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Captain morgan white rum

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Sure, it's a mixing rum, but better than the alternative.

Drinkable but not my favorite Rum. Only for mixing.

This is a very ordinary light rum. It's got a little peppery spice, a touch of oak, and a hint of sugar. Far too plain to be good. I'm rating it straight up, but it might work better as a mixer.

With a 5 times distillation this is quite smooth. The aroma is quite subdued and sweet with some vanilla present, also fresh cane. There is not a strong rum flavor given the distillation but still has a nice tropical taste going on here. For the price not bad for a white rum. This is easily consumed straight.

This white rum is alot better than some of morgans other offerings.This is a white rum that should be in your collection.

No idea where the label came from since Captain Morgan white is a new offering.

The rum was very clean on the palate. Nice sweet notes. Smoother than Bacardi. Easily mixed or enjoyed on the rocks.

As we all know I'm not the greatest white rum fan and thus just adds to the list of white rums, perfect in a cocktail but that's all

Abv sugar nose. Better during drinking then smelling :)
Sweeter sugar cane ABVish body. Still ABvish in aftertaste. Not as bad as some entry level vodkas but I can not feel else then sugary ABV spirit...
After some warming it gives a bit of vanilla too...


Captain Morgan, what else to say. Spicy rum for good price with terrible taste. Even with cola I prefer Havana and not Captain Morgan

Awesome for the price. Very smooth. Tastes good. Do it.

Either buy a vodka or spend some more money. Dont buy this

Brugte denne rom til at lave mojitos, og de blev sku ret gode så derfor 5 flasker herfra!

This is drinkable for me only with coke. Don't risk it clean. Blah.

Not my favorite and has a bit of a harsh finish. A good rum for blended drinks.

In my opinion this rum is drinkable only with a mix. I tried this rum solo and was horribile. The taste was very alcoholic . It will probably be better with for example with coca cola. I didn't try it.

Habe ihn gerade im Mojito getestet, war okay aber mehr auch nicht.

It's a white rum nothing special about it. It's not bad or good it's like a base line while rum. I use it for daiquiris it works well. It's a good priced white rum for cocktails not much else.

Bellow average rum, only for mixing, no need to use this instead of yellow Havana.

Nothing much for me to say about this... not a fan of white rums and would only use this where a white rum is needed for mixing.

Very light, industrial, more akin to vodka than rum, drinks made with this somehow seems tainted.

Local favorite, wish I could say something good about it.

Not for me, it's ok for mixing. No flavour, too cheap.

For that price ok. But that's all. Nothing to recommend.

Not so much spiced, tasted good even straight. Good standard white rum for Mojito and other mixed drinks.

Bought as a mixer so when I have people over who want rum and coke, I don't waste my good rum on a mixer.

Serves its purpose, still a staple.