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Sugar island coconut rum

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The aroma in the bottle is obviously coconut but it's not an overwhelming coconut aroma. That appeared promising.

But then I tasted it...

Very sugary and syrupy. Borderline syrup to use as an additive rather than a coconut flavored rum. The label says it's 42 proof but tastes weaker than that. Drinking it straight leaves a weird, funky taste in my mouth once the coconut fades. Sickly sweet. Using this in a rum drink calling for coconut rum might make the drink too sweet. Definitely offset with some bitters or use in a non-sweet mixed cocktail.

During a stop at Party Source in Bellevue, Kentucky near Cincinnati on my way home to Columbus, OH after Rum Fest, I picked up a mini bottle of this without reading the fine print that included the word, "Coconut." It's very sweet and has a decent conconut flavor that would probably work well in a mixed drink that called for a coconut liquer. It did not taste like rum to me at all but it wasn't bad. I have most of the bottle left so there may be more to come.