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Cruzan black cherry rum

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9 Cruzan Black Cherry ratings

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I originally bought this to experiment with some cherry-lime flavored cocktails. Its crystal clear with a sweet cherry nose. Its a tad sweet for me and the low proof is kind of disappointing however, it makes a nice cherry daiquiri, is dynamite in cola, isn't real candy-like and is relatively inexpensive. I had to experiment with the sweetness of other cocktails to get it right but its a nice weapon to add a surprise fruity twist on drinks. May even try it in so me cooking and baking! Cheers.

I'm a over ice guy and this taste like a nicely favor cough syrup. It might make a good mixer but not a good over ice rum

If you like island drinks and you like flavoured rum this one is great .
Cruzan has a great selection of flavoured rums and this one is easier sipping or easy mixing a must to have on the shelf

Old fashioned soda taste good in coke, sprite, etc

very sweet great aroma, drinkable, will try in some iced tea this summer!!

I like Cruzan rums and this Black Cherry has great taste. I chill it and use it for a refreshing shot. Much better than other Cherry flavored liquors on the market.

This stuff is like Candy. Mix it with whatever you want. It taste great.

its a typical mix drink rum nothing to fancy good for vodoo juice

As far as flavored rums go, Cruzan is the best in my opinion. I like to mix an ounce of Black Cherry with an ounce of Light Aged (for some kick) with Coke and add a wedge of lime for an outstanding "cherry Coke."