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Barcelo imperial premium blend 30 aniversario rum

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46 Barcelo Imperial Premium Blend 30 Aniversario ratings

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I think it is a very good rum. Maybe over aged. I don´t believe the aging is actually doing any better here. I would just bottle it earlier and sell it cheaper. Would consider buying again but at a lower price.

Sugar: 16 to 20 GPL. This is not a 30 year old rum. From what I can find out it's a mixture of rums between 10 and 14 years old. I believe this is the best rum that Barcelo produces, and it's the best I have had from the Dominican to date. In the glass it has the aroma of wood, almonds, and honey-caramel. For taste I detect oak, some spices like nutmeg and vanilla, and sweet caramel. It's smooth to drink and has a nice warm finish. The aroma and taste have great potential but it just seems to be lacking in Complexity of taste and the Wow factor you would expect from the price and presentation. I give it an 9.0 for overall taste and a half point for the bottle. It's not a 10 but after a few more taste comparisons it might get pushed up to a 10. It's definitely worth having on your shelf.

I was actually quite shocked when I tried this, having tried a majority of high end rums this one just didn't do it for me. Way too harsh, just taking a sip felt like a shot of jameson! Aftertaste is not as pleasant and long lasting as other rums aged that long. However the price is OK and the presentation is very nice. Overall I'd say keep one in your bar collection and don't bother opening the bottle.

A great sipping rum full of flavours goes down smooth

This is a premium rum with a premium price but it's not that great and sadly disappointed ... This did not taste like a 30 year rum at all

Rating kommer i morgen nå jeg er blevet ædru eller lige efter

Rating kommer i morgen når jeg er ædru eller lige efter

Smooth with good burn, may not live up to the price but a good rum.

This was not a memorable rum, especially for the price.

Unfortunately I only sampled a small 30ml of this but I am intrigued. Lashings of oak and malt maybe burnt oak, if I'm being honest a bit to woody for my usual taste but this had a great long finish of mild vanilla and burnt Orange, chocolate. A bottle will be put on my wishlist

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Bottle is beautiful. Interesting rum. A little on the strong side. Great rum for those who love sipping a cognac flavor rum. I have it mostly for show and special occasions.

However, it you like a strong rum this is a great option for the price. Similar to other higher priced rums.

A must in a collection.

Do not use as a mixer. Too strong and pricy.

This rum isn't 30 years old as many think. it is like 12ish. It's just a limited version and carefully blended, aged a few years after normal procedure in french sweet wine casks i think. But anyway, a very nice one if you don't need to do maths. You get 4-5 bottles of Barcelo Imperial ...and its not 5times better

You taste it's a aged rum but i just don't taste like it. Dry, harsh, weird bourbon/whiskey tastes. It just doesn't taste like a good rum. It's complex, lots of different tastes, but not one i like. For a top rum it's at the bottem. Nice bottle though. It was on my wantlist, but aftet tasting i removed it. Sorry

La inceput am crezut ca este un rom de 30 de ani dar nu este. Dupa aspectul sticlei te astepti la un super rom dar din pacate e mult sub asteptari, nu e rau dar nici bun. La banii aia orice alternativa e mai buna.


Tabacco, chocolate with dried fruit.Coffee and leather notes. A very long aftertaste, this rum was formated for cigar lovers. Complex but not enough for me. Real rate : 8.5

Presented in a very beautiful bottle, the Barcelo Imperial 30y is once again linear and well balanced with some tobacco and chocolate flavor. The aftertase is longer than other barcelo's . Nice packaging, nice sipper' nice product but ... maybe not enough complex as you can expect for a 30 years old rum.

I'm surprised at the low score of this rum (only 7.6 as of this review). If I were to guess why the score is low, I'd say it's either because this is a little strong for some at 43%, or they're mixing it with something like coke. But this works great straight for me; it would pair well with a fine cigar.

Has a very nice smell and taste of caramel, vanilla, spice, and honey. I read this was aged in Sauternes barrels, and I can see that contributing to the sweet taste.

I really like this rum; I'm glad I bought a bottle!

Doesn't taste as good as I cost, but could be good to have at home for guest's;-)

Fin nok. Rom men vil nok vælge en anden i samme pris niveau eller under

Ich finde es wirklich interessant was hier einige Leute schreiben. "Ein 30 jähriger Rum" Mitnichten; es ist das 30-jährige Jubliäum zu dessen Anlass dieser Rum aufgelegt wurde.
Ein echter Barcelo. Ich hatte das Vergnügen, den 21 Premium zu besitzen. Dieser war noch eine Nuance besser, doch muss sich der 30er nicht verstecken.
Zum Geschmack schließe ich mich meinen Vorkommentatoren an. Er ist süß vom Geschmack, mit Noten von Karamell und einem langen Abgang. Allerdings nichts für Anfänger.
Alles in allem ein hervorragender Rum; für die 10 hat es nicht ganz gereicht (die hatte der 21er verdient). Ich denke dass dieser Rum aufgrund der Sonderedition auch als Sammelobjekt Potential hat.

si te gustan los barcelo definitibamente este es el rey,hay q dejarlo reposar en la copa un tiempo para q afloren sus aromas afrutados

Sin duda una edición especial bien lograda, sin perder los sabores de los rones Barcelo, dulce, vainilla, caramelo. Excelente Ron Premium

Le prix pour l'exception
Mais un excellent produit