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Medium papas pilar dark rum

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Sweet maple syrup aroma with medium alcohol scent. First sip gives a bit of an alcohol kick, which transitions to pepper, followed by a very distinct maple flavor. The alcohol bite covers some of the heavy sweetness. Found bitterness somewhere in the middle. Starts hard but goes down with that smooth maple. Drinking on the rocks as opposed to neat is where this rum shines. Almost requires a splash of water or some ice to defeat that strange bitterness flavor. Still very enjoyable, especially if maple is what gets your rocks off.

The bottle is quite sexy but hard to pour without spilling some. Easily remedied by licking the bottle after you pour yourself a glass.


I was bowled over by this rum, that's all there is to it. it's pure heaven to sip or drink on the rocks. There is incredible complexity here, a wealth of lovely flavors from start to finish, and it looks simply gorgeous in the glass. Plus the marketing campaign behind it - including the beautifully-proportioned bottle - gives you plenty to expound upon with novices and aficionados alike. My question is this: is it rum? Created from a blend of rums from five different locations, using both pot and column stills, following by solera-type aging in no less than three types of cask...well, by the end, I wonder if they've lost the thread. Though in my mind superior to the two Dos Maderas products from Williams & Humbert, this rum similarly "steps over the line" when it comes to the heavy influence of wine-derivative flavors (port and sherry). So, if you are looking to experience the directions rum can take in the hands of people willing to explore new ground, this is one exciting rum. If, however, you are a traditionalist who prefers that rum hues close to its roots, with old techniques refined rather than avoided, you had best look elsewhere (like, perhaps, the Zafra 21 Reserve).

Fantastic. A great nose with all of the features you would expect from a very well made aged rum. If you are a lover of Ron Zacapa XO you will love this rum at a much lower price point. Very buttery across the tongue. Hints of all the good stuff. Molasses, vanilla, brown sugar, and toasted coconut at the finish.

Maple syrup. Smells and tastes like maple syrup. I like my rum neat or with ice, but this one is in limited amounts. It starts with maple syrup, then some vanilla, maple syrup, chocolate maybe?, maple syrup, some earth flavor from barrels, then comes to a close with warm throats and maple syrup. Too sweet for me, but I know a lot of people that love it when it is served because of its easy drinking sweetness.

One of the few, if even that, of the 'sweet' rums I purchase occasionaly. There is enough going on and it's smartly bottled at 43% Definitely helps to cut the sugar. Maybe the next bottle will tell me why I visit it from time to time.
I would say this fits the bill for someone who likes the 'commercial' sugary rums but wants to step it up a few notches. Or if your buying for a wide range of palates to enjoy, there is something in Pilar 24 for everyone.

Yeah, like everyone else is noting, there is a maply pang to this one that I think kind of confuses me. I wouldn't call it a good sipping rum, but it's not terrible either.

When you think of Hemingway, you think of grit, leather, oak, strength, toughness, and character. All those things can be said about this rum. Its as complex as its namesake. With warm overtones of maple, caramel, and vanilla. Definitely a worthy of a long pour and a long night!

First impression is solid. Color is a nice caramel color. Aroma is sweet with nice maple notes. First sip had a strong alcohol burn. I was not happy so I let it sit and breathe for about 15 minutes. Boy did it change. Each sip was better than the last. Mildly sweet but complex in a good way. Everything I look for in an affordable top end sipping rum. Perfect with a single ice cube.

I drank the Limited Edition aged in Bourbon Barrels and I must say this is some good stuff. Nice dark brown color. The nose is carmel, vanilla,toffee and chocolate. It's a real easy sipper no bite or burn. I drank it neat out of a Glencairn glass. You will not be disappointed.

First off, the photos I've seen of this shows the lid having a cork. Mine is a screwtop so right off the bat I feel a bit gypped.


This rum has a pronounced sweetness to it. A little too sweet IMHO. I think it would be better if that were toned down just a little bit. I prefer the Papa's Pilar blonde but this is a nice, smooth rum as well. Careful mixing it in rum punches and colas...the sweetness combination can be a bit overwhelming. I think this would, however, work quite well in coffee-based drinks. Definitely not a bad rum but could have been so much more.

this is so cloyingly fake maple syrup sweet that i really just cannot stomach it. if anyone wants the 85% of a bottle i have left stop over, you can take it with you.

Papa's Pilar 24 Dark to me was quite a disappointment. There are so many better rums tastewise and so many better rums price-quality wise, that I would not waste my time with this one. It's too sweet, but still has an off putting burn at the end. Maybe mixing it with Coke, but not an enjoyable neat sipper.


