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Lemon hart navy spiced rum

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Oi vey. One sip of this "rum", lost the vision in my right eye and my wife said I started slurring out of the right side of my mouth, and sounded a bit like a pirate. Also works fine on paint brushes.

Rhum très épicé très vanille, sucre brun. Très sucré


I like it, a bit sweeter than Blackpool Spiced and more like Sailor Jerry without sacrificing the taste of Demerrara cane.

Not a terrible rum, but not good enough to enjoy straight either. Definitely needs a mixer, and then it's just an ok spiced rum. Not bad, but I wouldn't particularly go out of my way to buy again.

a good rum to feed you drunk friends when you want to save your finer rums

This rum has a beautiful deep reddish brown colour, and the smell is very inviting - Rich sweet molasses with a touch of cinnamon. On it's own, its too harsh for my liking, although the flavours are interesting. Along with the typical Navy rum base of Molasses flavour, I think that I can taste vanilla and cinnamon, although it has a bit of a medicinal taste that throws things off a bit. OK in a Rum and Cola, although there are plenty of less expensive options. Likely nice in a Dark and Stormy as well.

An inexpensive and full bodied navy rum. Great for entertaining on a hot Summer day. Lots of Iceberg bits for ice will add to the ambiance.

is a perfect way to describe this one. While I liked it well enough mixed with some Coke, I can't say I loved this stuff. It reminds me a lot of Goslings Black Seal, but not quite as good, so Goslings gets the slightly higher mark! Some kind of alcohol-like "menthol-ish" flavor pushes through, like cough syrup, making it medicinal, almost, so interesting is the best word to use here. Not really what I'd say is bad, per se, but not something I'd reach for again, given the choice. Taste IS subjective.

I like Spiced rums but this one is a little too far up the sweetness scale for my liking. Can manage a sip or two but won't be in regular rotation in my cabinet.