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Ronrico silver label rum

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9 Ronrico Silver Label ratings

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Un rom bun pentru cocktail-uri. Baut sec nu cred ca se ridica la calitatile unui rom cu vechime mai mare de 10 ani.

This stuff is horrible. It makes Bacardi look good which isn't saying much.

Great for hunch punch and horrible headaches. One of those rums that will turn you off rum entirely

Es un ron ligero, que se puede usar para hacer mezclas con Coca-Cola para hacer cubas libres o para cócteles


It's alright for the price, but I'm paying a little more next time. Will definitely taint a mixed drink with its strange fake sugar/chemical taste.

first time drinking any rum stright without mixer burn is upfront and there is some weird flavor on the back end hoping it gets better with pepsi stright out of the bottle dont like it

pretty bad, for shame!... it comes in plastic. That's all you need to know

On a par with Barcardi in my humble opinion but not as good as Havana . Obviously not very special but not the worst white rum out there.

Not worth the purchase. Better if using this to clean a bad cut.