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Blackwell black gold special reserve rum

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Tried this one at Blackwell`s Rum and Reggae party in New Orleans 2 years ago and i find it to be a very good mixing rum, makes great rum punches and dark n stormy`s, also good in tiki drinks. Not so much a sipper to me though even if it can sip of course.But it´s a rum to love!

Blackwell... A fairly cozy rum if I may say. Scent of raisin and maybe a little oily alcohol smell. Rich taste for being so young, caramel, dried fruits, vanilla and... oak barrel. Don't know if it's ever been close to a barrel but I taste it. A slight cognac tone also. A pleasant acquaintance I must say.


Not a bad Jamaican rum. Has a nice Jamaican Pot still flavor to it. This rum does include some natural spices with make it feel older but it does lack that oak you get on an older rum and does have some sharper edges to it. Overall a decent rum easy to drink straight up but is slightly spiced.

I don't like sweet rums, but the exception to that rule for me is black rum. I like the flavor of a rum that has a bitter tastes that come from a well made blackstrap rum that is light on the tails tastes like it uses true caramelized molasses rather than caramelized sugar.

Bottle: It is interesting and I guess the price range dictated the style to some degree.
Color: Deep amber, dark red-brown.
Bottle Aroma: Sweet with hints of a spiced rum.
Glass Aroma: Very similar to the bottle, but with oak.
Taste: This rum is never hot but has enough heat to be not dull, it isn't just a black rum, it really has hints of being a spiced rum as well with flavors I would associate with Xmas cookies.

When Blackwell first entered the US market the price versus the taste was unbelievable. It has since gone up a few dollars but remains a very good value. If this was planned, it was an excellent sales and marketing strategy for what is a very solid black rum. I use this rum to mix in all sorts of drinks with the favorite being Dark-n-Stormy where a ginger bitter is used with seltzer water. The lack of a overly sweet ginger beer while relying on the sweetness of Blackwell rum means this is a extremely pleasant evolution on a traditional drink and it becomes very pleasant indoors or in the summer heat.

Smoke and Vanilla on the nose. Very harsh first taste. Flirts with chocolate, vanilla and mint beneath a VERY wooden tongue. Definitely interesting though. Would recommend this with cola. The sugar compliments the woodiness and allows the deeper flavours to come through stronger.

Dark chocolate with dried fruits topping. Cola caramel yet bitter towards to end. Doesn't carry any hogo/ funky characteristic of classic Jamaican rum. Lots of spices and fruity.

First sip reminds me of rich fruit cake with caramel topping and coco powder. It sounds like a weird flavour but doesn't taste bad either. Personally I find it very much close to a spiced rum especially its only been through a year aging.

Woody and toffee finishing, very much of an espresso. This gives a long finishing compare to certain aged rum.

Quite sweet, especially on the nose. Since it's sweet and not very funky, this rum might be a little short on flavor in a recipe calling specifically for a Jamaican run. However, it's nice stuff, and if you blend it with, a quarter ounce to a half ounce of funky Jamaican rum, like Hamilton or Smith and Cross, in a cocktail, that will work out very well

It is a bit strong but very good. Wasn't expecting this to have the richness and body. Love it.

Blackwell Gold Special Reserve is my favorite rum for sipping neat while pairing with a good Nicaraguan maduro cigar and sitting by my fire pit. I use the more genaric dark rums for my "dark and stormy's". Every time I'm in Jamaica I pick up a few bottles to bring home to restock the cabinet.

I'm fairly new to this, so I don't have much experience. But I must say this rum is absolutely superb (if you like darker rums). No matter if you like to drink your rum neat or in a cocktail, this rum has got you covered.

It reminded me of a sweeter, less leathery and smokey Havana Club 7. Has a nice laid back sweetness to it - raisin-like with brown sugar and molasses - and a warmth without much alcohol kick (thought here is more on the nose). I am not particularly into Jamaican rums, preferring others, but this is pleasant. It costs around about £20 which is about the right price for it.

V chuti je strašně citit alkohol a rozhodně bych ho nedoporučoval na pomalé popijeni.

Strong alcoholic smell, bitter dark taste. It's something in it but not for the majority.

slabší rum, silnější rumová chuť.
Štiplavý na chuti i na jazyku.
z mého pohledu nic moc.

When a recipe calls for a dark rum, I first reach for Hamilton Pot-Still Jamaican. My next choice would be to reach for this one. I'll take this over Gosling's or Myers any day. It does a much better job as a mixer, and overall has a much more pronounced flavor than your average dark rum. Only $20, and fantastic most ways you mix it (ginger beer is my favorite).

Typical rhum, good straight tase of mélasses and brown sugar

40%. Not super dark. Warm, caramel-y nose. Hint of funk. Similar to Coruba or Appleton. Sweet entry. Good youthful bite. Slight bitterness. Medium, warming finish.

Not bad. If this was the only dark Jamaican mixer I had access to, I wouldn't be upset. Probably makes a tasty Planter's Punch. Fortunately for me, I have access to many (including ones that are funkier, drier, stronger, more refined, or some combination of the four), and this one lands a few bottles down the list. As the label says, it's "fine" :).


Nose: gonna be honest, I didn't get anything. It's just alcohol. There's a smidge of... something. But it's just boozy.
Taste: Here we go! Fairly smooth, quite fruity with a light sweetness, as well as some caramel and a hint of apple cider!
Finish: no morphing, just a little more of the flavors.
As someone who loves enjoying the aroma of my rum, sipping is kinda my thing, which I just don't think I could do with this rum. It does make a good mixer though!

Tried the Blackwell Black Gold Special Reserve on a rainy Sunday and I'm still baffled what's going on with these glue smelling Jamaican rums. The color is very nice, and that's the only compliment. Smell is glue, taste is glue and surprisingly no burn at all.

Nic pro můj jazyk. Jamajka není asi to správné rumové,které bych vyhledával. Drsný rum splochým průběhem. 4 je za muziku, kterou tam mají fajnovou :-)

Lot of layers very good and interesting standard. Aftertaste not so long 😕

Bouteille plutôt jolie. Le nez est intéressant mais en bouche il ne se passe rien, très court et trop léger on n’a même pas l’impression qu’il fasse 40% :-(

La Jamaïque comme on l'imagine : sale, profonde, chaleureuse, brut et rugueuse. Une petite bombe embouteillé à prix tout doux en plus. Un incroyable excellent rapport qualité/prix.

I think this is a suitable rum for some mixed drinks and punch. I would recommend trying it.