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Castillo silver rum

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11 Castillo Silver ratings

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Very cheap as a Bacardi substitute. No flavor really....pretty much just alcohol. Kinda 'sweet' tasting I guess. Best to be saved for college kids lol.

Is a drincable option when in a money pinch. Mix heavy.

Goes best with cola or juice. As one reviewer said it has a "dirty sock" taste. I too noticed it and had to double check. I bought it for 9.99 at the local packy for the 4th of July weekend. Decent mixer, but that's it.

Not world-class by any stretch but at $7 where I live it has its uses.

Drank it neat. Not much complexity. Would only use as a mixer.

isnt much here in the way of flavor at all which is why it will probely mix well good choice if you dont want to taste your rum imo

Cheap alternative to Bacardi. Good for mixing. Nothing else.

Good choice for well rum offering. Mixes easily with coke and fruit juice. I am using this to do infusions with pineapple and bananas. Excellent value

Its sweet, good mixer, but ultimately at the end found it had a dirty old socks taste that was enough to put me off from buying it again. I'd get this in a pinch or was entertaining a lot of people I wasn't to overly concerned about impressing. Otherwise, its a pass.

This rum has a nice taste and mixes great with any fruit juices.

On the rocks this rum has a slightly astringent taste to it. There seems to be a very slight anise backing to it, but in my opinion this would work much better as a component in a mixed drink rather than a stand-alone.

Castillo silver rum