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Malibu black rum

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Tastes a bit more like a aged rum with the malibu flavour. Not to bad but not compareble to a real aged rum

Nothing special.

I didn't like this very much. It was really strong. Just dint suit my taste at all.

Thirty years ago, the only coconut rums available for tropical drinks were low proof Malibu or Cocoribe. Somehow, Cocoribe is still in business, but very hard to find. So I recently found out about this 70 proof Malibu Black that trades higher alcohol for sweetness. It sounded like a winner....until I brought this puppy home.

This rum is brown, but coconut meat is white. Duh! It smells and tastes like artificial coconut but goes down smoothly. If it is that noticeable as being artificial, then why have it? By itself, it is not repulsive and won't go to waste or get flushed down the toilet. This is the worst coconut rum that I have tried and I will stick with Blue Chair Bay or Koloa, if and whenever I find another bottle.

I like the Malibu Black because of the higher content level. The taste can be compared to any other regular Malibu. I purchased it from Total Wine after having tried it several times before at the bar. It is an excellent product.


better than regular Malibu has a kick to it great mixed with dr. pepper

This is a great alternative to the other Malibu options. It has a more aggressive flavour which great when mixed.

I like it. With cola and ice. Great for a warm summer day

Horrible concoction of things that don't taste like rums at all.

It was pretty good with Pepsi but with regular coka cola it kinda gives off a bad tasting coke

Stick with me on this....

Really sweet and tasty rum that I love for sipping. Too sweet to compliment a cigar but awesome straight up in the warm weather. Did not expect this from Malibu.

I like it much more than regular Malibu, still very sweet!

I almost think this is Malibu Coconut with some caramel colour added and maybe a little more alcohol. I was really hoping they had taken it up a notch to be more like The Kraken or Captain's Black but to no avail. It still can't stand alone in my opinion, it is a darker mixing rum and for that I still give it a 7 although my disappointment would put it in the land of 3.

On its own this is not very drinkable, but for making some great frozen drinks it shines. Most coconut flavored rum is only ~40 proof so this is a great substitute in everything from a Pina Colada to a Rum Runner.


Så fandt jeg den! - Det jo ikke til at opdrive alt her i landet, så en tur til grænsen og wupti, så den på hylden. Gav 160 kr for hos, måtte bare eje den til samlingen :)

Den bliver smagt hurtigts muligt og en nærmere beskrivelse kommer naturligvis!

Not as strong as I expected but still tasted good. Even better when mixed.

I was looking very forward to trying this rum. It's ok. The smell is nice...i can sound all technical and say "sweet coconut and vanilla on the nose with a hint of alcohol." That would be accurate. The taste is nice but something in the finish... There is a bitter taste like an artificial sweetener. The taste is good but the finish needs a bit of work to bring it home. On the other hand it is pretty awesome in DIET Pepsi. Forget what the bottle says about 2 parts cola to 1 part rum. Equal parts and some ice will do nicely. The bitter finish still lingers a bit. Would i buy it again? Probably not and that is only because of the finish..A really good effort to be a serious rum. Just needs needs a little tweaking.

For a coconut rum, it is not as sweet as your typical Parrot Bay or Malibu, but is stronger at 70 proof. Goes pretty good with Coke, but I do prefer my coconut rum a little sweeter than this.