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12 Barcelo Blanco ratings

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As far as white rum goes, this aint bad. Better then the Barcardi superior. Neat the taste is fresh and a little sweet with a hint of coconut. It goes down pretty gently. Good mixer.

As the others light rum this one is very harsh but not so disgusting as well known "cartablanca" is :) It was so difficult to recognice something else it in with exception of alcohol. But this of little matter because of I dont dare to drink it neat. However, Daiquri with Barcelo blanco came out not so stinky and even quite good!

I had a few drinks of Ron Barcelo Blanco while vacationing in Oaxaca Mexico. Mediocre bottle and label design. Very strong alcohol to the nose and palate if neat sipped. Mixes rather well with your favorite soda drinks.


Качество среднее. После рома плохо не было. Не сказать, что вкусно, но за свои деньги сойдёт. Чувствовал отчётливо спирт. Этот ром посоветовал мне продавец. Продавца теперь считаю дураком.

OK, let's be serious, if you have to choose between Bacardi and this one, don't even think about it. Other than that.... None!

perfect for drinking straight or in cocktail (pinã)

Okay for a white rum. Don't like the aftertaste too much. 5/10

Better then the Barcardi superior. A little sweet with a hint of coconut. Good mixer.

After a recent holiday to the Dominican Republic I drank this for two weeks and loved it...with Cola. I tried it on its own and found it very harsh with a brutal after taste.

After a mix up with the waiter I also tried it with fanta....I don't recommend it with fanta!!

Normally sold for the same price like Bacardi White and Havana White, but with better value.

perfecto para cocktails

This rum has a very distinctive and strong coconut flavor. It hoes pretty well in mixed drinks, not too bad with coke too. Still, if you feel like having a white rum though, it might be worth spending a few more pennies and having the Barcelo Platinum.