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I do enjoy spiced rum at times, and I'm awarding this one a 9 in my "spiced" rum category, as its the best I've ever tried thus far. Its actually head-and-shoulders any spiced rum I've ever encountered. I'll hold the coveted "10" in reserve, in case I ever find a spiced rum that trumps this exceptionally fine spirit some day.
The nose is wonderfully spicy, with clove and orange zest at the front. Orange, clove, caramel, and various other spices on the tongue. Good sweet and spicy finish.
Almost a tastebud overload when sipped neat, an ice cube or two helps separate the flavor profile a bit more for me. I know the "Dark and Stormy" cocktail is trademarked by one particular rum maker, but Rumbullion! mixed with a teaspoon of key lime juice, and Old Jamaica ginger beer, makes the absolute BEST cocktail of this type that I've EVER had. Old Jamaica ginger beer is much spicier, and bolder than Gosling's or Bundaberg ginger beer either one. The strong Old Jamaica ginger beer pairs perfectly with the spicy, sweet Rumbullion! This is currently my favorite cocktail, of any type, hands-down! If you liked spiced rum, this one belongs in your cabinet!

That's great! Amazing Spice Rum. Worth every penny. Incredible taste and aftertaste. A little bit too sweet.


Having not tried the XO I was hesitant to award a 10 but it is easily my favourite spiced rum and can be drunk straight so I've gone 10.

Orange zest, fruit, spices and cloves are beautifully mixed on the palate. Smells like Christmas in a bottle which is extremely inviting. I'm a sucker for presentation and the bottle is superb top.

Very good spiced rum, very sweet and very smooth. great taste and aftertaste.

Fantastic bottle, really impressive and that takes some doing with me. Gone through several bottles of this over the last few years since I was introduced to it in the Old Ale House in Truro. Christmas in a glass, it's all going on, vanilla, cloves, cinnamon, molasses in abundance, perfect balance of sweetness and just so moreish. One word of warning though, one glass will lead to several and before you know it and doctor ableforth has you hooked for life. I cannot possibly compliment this product enough. Go and treat yourself and enjoy the ride.


this one has to be tried to be believed, its so packed full of fruit and spices... best neat over ice.. let it melt a little and the glass comes alive. leaves a wealth of flavours lingering in the mouth

Som mange af de andre skriver så er det en julerom, jeg syntes bare ikke at en rom skal være så krydret med smagsnoter af kanel og citrus.
Virker skarp i munden.

Dobre, korenene s nadechem koreni pomerancu, karamelu a dalsiho. Dlouhy koreneny dozvuk

Best spiced rum I’ve tasted apart from the navy strength version.

Tasty sweet spiced rum, also nice with a mixer. Defently worth a try

This is Christmas in a glass. Cloves, oranges and other spices give the aroma and taste of Christmas. Really smooth, great straight. I can sip this for hours.

First smell and taste I got was orange, warm taste, a little stronger than a standard spiced rum but not harsh on the taste, really good sipper too

Attention all hands! This is by 100 nautical miles the best spiced rum available. A sure keeper for the boat. Makes a great after dinner drink. I gave it a 9 instead of a 10 for spiced rums because first, it absolutely rolls right over every other spiced rum but it's the price that kicks it down a notch. Very neatly may I add!

I drink it as little as I can, I savour it for as long possible. I honestly can’t find anything wrong to comment against it. I usually like to add Humor to my reviews but seriously this is the best rum I’ve had to date.

This is one of my favourite rums, like most of my rum purchases, it was on a whim because I loved it's presentation.

Great drink for a chilly night - it's Christmas in a bottle.

This is my first venture into the world of spiced rums so here goes.

If you like over sweeteen rums that taste heavy on cinnamon and cloves you are in luck.

Its a touch to over powering for me on the flavours mentioned above on its own.

Perhaps with a mixer it might take the edge off this drink and transform into something wonderful. Or maybe not.

In normally not a fan of spiced rum it tastes quite artificial to me . But this one stands above the pack. The nose had a gingery orange zest smell. The flavours include vanilla, nutmeg, a little ginger and herbs. Id not drink a lot of this as Im still not a fan of the style as an every day drinker but its not bad as a change of pace. If you were a spiced rum drinker normally then you should be trying this

Had high expectations of the Rumbullion Spiced since its so rare find here in the US, but what a big disappointment. Bottle is very nice and surprisingly similar to the XO 15y model, but then it's downhill from here onwards. Smell test reveals a very strong cinnamon flavor. Taste test is an overly sweet experience laced with a very strong cinnamon burst. Some burn at the end, but the artificial sweet cinnamon flavor just simply does not work for me.

ako by ste pili doma robeny cokoladovy pernik. vona a chut ako sladke pernikove korenie, aniz, skorica, badian je citit velmi silno ako v chuti tak vo voni. teraz pred vianocami je to dokonca take pitie s atmosferou. slusny spiced, jeden z tych fakt lepsich. ak mate radi sladke prijemne, ale vyrazne koreniste rumy tak toto je rozhodne pre vas. 6,8/10

The first sip I took of this rum, effused divine flavours of passion among my palate, which lasted even for minutes.
Advise: Sip it moderately due to its high content of alcohol.


Nose: a big hit of cinnamon (not the most natural; skewing toward red hots), vanilla, nutmeg, and maybe a hint of clove. It’s largely that same cinnamon in the mouth, but with a bucketload of sugar. This is a very sweet rum.

I’d heard this was a pretty good spiced rum (mostly from this site). Indeed, it does seem to offer something distinct from Kraken, Captain Morgan, and Sailor Jerry, and is probably better. But it is very, very sweet, and this should be taken into account when deploying it as a mixer, baking ingredient, or whatever you use spiced rum for. Some of my sample went into a cake. I would love to see more (ANY) unsugared spiced rums on the market. Kind of. I don't really care.

7-, 6+

I'd really compare this to Chairman's Reserve Spiced. They have a lot in common. Both are Christmassy - the CRS much more so than this, both are tangy and a bit syruppy and more sweet than most spiced rums.
What's the difference? Well more the positioning of the flavours and the type of rum. I'd say this was a lighter rum than the darker one the CRS is based on. This one has orange as easily the most noticeable ingredient. After that, cloves and cinnamon and a touch of nutmeg, but nowhere near as much as the orange. The CRS tastes much more of an overall Christmas spice - like the ingredients of a Christmas pudding. The CRS is sweeter and more fruity, this more of an orangey take on a spiced rum, with a twist rather than a cupful of added Christmas.
The CRS is more unusual; this is easier to drink more often and is probably going to be less "in your face" for some drinkers, who may well enjoy this but find CRS too much.
Nice, tasty and fun, but not really the best spiced rum out there for normal or general drinking.

C'est un rhum épicé, il ne sent cache pas mais on l'a laissé mariner un peu trop longtemps. Cannelle, clou de girofle, poivre et cola pour ceux qui aiment.

Previosuly tried the 15 year, that is one of my all time favourites.

Tried this one at a bar, either I had a dodgy bottle but it tasted like a surgary cough medicine. I let it sit for a good 10mins but no improvement.