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Not the worst but close. I tried both the gold and the citrus. Neither was great but the citrus was better. Glad it was free cause it wasn't worth the $8 my dad paid for it.

Слабое послевкусие и вкус рома, зато навязчиво тянет спиртягой

This was my first rum ever. Got me hooked on rum thats the only reason i give it a 6. Other than that id give it a 3. Not a good rum.

While better than no rum at all, this would not be my go to unless money was really short. While it's not terrible, it certainly is not on the level with most rums I've enjoyed before. With that said, it is sufficient for rum punches and other rum cocktails. Especially if I am making a big batch of something.

found this better then the silver only because there is really no flavor besides the alcohol burn if the goal is to get drunk this will work if you want flavor go elsewere.

Seems like it had a strong spiced aftertaste. Really not my favorite, but tolerable in a mixed drink. Not sippable

There are somethings in life one shouldn't experience. This is one of them. A friend of mine went scuba diving with me in the Caribe, and we ended up on Roatan, at a party where he got Amazingly drunk on this rum... to be sociable, I had ONE swallow of this liquid Drano, and regretted it immediately. the flavor is like someone bought a gallon of napalm, and poured cane sugar in it to sterilize the open wounds it caused! Blah- worse, Bill spent the night giving this stuff back to the sewer where he got it from in the first place... I do NOT recommend this Firewater.