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Captain morgan white rum

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Sure, it's a mixing rum, but better than the alternative.

With a 5 times distillation this is quite smooth. The aroma is quite subdued and sweet with some vanilla present, also fresh cane. There is not a strong rum flavor given the distillation but still has a nice tropical taste going on here. For the price not bad for a white rum. This is easily consumed straight.

No idea where the label came from since Captain Morgan white is a new offering.

The rum was very clean on the palate. Nice sweet notes. Smoother than Bacardi. Easily mixed or enjoyed on the rocks.

Awesome for the price. Very smooth. Tastes good. Do it.

Drinkable but not my favorite Rum. Only for mixing.

This is a very ordinary light rum. It's got a little peppery spice, a touch of oak, and a hint of sugar. Far too plain to be good. I'm rating it straight up, but it might work better as a mixer.

This white rum is alot better than some of morgans other offerings.This is a white rum that should be in your collection.

This rum was surprisingly sweet. I prefer it over Bacardi any day as a mixer.

Cocktel y solo para cockteles no se disfruta de otra forma

I don't like Captain Morgan's rum. Usually good smell but taste is missing

Colour: white

Taste: alcoholic

Smell: very alcoholic and unpleasant, close to cheap cachaca

Rating: do not drink it pure...rather try another rum such as Havanna Club 3 years for mixing...will not buy it again.


I did find this one better than Bacardi
for a few dollars more.

It has a good flavor for the price that I has! Its a good option for the Cubas Libres and the Mojitos.

Este ron viene siendo mas bien para mezclar, es bastante dulce para ser blanco, solo no lo recomiendo, pero para un buen mojito o con cola y hielo no sabe mal.

This just doesn't work on every level possible. CM tried to make a Bacardi silver but with its odd ball and off flavoring I'm tempted to suggest they were trying to stand out and be different. Either way, I'm going to call this another main steam rum failure. I would use it to spike a rum punch...

Great for taking to a party, and good with cola.I prefer something with a little more character with ginger ale.

Tastes very gasoline-like, the alcohol taste is way to strong, even if you mix it with coke. It's better to just buy Bacardi or another white rum, just skip this one.

Mno, v kombinaci s kolou je to dobrá volba, ale pro potěchu rumové duše to není...

Not suitable for consumption. Has a Ph of -12. Pure acid.

This was not quite as I expected, I was comparing it to Barcardi but I just think it has a strange taste compared to that. I tried it together with a cola, but didn't get a smile from the taste. I have not mixed another drink with it since, but I'm thinking of trying mixing it with something other than cola - maybe this will be better.

As a white rum should be drinked only in cocktails or mixers but is too rough for my taste.

A little sweeter than I'd prefer, which shows itself in cocktails. I like this, and I like the price point.

The first time I had this rum was in a coke zero. It adds a sweet and smooth finish to any drink. No fancy floral or spice scents. The price point is excellent and makes it a must have for parties. If making boat drinks or with colas you will not be disappointed.

Quite good quality white rum, soft and has pleasant aftertaste, nice for sipping and for mixing