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Blackbeard spiced rum

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10 Blackbeard Spiced ratings

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Entry level spiced with a decent marketing gimmick. Definitely not my go-to spiced.

At first sniff it smells a bit strong with blatant hints of vanilla. I got this 750ml bottle at Trader Joe's for $5 so I wasn't expecting much but for the price is surprisingly good. It has a bit of a brief after taste but it doesn't ruin it. I tried it with Cola and it's not the best but I'd definitely get it again.

I actually enjoyed this rum. Blackbeard offers a warm feeling with good flavoring and for under 20 dollars. It and Blackheart spiced rums are a favorite. Great mixer or just by itself

Full disclosure: I'm not a big fan of spiced rums. I've managed to accumlate about 10 or 12 and tasted this against several others. This is among the better ones I've tasted and decent for the price. I'd rate this 6.5 if I could. Sadly it's no longer available in Ohio because our Liquor Control Board discontinued its availability.

like this better then Captain Morgan. Vanilla was a little over abundant but not unpleasant.

Good Spiced rum for everyday use.

A friend drank when in Puerto Rico on business. Came back with a story about certain rums not being sold in Puerto Rico due to Licensing and Product Disputes... anyhow, this, what he was served when there. We bought a bottle, very cheap here in Florida ( 14.99- 1.75) - like many other rums much better, but would not hesitate to drink again.

Another spiced rum

Good spiced with cola. Found a bottle in NJ.

Don Q does a ok job on there spiced rum. its not over powering in it's use of spices.