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Mount gay black barrel rum

Mount Gay Black Barrel is a small batch, handcrafted rum recently created by master distiller Allen Smith. It is a blend of both matured double pot distillates and aged column distillates which are finished in Bourbon oak barrels. The unique blend delivers a bold and balanced flavour.

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Charred oak barrel notes open up to leave you with a classic pot still Bajan rum.

Different and very nice if you like an oaky feel to your drink. A very nice sipper

I enjoy sipping bourbon and whisky, preferably neat. Occasionally I'll add a teaspoon of water just to open up the bouquet. Feeling the need for a change of pace, I went on a safari for something bearing the Mount Gay label, at the suggestion of a friend. I opted for the Black Barrel, because I just happened to have a bit extra to spend. Damn good stuff, sir! I don't have much experience with rum, but from the very first sip I LOVED this stuff. I was floored by the vanilla, raisin and floral taste -- and that peppery after taste! All I can say is YOWSA!

This is a fantastic rum, the price is about right for it. I'm not sure, why people are so divided on this one.
I'd recommend it on the rocks or straight. There's a hint of cherry in it it, towards the end it has a strong note of charred barrels. Recommended.

Nicely drinkable rum with strong notes of charred barrels. Stronger taste than most rums. Still one of my favorites

Three top tier restaurants stock the Black Barrel for me as I drink it with fresh squeezed orange juice. It's one of my favorite drinks. I wouldn't drink this straight up but with a mixer it's great. It's certainly far above the house rum served by virtually all bars/restaurants.

Přišel jako 2. do rodiny. První byl XO. Dopiručuji připlatit. Ma sotva poloviční chuť a je hodně alkoholovy.

Bottled at 43% which is always a good thing for rum. Candy cola on the nose and palette. It opens up to a bit of lemon grass and smoke. The body is on the thin side for a bourbon barrel rum which helps in keeping things bright. Finish is lingering and somewhat sweet but not too much so as is expected with a good Bajan rum. For the price it's pretty darn good but I'm definitely left with the feeling like I want more. It's not watered down by any means on it's own right but if I'm going for bourbon barrel rum I usually want something thicker and meatier than this. Which is to say this is going to be a great mixer if your looking to put a little barrel flavor into your cocktail. And for the price that makes this a bit of a genius offering from one of the great rum brands out there. Solid

In the bajan range, this leans a bit towards the potent end of the scale. It's by no means overpowering but have some character. The nose is nice with cherries, dark chocolate.and perhaps a splash of saltwater? On the tongue I pick up notes of molasses, peppery spices, toast and peach. The finish is slightly dry, deep and dark, but stays fairly refined. Good rum and decent value.

Mt. Gay makes some of my favourite rums but, this isn't one of them. It is overpowered by a bourbon flavour that I can't ignore. If I want bourbon I'll go get it. I don't mind it in rum when it is subtle but, this is very similar in taste to some bourbons I drink. Smooth drinking and taste is good but, not for a rum.

This is all preference anyway but, the Eclipse red cap is my go to mixer and I feel it's a more rounded rum.

Arôme léger de mélasse
Rappelle quelque chose de toasté
Brûlure de l'alcool présente.

Nose: Slightly floral.
Feel: Clean with not too much burn.
Taste: Sugar, LOTS of wood. A little nutty.
Presentation: Very nice long neck bottle. Distinctive. I really what Barbados has done with the country of origin sticker. More countries should do it.
Price: 40 CAD.

A little cheaper than the XO and it shows. Lacking the bold body but still quite adequate for sipping. I think I will be using this mainly for drinks that call for a Barbados rum so I have more XO left over for sipping.

This was recommended to me from a liquor store owner. He sure knew what he was talking about very nice rum.

I didn't like the harsh bite of this rum. Very strong alcohol burn, and hints of pepper in the aftertaste. If asked for a one-word description, I would call this rum "unfinished".

A little harsh with some burn. Flavors don't really mesh together very well. A good rum to add to your mixed drink recipes. Sipping is ok, but much better mixed. Some nice flavor from the charred oak barrels is important. I'd spend more to get the extra Old instead.

Excellent rum for the price. Golden amber appearance with the nice aroma you want with your rum. Great with ginger bear or with coke. It also goes great in rum runners or a twist on a mojito.

Moi qui aime les rhum sucrés, j ai été très déçu. Il passe mal et n a rien d exceptionnel pour l amateur que je suis.

Lovely rum that sits on the fence of golden & aged, yet with the choice method of charring the Bourbon barrels to finish the ageing it has given the rum a heavier and more toned down mouth-feel reminiscent of darker or navy strength rum. however with only half the maturation time being spent in the charred barrels the rum still stays quite true to the brighter and fruitful qualities of a golden/aged rum.
The Nose gives a instant honey which brings in the heavy rich aroma of pot-still and molasses, which finally is topped off with a hint of oak and banana.
The Palate is shown much simpler, with sipping straight showing a large oaky presence giving it the heavy toned down mouth-feel which lasts, but at the same time displaying a range of ripe fruits, a mild underlay of spice and finishing with a smokey citrus orange.
Great in an Old Fashioned which brigs out those woody, citrus orange notes.

the simple fact about this rum is i get no taste no burn and no smell. i dob't even think that one could use this rum as a mixer simply because i could not pick up anything at all, i was pretty disapointed.

I liked this one. A little bit harsh at first but it has good flavours. In my opinion it's better than mount Gay XO. I could sip this but I do like to mix it.

Didn't really taste like a good rum at all. Quite strong, slightly whisky-esque flavour. Couldn't enjoy it straight, and even when mixed the poor flavour still overpowers.

Well balanced flavour with long aftertaste. Very lillle nose but a caramel,vanilla and smoke wood taste. Easily sipped and makes an excellent rum and coke.

Let me just say that if this was a type of food I would be chewing it all day long so

This is a great straightforward sipping rum, even my non-rum drinker friends love this stuff. For the mixologists out there I find it does amazingly well with a quality coffee liqueur and creamer for a Rum Russian.

typický rum, výrazný surový, ale nikterak hrubý. chuť dokonale rumová, vyvážená. příjemně hřál. ale na mne málo ovocný, málo hravý. ale pitelný

Mount gay black barrel rum