would expect.

Can only highly recommend this

This light RUM I from Skotlander Spirits has got an excellent, rich odor and a marvelous flavor. The RUM I will open your eyes for a new world of handcrafted rum made from the best sugarcane molasses. It's a great experience to enjoy the RUM I in a large glass, where you get the best of the notes of rum. You can also drink it in a cocktail, where the full bodied RUM I gives you the most tasty cocktail you could dream of. Enjoy :-)

As many i´m most to the spice dark rum, so with some skeptics i tried this white rum. But what a great blast.

Great taste, both pure and in cocktails. It took me by surprice and I would recommend all to try this great RUM from Skotander in Denmark.

Crisp and fruity

Sweet and burned notes. Wunderfull white rum from Denmark from Skotlander. Soft and nice with great viscosity.