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Tapping house dark rum

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I was disappointed with Tapping House Dark Rum. The smell coming off this bottle when I poured myself a "Rocks" made me immediately think of being trapped in a ER room in a sanitarium somewhere in the third world. Eeehg! (no, that's not a real word, just my expression) the flavor was almost bland, it's like they filtered all the impurities out of the rum, but forgot to put the flavor back when they were through- If you are going to spend your money, there are MUCH tastier Rums out there for around the same price.

Had a glass of Tapping House Dark Rum and what a big disappointment it was. Bland bottle and label design. Light golden color. Pure alcohol straight to your nose and palate. Nasty burn at the end. There is absolutely nothing "grand" nor "reserve" on this rum. Its vile even when mixed.


Good aged rum taste. Excellent value but I like a more mature composition than this rum provides. It appears that there is a divide among my Rum colleagues on the benefits of “alcohol” strength/taste and/or tastes of superior spririts like aged scotch and other whiskies. I lean toward strong, aged rums with pronounced “aged”, alcohol flavors. I drink my rums on the rocks exclusively. If you like a good aged/dark rum that is not overpowering (with a good price) go for it.

Upon opening the bottle, I would have though it was Everclear. It smells harshly of pure alcohol. As with most rums, I poured a glass to sip, and it was not pleasant. There are some very strong rums that are harsh on their own, and better mixed. Even when mixed though, the raw alcohol dominates. For a 80 proof rum, that was very surprising. There are very few rums that I won't drink, and this is very high on that list. It simply is not pleasant. The only case I would make for using this would be to hide the flavour in a large blended drink, and this would simply be to use it up.

You're supposed to be able to sip this stuff. Well, physically, you can do so, but I really don't recommend it. It's just not a serious effort at making a dark rum. The label and the bottling conjure images of warm, Southern nights, a rocking chair on the veranda and the pondering of shall I have a julep or some rum. Well with this stuff absolutely go for the julep.

Very smooth great straight up with a coke chasers.
Did I say it was smooth?
It has a nice smell and a wonderfully after taste.
Normally I drink captain Morgan's private stock spiced rum.
Whle this is not classified as a spiced rum it has a wonderful flavor for a dark rum.
Its not really dark in color.
The price is great .
I would be happy to pay more.

The first sniff reminded me of the faint smell of cigarettes. Really? no, maybe it's something else. Sniff again....ok, try to think of sweet caramel sugar cane...nope, still smells like cigarettes. I'm not fond of cigarettes, especially in my rum.

It's a good rum for the price, better than most in fact. A little harsh, not really smooth or sweet enough to drink neat, but nice in mixed cocktails.