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Blackheart rum really brings out the taste of the coke ... I feel like I'm drinking a Coke and Coke with a kick

I really enjoy it mixed with Pepsi. The cost is also very low, a plus, for a retiree.

Junk rum, bought in bulk and flavored with chemicals. I don't know who is more dangerous, the people who make this crap or the people who review it without irony as if it were a quality product. Gak.

Strong, sweet vanilla taste... more like a coconut rum. Great with pineapple juice. Not a high end brand, but the bottle art is rad. A fun rum.

got this one time when i was broke and it came with free glasses and i loved it its stronger than captain and mixes well

i liked it. got a bottle for $14.99 vs. $21.99 for sailor jerry, thought it was just as good, had it in ginger ale

I gave this one away. To me it tasted too much like syrup. I couldn't find the taste or flavor of this rum at all. I couldn't even drink it to get drunk.

I have drank just about all of the popular rums you can buy in the US, this is one of my favorites. I prefer it with cola. Kraken is probably my favorite, but at nearly half the price and 93 proof, it's hard to beat. I love the cherry flavor. It lasts longer too because of the intense flavor and the proof, you don't have to use as much.

My husband has always been a rum drinker,me,not so much. My go to has always been beer. He begged me to try his new flavor (Blackheart) while I knew I wasn't going to like it anymore than any other rum I WAS WRONG. Now I always choose Blackheart. We choose to mix it with Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi and it really brings out the cherry flavor. Also with Gatorade in the summer is quite tasty. We have gotten a few friends hooked that absolutely love this rum.

93 proof drink to get drunk. Nice female pirate on the label.

I put this in the same category as sailor jerry and the captain. Good mixer…has a bit more of a cherry aftertaste than Captain Morgan

Being a rum lover and more so with Spiced Rum. I was abit unsure about Blackheart. Its priced in my area at around 17 dollars bit have to admit the packaging is attractive. Featuring a pirate lass just asking you to taste her rum. So of course I had to indulge. The aroma is to me strong and lasting. With a combination one comes to expect with spiced rum. When i swirled it in my glass it showcased some nice legs. Then upon first taste i was a bit unprepared by how much I enjoyed it

This is great with coke...a nice vanilla and to me i taste a sweet cherry flavor.

This is a fine rum for mixing with Coke when budget is important. A little sweet for my taste, but quite drinkable.

I would rate this above the average. It has a sweet flavor. Nice scent. Ginger Grog is very easy to keep drinking without realizing how much you consumed. Bottled in Kentucky. They have nice dark liquors out of that state.

After 15 years of aged rum tastings and after well over 300 aged rums later I ventured to try out the Blackheart rum for the very first time in my life. And the very last time. Such a burn at the end and the entire rum experience felt such like an immature rum being bottled fay too early. Flavor profile does not have any depth to it. This is a mixer rum, not a neat sipper at all. For your own sanity, go right now to your closest liquor store and buy a bottle of Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, try it out and you will never ever even think about Blackheart again.

This however is truely amazing i was really shocked with the ease of the flavor to drink. The spice is perfect. Best to me with Dr. Pepper.

It's very sweet, has a high ABV% but doesn't taste like it. Not a supper and over powers any mixed drink. But if your trying to get from point A to B and don't wanna go to something heavy like a bourbon it's cheap at $11-13 for a 5th.. 1.75L should be around 19-21. Worse case scenario​, you can save it for a lady friend who doesn't know quality.

I get a real cherryish smell/taste from this rum. I honestly didn't know what to expect but I was surprised by the taste in a good way. Presentation looks like sailor jerry to me. Great paired with cola.

Worse than Blackbeard. They stock this at Class 6's on Army bases, not sure why.. It's either the low price or the female on the bottle.

The 93 proof is the first thing you notice when tasting this rum. Goes well for a mixer but a couple of dollars more will get you a much better rum than this one.

This admittedly sultry bottle of rum has been looking at me from across the room trying to catch my eye. Sure it was on the bottom shelf alongside the Admiral, as I reached for my regular go to rum she got me. I think it was the Playboy themed holiday gift bottle that ultimately drew me in. Major coup as product placement and name recognition goes. Not to mention sponsoring MMA fighters. Blackheart is poised to make a run at The Captain.
OK I digress, the flavour is decent, plenty of vanillas, sweet cherry aftertones and plenty of burn if you take it straight. Mixed with Coke, I had to get the mix just right or it tasted bitter, but at 93 proof you can mix away and still have a potent drink. Not quite as smooth as Sailor Jerry but I have a feeling they are going to mature this brand and move up to the next shelf soon.

I had very low expectations considering the price (750 ml + four glasses for $9.99). It really wasn't that bad. It was good either. Its definitely an option if you are looking for a cheap spiced rum to use as a mixer.

If you're plan is to get drunk like a pirate, this will do the job.