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On the dry side with little fruity, baking spice or floral notes to sweeten it up. Has some dryer notes like leather, tobacco, wood and earthy tones. Makes for a decent mixer but not very good as a sipper. Can't find this too often but if you do pick up a bottle for your rum collection.

The theme is smoke, together with earth, licorice and leather.
I do not smoke, but I figure it would go along very nicely with a good cigar.
It is smooth and the taste develops in a fine way.
With a very distinct taste it might not be everybody`s choice. But if you do like cigars I would strongly suggest to give this one a try.

This is the rum that opened the door to the wonderful world of rums for me, it no longer is my go-to rum but it still is a rather satisfying in a Cuba Libre.

A little flat but it fills the spit when there's nothing else lol

Needs a little spice to finish it off, flavor is a little flat

Clean, crisp and rich caramelly goodness. Like a less syrupy sweet version of old Sam, only more expensive.

This is a good party/ mixing rum it has an alright taste but I do not recommend it neat.

This is the first "decent" rum I ever had and it was turned me into a rum drinker. Now I keep it in my bar for mixing with coke or other mixers, my wife loves it with eggnog at Christmas time.

This isn't often present in the liquor stores I shop in but I've had it and don't mind it.

Quite a nice Demerara mixing rum.

Nothing spectacular and outshone by the 151

Not smooth enough to sip straight, but full of character with a very interesting, almost spicy flavour.

Nice to have a rum that you can still taste in a mix drink.

I wasn't expecting much as this rum very much plays second fiddle to the 151 in this brand but I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of this offering.

Deep dark chocolate notes followed by molasses a little bit of spice. Reminds me of chilly spiked dark chocolate. Not noticeably harsh in any way, I could get used to this as a desert rum.

The bottle was reasonably priced at 27 Canadian and I expect it will be a fairly permeant fixture on my shelf.

This is a great rum for tiki drinks and tropical rum cocktails! An old classic...but not as great as the 151...not as much of a sipper as it`s a mixing rum.