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Medium admiral rodney  extra old 12 year rum

Admiral Rodney Extra Old rum is produced in St. Lucia using a continuous still, and then aged in American oak casks for an average of 12 years.

The rum is named after British Naval Officer Admiral George Rodney, who in 1782 as the Governor of St. Lucia rebuffed the Spanish fleet in the "Battle of the Saints".

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Sugar: Estimated at 5 GPL.
A well balanced rum except for the strong alcohol smell and taste. Great colour and bottle. Well balanced and smooth tastes of vanilla, oak, maple syrup, and burnt caramel or raisins, and there is that smokey biting taste from the bourbon casks it's aged in. To a certain degree this smells and tastes a bit like an over proof or strong Navy style rum. At $109 per bottle in Ontario it's over priced.
I like it, but it needs some moderation with ice or a drop of water to be a sipping rum, unless you like the strong burn it has.

This is a really good rum. Probably the best I've had so far. I really like it. Lots of taste and not too sweet.

Beautiful caramel color with hints of vanilla, roasted nuts and toasted bread
Smooth soft medium long finish

My wife brought it back from St lucia and i love the it problem is that I can't find it in the states.......

I always pick up a few bottles of this rum when I in St. Lucia. I find this rum best when served on the rocks or straight up. Never a disappointment. Smooth, mellow and the bottle disappears quickly.

Comes in one of the most beautiful bottles in the world of rum. Absolute stunning shape, and gorgeous wooden cork top. Can’t get enough of looking at the amber color through this bottle.
Lifting the cork reveals smooth vanilla, toffee and dark chocolate.
In the glass - Lovely color and and beautiful legs.
Nose - Powerful… Molasses, toffee, dark chocolate.
Taste - Charred oak, vanilla, toffee, leather, dark chocolate finish.

Absolutely gorgeous rum. Easy on the eyes, powerful in the mouth. Just a nice complete package.
I would recommend adding, just a little water, witch removes the initial harshness of the spirit. This brings out the clean flavors of the aged rum even more. One of my first aged rums. One of my fist re-buys, and one that I, with out a doubt, will buy again.

Aged in bourbon barrels, this soft, medium bodied spirit shows caramel, sweet dried fruit and brown spices, with a very smooth medium-dry finish. A fine example of a navy style rum from St. Lucia.

This rum exceeded my expectations based on its current score.

Smells and tastes of brown sugar, molasses, pepper, caramel, bourbon, oak, and leather. Somewhat sweet, but not too much.

Only $49.99 (2016) @

Herkomst: St. Lucia
Abv: 40%
Kleur: amber
Fles: 70cl, grappige ½ bol op ½ kubus vorm, met grote houten dop/kurk. Komt in een sjieke doos.

Deze rum heeft 12 jaar in Bourbon vaten gerijpt. Het resultaat is een zachte rum die smaakt als een echte rum wat mij betreft. Veel Karamel, ietwat zoete vanille, eik en een kruidige droge nasmaak.

Al met al een prima rum naar ietwat eentonig.

0 gr/liter suiker


Admiral Rodney Extra Old is een prachtige Premium Blended Rum van
fijne, lang in eikenhouten vaten gerijpte St. Lucia Rums.

Kleur: Barnsteen
Geur: complex met hints van honing
Smaak: mooi gebalanceerd met geroosterde tonen van vanille en caramel
Afdronk: aardig lang en aangenaam zoet

Admiral Rodney Extra Old is een mooie rum en uitermate geschikt om puur van te genieten.

Have been into tasting this particular rum for quite too long and I got originally excited to finally get my hands on the bottle (and the liquid in my mouth!)
It was worth the wait!
Swirled the glassed and left amazed staring at the oily ring and legs. A fresh alcohol kick in the first place woke my smelling and tasting senses. Left it to rest for a while and soon its' true complex character was revealed. Smooth and perfectly balanced, with dominating fine mild sweetness, light oak aromas and rich aftertaste, simply leaves you with a feeling of asking for more!
A place both in my heart and on the top shelve among the rest great labels rated over 8 is well deserved for this premium rum.

A very nice rum to enjoy neat or with an ice cube to bring out more flavor. Admiral Rodney X/O 12 is a smooth rum with limited heat. A true rum for rum lovers with a complex portfolio from start to finish. Nice mahogany color illustrated from the amount of time aged in bourbon casks. Love the wonderful bottle presentation that stands out to let you know that you are in for a treat!

