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Yes, a Caroni. In that perspective this is to the woody and fruity side, not that much tar, engine, rubber. But still Caroni without a doubt, and quite enjoyable If you like a powerfull rum.

incleible sabor y aroma lo asombroso es su procedencia

They stopped giving rum rations to British sailors in 1970. Too bad they missed out on this smoothie from the Caroni distillery. It's cask-strength, 108 proof, 16-years-old and quite good. If you like chocolate, liquorice, molasses and a pinch of wood, all at a decent price, you will no doubt enjoy this. BTW, the bottle is smaller than the normal 3/4 liter available in the US. It's only 1/2 a liter, purchased from MoM.


From the Caroni Distillery in Trinidad (now defunct).

A classic rich oaky rum which whilst not for everyone offers a lovely bit of a history and a not too ridiculous price. Well worth a try if you think all Trini rum was like 1919..... full review coming soon!