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Ypioca oura cachaca

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This tastes somewhat similar to an Agricole rhum, though not quite as refined as the ones I have tried. Two years in Freijo wood casks give some interesting funky smoky flavor to this as well as take away the industrial edge.

Nice earthy and grassy representation of Brazilian rum. Awesome as the main ingredient in caipirinha's but doesn't disappoint when sipped neat either.

The jury's still out for me and Cachacas. Initially I liked the flavor, but more I drank, the less I liked. Willing to try others though to see whether it is the brand or the type of rum.

Well, Oura is not as versatile as Pratta, but I like it very much. And when I have taste for some more mesmerizing and distinctive Caipirinha, I take oura over Pratta. The taste is not so flat, more deep, playful but less fresh. With very nice bottle design it's nice thing in your alcohol cabinet. But I do not recommend buying it as "Rum". Cachaca is very different from what you've expect.

Kategorie: světle žlutý(?) rum(?) 38%

Hodnocení: Za mě šlápnutí vedle. Bohužel jediné co mě na tomto rumu (jak teď čtu, tak o označení Cachaci jako rumu se vedou spory) zaujalo byla láhev, jinak nic. Prvním varováním byla vůně - rum spíše smrdí (po rostlinkách) než voní. Během pití je dominantou líh - rum se prezentuje hodně alkoholově. Tím zabíjí i tu jedinou nevýraznou chuť, kterou má. Jelikož si na něm nemám co vychutnávat, zbytek láhve nejspíš zředím s colou.

TLDR in english: Not for me, look of the bottle is the only positive. Rum doesnt smell nice, it stinks. Tastes very alcoholical, it has very few flavours which are killed by its alcohol taste. Will drink rest with cola or something, sorry.

Wow, this stuff is hard to explain, tequila comes to mind that has rested in the bottom of a water basin for Maaaaaaaabe just a weeee bit to long laddy. A mite on the harsh side and with me distinguished palate i would have not thought it to be RUM. If this is what i had to drink regarding rum i would probably switch to

This is a very classic cachaça, against which others can be judged.

Though a little on the spicy side, it's one of the better cachaças I've tried. Since cachaça isn't my favorite rum style, my score may appear a bit low. But if you like cachaças, try the Avua; that's the best I've had.

Brasilianischer Rum. Da musste ich erst mal nachlesen. Und tatsächlich - Cachaza ist aus Zuckerrohr. Wieder was gelernt. Etwas zu alkoholisch im Geschmack für meine Fälle. Für brasilianische Mixturen gut.

Ypioca oura cachaca