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The rum has a ton of flavor, mostly sweet - vanilla, honey, butterscotch, making it completely unsuitable for the the ultimate iconic reference - the Hemingway Daiquiri. I picked it up only because someone had suggested the combination. I tried it. In a word - NO! I'll have to experiment, because at the moment I'm not sure what to do with it. Once I've figured that out, I may bump the review up a notch.

Like a 50/50 bar, orange and cream! Big on bright tropical fruit with a hint of oak. Bottled at 42% helps to cut the sugar, which there is plenty of but without being too cloying. $30 plus tax is a fair ticket if your into this kind of rum. Not really my thing and yet I have purchased this a few times now. For what the Pilar rums are regardless of additions and marketing, they are one of the few 'sweet' rums that I find interesting enough to return to every now and then. I like to think of them as a premixed rum cocktail! Neat or add ice and maybe a citrus twist... done.

I had a choice of standard rum and this brand. I chose this brand. Normally I prefer the dark, but this is ok. Most restaurants and bars don’t carry this but I did find it at a new restaurant then they decided to get rid of it for the simple tasteless rums. When in doubt, try it.

Tasty off-white rum that’s full of sweet molasses, vanilla and citrus on the nose. It’s creamy on the palate with flavors ranging from vanilla, coconut and key lime pie to almonds, pineapples and mangoes. It’s very sweet and balanced with a lingering finish of vanilla and sherried oak.

I just opened this beautiful bottle and enjoyed its almond, vanilla and lime aromas. Very drinkable, smooth, full flavored and nice finish. It reminds me of the now unavailable Orinoco Rum.

Good enough for sipping and great for mixing. This was a nice find.

Same bottle presentation as the other rums in the Papas Pilar line. Another sweet rum with vanilla, marshmallow, tropical fruits, nuts and some woody undertones. Makes for a nice after dinner rum sipped neat due to its sweetness.
Looking to trying the newest member of the Pilar line, the dark rebarreled.
It's 5 O' clock somewhere!

Great rum! Cashew nut, cream, and light vanilla and tropical fruit notes. I drink it on the rocks and go threw a bottle fast because it's so easy to drink!

Its tasty and sweet, but it can not compete with the dark. But I love the design of the bottle

A step above most light rums, this one won't leave you disappointed.

For being a 3 year rum i am very pleased. Great nose, mouth and maple/butterscotch finish. I have all the other Papas and this one for the money is worth its cost. You gotta try the Papa's that has been finished then refinished for an additional 6 months in whiskey barrels..

I think this could have been a really good spirit but they doubled down on the vanilla and sugar. Has nice mallow-y notes and the oak is and sumptuous and inviting, but the overall effect is cloying. I would generally pass.

Nice mixer, a little to sweet/marshmallowey, great price point.

A little sweet for my taste. It has a fruit and a oak taste to it. Would make an excellent after dinner drink.

Tried at a Cuban restaurant, mixed with Coke. It paired well with dinner, but then there are few rums that don't. Enjoyed the vanilla flavor.

I like this rum as a mixer mostly. A smooth upfront bite, a slight hint of buttery flavor with a standard and gentle rum aftertaste.

I hate the bottle and can't stress enough that it is the worst design ever for an alcohol that is often used in small quantities for mixers. Virtually impossible to get a jigger without spilling it everywhere. Nothing a long science eyedropper couldn't fix.
Other than the bottle, I still recommend for the taste.

A very sweet aroma. The first flavor that comes to mind is honey. Right out of the gate. Fairly smooth going down but has a quick bite that warms you up. Overall a good rum that isn't what I'm used to. I'm partial to spiced rums but I could see myself drinking much more of this. UPDATE: After letting the rum settle over some rocks, I've changed this from a 7 to an 8. Very smooth. The bite is completely gone and the only thing that remains is a mild, silky smooth, tasty adult beverage.

I know many people rate this as better than Papa's Pilar dark. I feel it's too harsh to be a sipping rum. So I rated it a 5. In fact, there really is nothing exceptional about it.

For a clear rum this has been pretty good at mixing for my tastes. I only picked this one up because my wife does not like dark rum nor dark bourbons of any kind. She is mainly a vodka and tequila drinker. However after trying this rum in a mix she has been sold. The taste of this rum is very sweet and strong notes of vanilla. All in all a fairly decent rum for the price.

This is my go to rum for mixing, very flavorful with all hints that are noted about it. I love the dark and blonde both.

Lot of sugar and Vanilla this. Rum bottlers not distillers. Nice idea. Good marketing but the juice - ehh
Tried with Coke sweet...

Yet another rum with added vanilla flavoring and sugar...and a large marketing budget. How many people bought this for the bottle and the color? Good grief.

A very good rum with a nice subtle flavor. I enjoy it in Coke Zeros. My wife tries rums straight and didn't find it objectionable but did not feel she would want to drink it straight.

Cool bottle and when it comes to thick base bottles that is a good indicator of quality. Dont ask me why or how but anytime a bottle has a thick base its usually pretty good. Opening this guy up smells like maple syrup with some vanilla maybe nuts such as walnuts, no alcohol smell. In the glencarin glass it kicks up the alcohol note and then the maple syrup type smell in the background. Drinking it straight is not the smoothest but boy is it a bold white/blonde rum. This has a flavor you don't mess around with but its too much heat to be really enjoyed straight. In the diet coke, it is a wonderful rum that is on a level of nothing I had before from whites. Its deep and complex with long lasting after taste. I can say a bunch of taste notes but I much rather say if you see it buy it.