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A.h. riise non plus ultra very rare rum

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47 A. H. Riise Non Plus Ultra Very Rare ratings

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Tastes like one of those chocolate pralines that you feared of getting in your mouth when the box was almost empty. The flask though is probably one of the most beautiful I've seen. If you're a fan of those horrible pralines you will probably love this one.

It´s one of my favorite. (9,5 / 10)
it´s a little bit to sweet , with an icecube it´s a little bit less sweet.

Nose - Great :sweet, dark ,fruits ,sherry ,smoke
Taste - Great : very sweet ,very rich, long and fruity ,sherry ,caramel , vanilla ,smoke,tabacco.
very long aftertase .

If you like sweet Rum , you must try this one.

Virkelig lækker Rom med masser af smag og behageligt eftersmag, en Rom der passer til en speciel lejlighed

This rum is provided in a nice and classy bottle which shows you that you are in the premium range of the brand. I have been told that one of the caracteristic of the brand was the presence of orange taste in their products and it is sadly clearly true. The Orange taste predominate others aromas like caramal, vanilla and even the sherry. Clearly a premium product but it does not match my taste.

This is a top class rum. Very smooth and long taste. Also a great aftertaste.
Strongly recommended!

The bottle is gorgeous, the glass structure... the rum inside is golden brown. The feel is sweet, you taste vanilla and cherry, in the nose some citrus tone, orange and caramel. Afterburn and aftertaste is so fine.

I really recommend this one...

En av mina favoriter en bra upplevelse fin flaska.

Den Rum kann man den ganzen Abend trinken. Etwas süß und fruchtig am Anfang. Sehr mild im Anklang. Es bleibt eine leichte Süße auf den Lippen zurück. I like

Just happened to notice this by chance and I'm really happy to havet diacovered this wonderful rum. Its sweet, balanced, and has some funk to it too. Just delicious, its not cheap, but i you see it give it av try!

Krásná lahev a uvnitř vynikající jemný rum. Jeden z nejlepších co jsem zatím ochutnal.

Sweet with a lotof sherry body, it is not far away from Dos Maderas 10+5 years.

2th best rum after embassador. Smooooooooth. Man sooooo smooooth. Nothing harsh, no ethanol, just a smooth sweet rum without feeling like a candy or chemical. Amazing after taste that kept on lasting. Vanilla, fruty, citrus and orange. My favorit tastes all together well blended in one bittle. One if the most beautifull decanter bottles i have seen btw. It looks expensive, too bad it is, but worth it. Only small side note: the orange was just that little bit too strong to have every single taste 100% balanced. But i'm nitpicking. I want a bottle !! (I even payed twice with tokens @ the rumfest because i wanted more!! )

After tasted the XO Reserve, I was curious to taste this rum. The bottle is maybe one the most beautiful if you forgot the Angostura Legacy and the Havana Maximo. But my fear was that the predominant aroma of orange will always be present in it. And it was the case ! This one is more complex with oak, leather, citrus, tobacco. Long and fruity flavors in mouth with vanilla and caramel. If you study the history of this company, you can understand the aromatic orientation for this product. But if you closed your eyes, you can recognize a syrup for the throat. I recognize the quality of work behind this blend but I do not approve the aromatic choice. Diversity creates wealth and rum universe is vast.

In clasica traditie a casei AHRiise este un rom premium dulce. Se simt cele mai multe arome din cate romuri am baut pana acum (vreo 200). Are ceva special in el, cred ca e excelent de baut cu prietenii in seara de craciun.


Smells incredible and the bottle is really beautiful.
I like the complexity with all scents and tastes, however the cherrys are to dominant for my taste.
It really reminds me of the crappy pralines you got at grandma's as a kid.

Denne rom er meget god, som alle A.H. Riise rom bære de præg af at de er meget søde og dette er ikke en undtagelse, men forskellen på denne og fx gold medels er at denne rom har meget mere smag at byde på af både krydderier og en meget af balanceret røg smag som træder i karakter uden at være overdøvende lige som i whisky. Den har flere spændene søde frugtsmage at byde på jeg syntes at kirsebær er fremtræden 👍🏻 dette er en kvali rom, det kan smages

rhum bon est interessant mais autant dans l odeur qu en bouche l orange prend trop le dessus pour moi

Nepochybně je hladší, kořeněnější, s delším dokončením než jejich standardní. Na druhou stranu, stejně jako ony je hlavně výrazně sladký, což ty nuance poněkud přebíjí, takže v poměru cena/výkon udělají např. X.O. 175 years Anniversary nebo Family Reserve přece jen lepší službu.

A little bit to sweet but still a great choise
If you like sweet Rum , you must try this one.

Med. Jemná chuť i po polknutí.Potěší, ale nenadchne.

It is a sweet rum. In it's class it is a diamond among precious rocks. the flavor of this rum is incredible rich. It develops and breaks into many many individual notes. Sometime so complex that it is so hard to identify them all. The most predominant are dark chocolate, honey, caramel and herbs. Cool it down a little and the personality changes revealing a silky body, enjoyable with deserts and long talks. It's hard not to like, but it must be understood that this is sweet, it supposed to be sweet and this is how it should be understood and appreciated.

Swetness 8/10
Overall 9/10

Great rum. Not as sweet as their Christmas rum. Much better. Great looking bottle.

As sweet as other Riise products. Rich vanilla & fruity taste, super long aftertaste.

Totally recommended

Brother got it for Christmas and one of the best gifts for him.