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This rum is so well blended that I you can't discern individual notes. Luckily I was able to pick the mind of the master blender, and with my chemistry background, really got into the talk of how it's made on a chemical level. The level of attention he put into it is incredible! Every last step was scrutinized with the eye of a research chemist. I can't wait for it to reach a wider distribution.

This rum is amazing for the price, a Jackson, it has replace my previous budget favorite, Flor De Cana 7 year. It's on the sweeter end of the rum spectrum, I probably wouldn't drink it with Pepsi, but with Coke it's fantastic. Extremely smooth, mellow vanilla tones, and great complimentary spices. It's even great on the rocks.

Delicious. Has hint of banana. Mixes well with Dr. Pepper.

Smooth and sweet. Different spices than what I've had in spiced rums before but very enjoyable. Good in cola or straight up.

Very smooth, spices are well blended, vanilla and pepper, and a hint of allspice, cinnamon and fruit.

This is a very good Spiced Rum.

It mixes really well with Coke. It's not too sweet, just well balanced.

Great for BBQ's, with your friendz



It's beyond incredible. It's so well blended and balanced. Straight it tastes amazing and in coke it tastes amazing. It's sweet but not over powering. I drink rum for the sweet, if I wanted dry-licking leather boots flavor I would drink scotches. The smell from the bottle is nothing interesting, it honestly smells exactly on the dot like Admiral Nelson's. In the glass it didn't do anything special either. It was much like any other rum, the oak-ethanol smell. Drinking it straight I was beyond surprised. Smooth isn't the word here. It comes in, says hello tongue and the tongue says hello back. They great each other shake hands and dance a little and down it goes. Where you get some spice from the pepper. Which is so ungodly fresh tasting it is mind boggling how that is possible. I am not talking kroger pepper here I mean the type you grow pick and eat yourself in the same day. That is how fresh tasting it is. In diet coke it is much the same, a very distinct flavor. Almost on the dot to sweet southern tea with some spice to it. The 20$ you pay for this is mind boggling. I have had my fair share of 15+ year old rums and they even at that age struggle getting their rum smooth. This is like something you could give to a mikes hard lemonade drinker and have them not even flinch from the alcohol. Yes it is that good. I don't think anyone will be beating/competing this rum's quality for at least a decade.

Bayou spiced rum is quite the hidden gem. With a generous flavor profile of vanilla, cinnamon, sweet praline, creme brule', and a light floral twist it is both delightful and surprising. It is what spiced rum should be, a blend of local spices and flavors with no single one gaining center stage over the others. This is a top fifty rum and with the ability to drink it over ice, may be the best spiced rum on the market. A must have for your liquor cabinet.

This rum has a very light aroma to it but a warm vanilla body with a sweet finish. This will be pleasing in any way you'd like drink it

It`s a great rum for the budget minded rum drinker and it´s a mixing rum and goes well with coke for example. It`s a good rum but not premium. But it´s one of those that can be a very versatile rum, i bet it´s great in cooking and desserts for example.

I just opened my very first bottle of bayou spiced rum, and mixed it with a coke, as i see most people say this is good with a coke. And boy. They are right. First opening the bottle i got a hit of vanilla and a wooden smell followed. In the mouth its sweet, hard vanilla initial hit with a spicy follow. After taste is spicy. This is my first glass with it. So for now it holds a 7. Later in the week, and farther down the bottle i get, i will see where i stand on it neat and on the rocks. Thus will give a more up to date, and over all more reliable ranking. Moving on up to an 8 from my previous 7. Had it straight and loved it. After having two glasses i realized how well it went down. I xould have just kept drinking and drinking until i got into trouble. But knowing how a good tasting rum works i stopped after 3 glasses. Splendid mixes with coke. It may best sailor jerry as my favorite mix drink rum. Definitely tops it as a straight up rum.

Very floral and fruty for a spiced rum. I was expecting a more wooden, spiced taste but the vanila and fruty notes takes the foreground. Very pleasent surprise. Top spiced rum 9/10 , as a rum a solid 7.

Skip bacardi, Captain Morgan, and all the other mainstream rums. Grab a bottle of this and your set for any leisure occasion.

I bought this as a gift for a friend at Burning Man 2016. Carried it from Florida to Nevada, and ended up keeping it and carrying all the way home before trying it. Glad I kept it. What a treat. I bought it based on reviews here and elsewhere, and those were not wrong. It is sweet, but in a clean tasting, not syrupy, way. I would say vanilla is the prominent taste I can discern. Spiced rum isn't generally my thing, but at this price I'll definitely buy this again. It is smooth enough to sip (I preferred it on the rocks with one cube, over neat), but it's sweetness makes it more suitable as a mixer. Goes great with coke, but really excels in ginger ale.

This rum smells just like butterscotch candy. Hence I think it's more of a flavored rum than a spiced rum. However, the taste includes a good amount of spice. So I guess it can be considered a spiced rum as well.

While I'm generally not a huge fan of either flavored rums or spiced rums, this is perhaps the best of both I've ever tried. The butterscotch flavor goes very well with rum, and the spice is interesting too; it's not a fiery hot spice like the Old New Orleans Cajun Spiced Rum; it's more of a peppery spice.

This is a very impressive flavored/spiced rum. The best I've had of either!

Fantastic taste, perfectly smooth, sweet (which is my preference).
Almost perfect but a little bit of burn after a few more sips.
Tastes fantastic on the rocks.

A new taste, the cane sugar is nice, a new favorite for me.

I read many good reviews concerning this rum online and came across it at the local Winn Dixie liquor store so I decided to try it. I was not disappointed. Per my norm, I tried some in my Coke Zero and found it blended extremely well. No conflicting flavors from the spices and no lingering aftertaste. My wife, who normally doesn't care for spiced rums, liked it straight. Definitely worthy of addition to any liquor cabinet.

This is one of my favorite spiced rums. I've rated this an 8 as a rum but as spiced rums go, this is a 10. Unique and wonderful natural flavors in this and much better than the typical mass produced spiced rums. I've enjoyed experimenting with this in mixed drinks and even in desserts with pumpkin bread and vanilla ice cream. I shared this with friends at a rum tasting and this was a hit.

Bayou spiced rum, though without the aging of Capt Morgan, give it a solid run for the money at a significant cost saving. Wonderful over ice.

I was expecting this to be a better tasting rum than its Silver sister. Not that it's bad tasting, I just expected better.

In my humble and very inexperienced opinion, this is THE best rum. BUT, I haven't tasted many others. Of the popular rums in the USA, Bayou Spiced Rum is my favorite.

Ok this is some really good rum. I really like this.Its got a really good vanilla flavor.Mix with cola.This is one rum on my bar.