I wanted to like this one. The thought of Hemingway and all that, but the maple flavor was over powering. Also a difficult bottle to pour.... maybe put it in a jug.

The nose of vanilla and butterscotch are present on the nose and in the mouth. It's very sweet and dry. Smooth and has a delicious aftertaste. Amber color in glass, it's burn is very inspiring.. I just smile and want to take more sips. This is. Must have sipper in the collection. Reminds me of centenario 25, but with more complexity​. There is alot going on with this rum, I shall get to the bottom of it!.

Update 4/17/2017.

After tasting others the complexity and burn is just right. Excellent.


Simply excellent. A super rum for sipping. Lots of taste and character. Will recommend to others.

It's derivative wine barrel palate is too overwhelming. Not for the rum-public like us. A cynical product. I would suggest avoiding

molasses. half dry.
i smell coffee, some dark cherry notes, a bunch of caramel, vanilla and some nuts, i think pistachio. a little bit of banana and then the toffee is the lead note. mystical smell and fantastic aroma!
in the mouth the papas pilar seems to be very smooth and mild. with a little peak of harshness. some spice. caramel and pear. a hint of banana. round and balanced. mocha and dark caramel.
5/10 - add 5 points if its ok for you, if they put sugar in.
the rum is really great of taste. the mocha and caramel taste is overwhelming good! its a rum for a good end of the day! in the end it is sweetend, so i subtract 5 points.


I washed ashore in Key West where this is made just down the street. After I read a review here that this can compare to Ron Zacapa XO, I had to give her a go. You can definitely taste the maple tones in this spirit. Don't expect a Zacapa XO, but definitely a wonderful and unique flavor.

Looking at the bottle you can tell a lot of time went into the creation of the bottle. From the elegant screw cap, to the pleasing shape of the bottle almost mimics a large military canteen. The rum is solera aged, and was the first solera aged rum I have ever tried. You pick up hints of villain and fruits in the mouth, and finishes extremely smooth with a sweet fruity aftertaste.

Loads of dark brown sugar, caramel, vanilla, wood / wet tobacco notes in the nose of this rum. Smooth on the way down with little to no astringency.

The best thing about this rum is the brand story (connection with Hemingway, his boat, his army canteen, etc). After reading so many positive reviews, and being recommended this by a liquor store owner, I was very disappointed by a tasting. This is nearly the sweetest rum I've ever tried. The part-solera aging in a variety of barrels does produce a rum that is very smooth and complex (and reasonably priced for those with a sweet-tooth), but I have a hard time getting past the sugar and the overwhelming maple/vanilla flavor. If you like sweet, go for it. For my tastes, this is wildly unbalanced. Might be fun special-occasion pancake-topper, though...

A dark brown, sweet molasses, brown sugar, vanilla, surprise upon first sniff. Sweet tobacco? It tastes just like it smells. A very slight bite. Goes down smooth. Served room temperature.

Started with a sweet dark molasses taste before fading to a brown sugar. This rum feels like it should be warm. Maybe a homage to the pirates of old and a cool night by a fire. The after taste is semi sweet. The alcohol taste fades quite dramatically, leaving that brown sugar note behind. Very familiar.

The whole experience seems to have a vanilla shadow lingering. I could see this rum changing flavors depending on the persons mood.

EDIT: I had a second tasting tonight where I opened up the rum with a few drops of water. Heavy maple comes through. Almost too much. I've dropped the score a point due to it just being a little too rich. It's still a great rum however.


This is not my favorite rum however it is a good one I keep in my cabinet. It is VERY sweet with strong maple notes. As other reviewers stated, it reminds me of some good old Sunday Maple Pancakes...with a kick. I only use this to mix with and sometimes on the rocks. Typically coke (or Dr Pepper) with amaretto and this rum. And/or sometimes to cook with. All in all, it's a good rum to have on your list.

The nose is really boozy, so much so that it would be off-putting if not for all the lovely components in it: dark molasses, brazil nut, some wormwood and faint maple. The maple scent comes out more in the glass, alongside a more mellow brown sugar. Taste is pleasantly sweet, but not overly so. You can definitely taste the bourbon influence, and a bit of the port. And that's really all the palate offers, even though it's not very specific. If I really had to name components, I would say burnt toffee, rancio and some raisin. The end brings out a definite character of maple syrup though, which is a bit different, and quite pleasant!
A bit of polishing all around (softer nose, smoother, more decipherable taste) and this would probably be perfect!