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Ypioca prata cachaca

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9 Ypioca Prata ratings

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This is vile and undrinkable, I can’t even imagine what I would do with such a spirit apart from maybe pour it away.

Dry, smells strange, strong alcohol taste. My favourite booze is dark aged rum, not young clear cachaca ;) but i understand, that it can be very good for cachaca lovers. Bottle is nice.

I enjoy this one from commonly available cachacas the most. It's great all around one, either for Caipirinha or other mixers. Nicely drinkable on the rocks too (but Pratta is better in mixerts and Oura on the rocks). With very nice bottle design it's must have in your alcohol cabinet.

Kategorie: světle žlutý(?) rum(?) 38%

Hodnocení: Za mě šlápnutí vedle. Bohužel jediné co mě na tomto rumu (jak teď čtu, tak o označení Cachaci jako rumu se vedou spory) zaujalo byla láhev, jinak nic. Prvním varováním byla vůně - rum spíše smrdí (po rostlinkách) než voní. Během pití je dominantou líh - rum se prezentuje hodně alkoholově. Tím zabíjí i tu jedinou nevýraznou chuť, kterou má. Jelikož si na něm nemám co vychutnávat, zbytek láhve nejspíš zředím s colou.

TLDR in english: Not for me, look of the bottle is the only positive. Rum doesnt smell nice, it stinks. Tastes very alcoholical, it has very few flavours which are killed by its alcohol taste. Will drink rest with cola or something, sorry.

Not intersting for me, It's too brutal, smells like stinky grass.

Sweet vegetal taste , herb like smell and quite pleasant to sip and will make a cracking Caipirinha ! The national drink of Brazil.

i drink aged sipping rims so this is a little different. Tastes very herbaceous, kinda like grass and sort of bitter/sour. Not bad but not for me I think.

Aged two years in balsam casks. A little sweeter than it's brethren the Ouro, with a little less woody taste. Quite pleasant as a sipper, comparable to my favorite (so far) Mae de Ouro.

un muy buen regalo


Ypioca prata cachaca