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Finally rum of my dreams!!! I was honestly hesitant, but in the end I wanted to take a bottle of this higher nectar. Deep ruby color, it takes a few seconds to appreciate the sheer complexity. Soft and warm but at the same time really exciting. For me, it's definitely higher than the Zacapa 25y. I'll drink only on special occasions, 'cause for my taste this one is the absolute perfection!


The nose is very lovely with raisins, dark chocolate, wood and slightly burnt sugar. The medium bodied palate has notes of molasse, figs, subtle orange peel and dark chocolate. It's very pleasant in the mouth, but still retains a freshness, perhaps due to the slightly woodsy and peppery finish with traces of almond and mint. It has character without being demanding. A real pleaser, thats well put together.

Sugar: 20 gpl. This is a top shelf special occasion rum! The stylish bottle shows off the deep ruby colour which I suspect is from some aging in port casks. As for taste I detect a taste of tobacco, oak, port, and some sweetness which seems to remind me of raisins or prunes. All the flavours are well balanced and this rum is extremely smooth. The smell of this rum in the glass makes you savour the aroma several times before that first sip. I have to say this is one of the best rums I have tasted so far. My only regret is that I did not purchase more. If you see this rum in your local then buy 2 bottles; because the first one won't last long!

Tobacco, sherry and some kind of wood in the nose. Then dried fruit and still some sherry on the tongue. The finishing a bit rough and burning first - then tobacco and sherry take over. Long lasting.

This is a great sipping rum. Smooth not overly sweet it has a nice balance. It's complex too.

If you like Ron Abuelo Centuria this I feel is far better bang for your buck. It comes in an awesome bottle too.

Caramel, and toffee with a little "fresh" tobacco smell. Taste the rich caramel as well but not overly sweet. Noticeable flavours of Apricot and prunes. This is a very nice sipping rum.

The first thing you notice is the presentation. It packaging is great and I was cautiously optimistic about what was inside. Once I opened the bottle the smell was amazing. Great colour and taste. Very balanced sweetness and complexity. It was a bit sweeter than the Flor De Cana because of the added sugars but it worked. Caramel with notes or orange/apricots.

A great Rum that I shall buy again.

Ich gebe nur 8 Punkte da ich den Preis hier etwas zu hoch finde und die aromatische Ausdrucksstärke für 21 Jahre etwas zu schwach ist, Da finde ich den deutlich jüngeren und günstigeren Panama der Rum Company um Welten besser

I had the pleasure to test this one i sought after a long time.
I like rums of panama, i have a sweet tooth but they aren't too sweet,still a very rich complex flavour.very very good

Received as a gift from my Rum Mate, this Panama 21 did not dissapointed me. Presented in a nicely styled bottle with a classy solid topper, the Panama 21 has a nice dark brown with ruby reflects. The first mounth is forthright but not too much. Chocolate, caramel aroma are well presented as well as fruit flavor like date or prune. These aromas are more present in the glass than in the mouth which is a little bit sad but definitively not a big deal. Flavors and aroma can lead to think about a sherry finish but it is not the case. Really a beautiful product from ouside as well as inside !

Tasted this following a meal in a Peruvian restaurant in Belgium, together with the Millonario XO and the Matsulem 23. Now, besides eating some well seasoned Peruvian dishes, I had also consumed a significant amount of wine before we got to the rum, so I couldn't taste too critically, but I can say the Rum Nation Panama delighted me, as did the Millonario XO. I rank them more or less on par, but if I had to choose I'd go for the Rum Nation, as it's slighty less fruity and stays interesting a bit longer. Both finished far ahead of the Matsulem.

Rum z produkce italské společnosti Rum Nation, která má v nabídce podobně jako francouzský Plantation rumy původem z mnoha zemí.

Alkohol: 40 %
Původ: Panama
Aroma: Vůně je od první chvíle nádherně vyzrálá, uhlazená, bohatá. Příjemně nasládlá (jen lehce, není to žádná sladká bomba jako třeba od A.H.Riise). Velký podíl vůně si pro sebe zabírá cedrové dřevo, dál nacházím čokoládu, kakao, je tu lehký dotek kůže, za tím pak lehce hřebíček, skořice, exotické dřevo, ale třeba i závan máty, pendreku a lékořice. Velmi komplexní vůně, to se mi moc líbí. (93 b)
Chuť: Chuť je jemně nasládlá, velejemná. Následuje cedr, med, kakao, rozinky, trochu snad i opálený sud, pikantní exotická dřevitost. V dochuti táhlý hutný dojem dřeva, s vlivem hřebíčku. Řekl bych, že v Rum Nation našli ideální poměr mezi jemností a bohatostí. (93 b)
Body: 93
Shrnutí: Skvělý rum, jsem rád, že jsem ho koupil, i když není nejlevnější. Stylově má něco podobného hned s několika rumy, nejvíc asi s Presidente Marti a Quorhum 30, ale našel bych i podobnost třeba s Pampero Anniversario. Musím pochválit i skvělou barvu a nádhernou lahev tohoto rumu.

Very very good. Rond, equilibre , complexe , intensif . A dessert by itself.

En super dejlig rom med noter af rosiner - mørk chokolade og måske en anelse citrus.
Absolut en rom jeg godt kunne finde på at købe igen.

Herrlicher Duft, guter Geschmack, sehr würzig und ein wenig scharf. Guter, schöner Rum mit dem man keinesfalls einen Fehler macht, jedoch finde ich den Preis nicht ganz gerächtfertigt.

Goes down very smoothly, not sure if due to added sugar.... Can't describe too many individual flavoures, however it is very nicely balanced.
Looking forward to try more rums from this Italian brand.

Rum Nation Panama 21.
The bottle: A stylish decanter-like bottle.
Glass: A nice amber color. Scent a slightly scratchy smell of raisins and oak.
Mouth: Raisins, nuts and pepper is the first thing that hit me. Very oak character but I lack any kind of sweetness.
After Taste: . Some earth flavor and a real punch. A nut flavor but quite long.

Summary: . Something for narrow taste for me. Would like to have liked if the barrel lay in a humid cellar for some years. However, it feels that it is a rum that has been done a solid job preparing. For those who do not like sweet rommer this will be a good fit

A lot of fruit on the nose, with some spice but also more than a bit of alcohol burn.

Beautiful bronzed dark brown colour.

Pears at first to taste and incredibly smooth, with a pleasant afterburn. Almost more like a calvados than a rum but with some unmistakable sugary notes too.

I'm getting towards the end of my bottle and will be buying another as soon as I do.

Definitely one of my favourite rums, I've never tasted better.

Occasion de le boire à une degustation. Vraiment excellent avec une belle rondeur en bouche.


Mild, round but complex and intensive taste. A great rum.

Very good rum, complex but sweet, very long with hints of dried fruit and woody with some caramel. A great discovery made ​​today at the expo rum at Spa in Belgium

Rum Nation is gifted brand. When I was deciding between this and their 12yo Barbados, I should have take the Bajan, but that's because I prefer Bajan rums. The bottle is absolutely gorgeous, and what you find inside is whole new dimensions of luxury.