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I use a bottle of this to keep the wife out of my rum collection. It works.

I am giving this a very high rating in relation to other cream liqueurs, such as Bailey's, compared to which I find it much more distinctive and interesting. has a bit decent alcohol in it, BUT it is sooo delicious...even minutes after taking a sip you lick your lips and enjoy the aftertaste.

It smells so good after cinnamon and vanilla...and tastes exactly like it smells ***lips licking***

Standard bottle from now on in my the way my woman loves it too :)

It's good for what it is. I use Rumchata and blue chair bay cream and all irish creams for one thing ,that is for Hot Chocolate!!!

This rum actually has a nice taste to it. Cinnamon, very sweet vanilla, and lots of creaminess. Color is white. I would probably like this a lot more if it had more alcohol; sadly it's only 13.75%abv. It just doesn't feel like a rum at that low an alcohol level. Definitely OK, but not great.

RumChata is a unique entry of cream rums. Its good but with all these special types of rums its hard to rate them because this is a one of a kind type of thing. From the bottle it smells like cinnamon and nothing else pouring it into a glass comes out like eggnog so its on the thicker side. Drinking the shot by itself is strange, it is a very nice amount of cinnamon, cream base and sugar and that's really about it. It's thick but nothing offensive. I wouldn't drink this straight, it is just way too much sugar to take in at once. I mixed it with diet coke and it tastes exactly like an apple fritter desert. It's good but not a rum.

Ok its a liqueur not a sipping rum. So in that vein its fine

Was new to me, id never heard of it and was intrigued by a rum based cream liquour,
I got told to mix this with fire eater (cinnamon liquour) and it will taste like alcoholic cinnamon buns,

On view it’s very white, wasn’t expecting that as the cream liquors I’d had before were more yellow/brown in colour

Agree with a lot of comments regarding alcohol level, bit low but overal enjoyed it,

Taste like cinnamon toast crunch not a big fan of that cereal

Its differet, kind of reminds me of eggnog, defitnatelly not something you want to drink all of the time . Its really sweet but it has kind of a strong kick to it. Overall is not bad.

This is French Toast in a bottle. Great with shooters. Great in coffee or drink it straight up. I drink this if I want to change it up a bit. Better than Bailey's but sweet.

If you like Baileys and you are a rum drinker, RumChata will surprise you in the flavor profile.

I bought this on sale just to try it, and it had a recipe for a root beer float on the bottle. I tried it and the mix with root beer over ice was a delicious treat! Three parts root beer over ice, pour in one part of the cream liqueur and voila. I let my pregnant wife try a sip, and she likes it, so another plus is it'll keep her out of my good stuff when she's able to drink again.

Very nice flavored rum. My son calls it Cinnamon Roast Crunch Rum lol. I do like it and enjoy the cinnamon flavor.

It's ok for a rum liquor its white has flavour of cinnamon

i love this stuff great drink for shots or just drinking straight from the bottle tastes like cinnamon toast crunch

Sweet and creamy with a cinnamon flavor. This would be good in coffee or some mixed drinks but I wouldn't really call it rum.

Best enjoyed as a coffee creamer when on vacation or on a day off.

Its what it says it is... the first taste is creamy..then sweet with spices... Great on ice or I like it with Flor de caña 12 or with Kraken.. pretty much goes with everything... will always keep a bottle around.

Rum and horchata do other mix. At least not in this bottle. I was not pleased one bit.

Can't really compare this to rums because its not a rum, but it does make a awesome coffee creamer.

I don't drink cream but i can drink atleast one drink with rumchata. Very creamy , barely taste the alcohol. If i had to use some cream in my coffee or desert this would be the one for sure.

This stuff is ok, especially for those cold-weather sugary drinks. But let's be honest, this is not really rum.

Can drink it straight. Reminds me of liquid gingerbread. Sweet and yummy. Do not mix with other things though or you're asking for a stomach ache.