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That's great! Amazing Spice Rum. Worth every penny. Incredible taste and aftertaste. A little bit too sweet.


I do enjoy spiced rum at times, and I'm awarding this one a 9 in my "spiced" rum category, as its the best I've ever tried thus far. Its actually head-and-shoulders any spiced rum I've ever encountered. I'll hold the coveted "10" in reserve, in case I ever find a spiced rum that trumps this exceptionally fine spirit some day.
The nose is wonderfully spicy, with clove and orange zest at the front. Orange, clove, caramel, and various other spices on the tongue. Good sweet and spicy finish.
Almost a tastebud overload when sipped neat, an ice cube or two helps separate the flavor profile a bit more for me. I know the "Dark and Stormy" cocktail is trademarked by one particular rum maker, but Rumbullion! mixed with a teaspoon of key lime juice, and Old Jamaica ginger beer, makes the absolute BEST cocktail of this type that I've EVER had. Old Jamaica ginger beer is much spicier, and bolder than Gosling's or Bundaberg ginger beer either one. The strong Old Jamaica ginger beer pairs perfectly with the spicy, sweet Rumbullion! This is currently my favorite cocktail, of any type, hands-down! If you liked spiced rum, this one belongs in your cabinet!

Having not tried the XO I was hesitant to award a 10 but it is easily my favourite spiced rum and can be drunk straight so I've gone 10.

Orange zest, fruit, spices and cloves are beautifully mixed on the palate. Smells like Christmas in a bottle which is extremely inviting. I'm a sucker for presentation and the bottle is superb top.

Fantastic bottle, really impressive and that takes some doing with me. Gone through several bottles of this over the last few years since I was introduced to it in the Old Ale House in Truro. Christmas in a glass, it's all going on, vanilla, cloves, cinnamon, molasses in abundance, perfect balance of sweetness and just so moreish. One word of warning though, one glass will lead to several and before you know it and doctor ableforth has you hooked for life. I cannot possibly compliment this product enough. Go and treat yourself and enjoy the ride.


Very good spiced rum, very sweet and very smooth. great taste and aftertaste.

this one has to be tried to be believed, its so packed full of fruit and spices... best neat over ice.. let it melt a little and the glass comes alive. leaves a wealth of flavours lingering in the mouth

Som mange af de andre skriver så er det en julerom, jeg syntes bare ikke at en rom skal være så krydret med smagsnoter af kanel og citrus.
Virker skarp i munden.

Great taste, to drink with ice or with a mixer. Wonderful!


Reminded me of big red bubble gum. Not bad but the cinnamon is over done.

Très bon rhum pas ordinaire plein arômes cannelle vanille miel orange et de autre. Point négatif pour le trop d arôme car on ne goûté plus vraiment le rhum.

Tasted like Southern Comfort. I was expecting alot more from this given it's 7.9 rating. Will not be getting this one again

For mange sikkert en udemærket rom, for mig gjorde den lige det modsatte. Krydderet og smagte af jul, ikke min smag

Rhum épicé avec un goût légèrement orangé. Un peu trop sucré à mon goût. Belle couleur orangé.

Not a sipper, but preferred to Black Kraken in a Dark 'n' Stormy (other than price). £33 on Amazon.
Seems to be a family favourite as the bottle emptied much quicker than I drank it.

This is a Spiced Rum but with a sweetness and depth that you only normally find on a high end sipping Rum. A very pleasant surprise. Recommend

Xmas in a bottle for sure, this rum delivers a sensational spirit. Mmmmmmm

I had a little rum evening this week, and this was by far the weakest rum present (as well as the only spiced one). It was very clove and nutmeg heavy on the nose, and incredibly sweet, without a lot of depth.

I have a feeling it'd make an amazing mixer- which I may have to try at some point.

I'm fairly new to rum as I am not really a spirits person. On the run up to a recent Caribbean holiday I decided to try a few different rums to see what they were like. I read a lot of really helpful reviews on this site and decided to try this one (amongst others). Very different I would say, loads of spiced flavours, smooth, sweet but really good...I like Rumbullion, but I feel there may be different spiced rums that could match or even surpass this to find it ..........

Lovely rum .nice on its own or a trickle of ice. spices,Orange peel ,vanilla would buy again but sure there is better out there just need to try them !!!

Chutna jak tatra tea, je to sirup proti kasli, lekarnicky rum

Duften er god, og allerede her har du et godt indtryk af hvad der er i vente. God krydret med anis, appelsin, kanel og noget rigtig juleagtigt. Rommen er ikke lavet som en julerom, men krydret rom, krydderierne og duften henleder dog til juletiden med det samme. En anderledes rom, men for krydret-sød i min smag. Dog et ganske billigt og anderledes glas.

Loved the spicy and vanilla balance. Dangerously easy to drink. I really what to try the rest in the range.

This is a really fun rum to try. It's got a VERY strong flavor to it and also has a nice punch at 42.6%abv.

Smells and tastes of sweet vanilla with lots of peppercorn spice, orange peel and cinnamon. The sweetness is nicely offset by the spiciness and the higher alcohol.

I really like this as a spiced rum, though I only rate it a 7 because its not as good as aged rums imho. Perhaps a little too much spice.

Very easy to drink, great flavour and agreed, it goes well with diet coke👌🏼