A rum drinkers rum. Skeptical at first but learnt to love it. Strong on the nose and on the palate, definitely a staple in any collection.
A salute to the Admiral.

Great rum that you can drink on the rocks or straight. I went to the distillers and those guys know what they are doing.

I love the blend of oak, spice and fruit and the gentle burn from the alcohol. The one thing I would like this to have, is a fuller finish. While it is moderately long, it lacks a real punch. But a beautiful rum none the less.

Disclaimer: I love the Chairman's Reserve from St Lucia Distillers. So I was anxious to try their next-in-line offering. I found many of the same characteristics here - a wonderful color in the glass, a great variety of flavors in the mouth (though tending toward caramel/burnt-sugar), and a smooth cool finish. This rum is a pleasure to sip. However, the additional aging seems to remove the one thing that makes the Chairman's Reserve unique - it's foxy, grassy, au-naturale aroma. Call me a heathen, but given the price difference, I can't rate this higher than the Chairman.

I love this elegantly balanced rum, that fits almost every occasion. 100% collum still with 0% added sugar. Rather complex despite no pot still has been used, in contrast to most other st. lucian rum.
The nose is remarkably sweet, considering the absence of sugar, with notes of oak, leather, brown sugar and vanilla. The taste will make any real rum lover happy, especially considering the price. In many ways it's comparable to rum like Flor de cana 25 or Appelton 21, and at a significantly lower price. On the slightly sweet palate refined notes of leather, sweet tobaco, brown sugar and prunes treats you good, before fading into lovely tingling oaky tones. A bloody keeper.

Matured in ex Bourbon Casks.
Vanilla, caramel and Oak cask...
A Good Rum, Delicate and Raffinate.


Another rum that stands out for me in the top 3 so far is Admiral Rodney XO 12-Year from St. Lucia. I bought this before reading "rumdood"s review on it, but found out this is one of the ones that got him started on rum obsession.

This rum is aged in sherry casks for a portion of its maturation much like Brugal 1888, but I feel that it has a richer and deeper flavor than the Brugal 1888.

It comes in a beautiful stout bottle, one good for the boat! Feels very Nautical somehow.. looks good on a bookshelf! I buy this whenever I am able to get my hands on it.

The flavor is rich vanilla, brown sugar and spices.

Coloration is a deep dark amber, nice and thick.

The nose gives away the sherry cask maturation in a big way, but is also loaded with butter and spices. It makes an amazing hot buttered rum or eggnog, but sipping it straight is surely the way to go.

des flaveurs comme le chêne, le caramel avec une touche de vanille agrémente ce rhum. Un soupçon d'alcool en final tout est présent pour un rhum qui se distingue

Pretty good. No complaints. There's better out there.

This rum does something of a feint - the robust, squat, navy-style bottle, the name, the marketing fluff, everything hints a heavy, powerful, strong, navy rum. However, this rum is anything but that.

The visual presentation, as I said, is top notch, solid, thick, heavy bottle, massive wooden stopper, everything gives the impression of a prop you would find in a cabin of a naval officer. The smell is very nice, leathery, spicy, warm, inviting. The taste, however, tells us immediately this is a column still rum. Sweetish (I strongly suspect added sugar), apricot, marmelade-like, slightly acidic on entry, the body is however too thin and unremarkable, ending with quite pleasant, spicy tones. The finish is short, with mild burn, touch astringent, and everything fades quite fast.

It's not a bad sipper for those who like their rums mild and easy to drink, but it conflicts with its own presentation, so you may end up with a product you did not really want. I reflect that in my rating.

$111 - there’s better out there. A very good St Lucia rum with raisin and fruit on the nose. Cinnamon, oak and caramel on the palate. Complex and full; not too sweet and not too much burn.

The Admiral Rodney is an Icon. A masterblend from the copper pot still. Master blender Mr Harris is combining the perfect aged base rum, (he doesn't disclose the age of the barrels) Blending in heads and tails for a perfect blend, light on the nose with distinct oaky fragrance. light, dry and pleasant flavour with a deep barrelflavour. The color is deep but not molasses artificial, wich I appreciate.
I would recommend any one to get their hands on this rum to be able to experince clean, old rum, not overpowered by additional molasses after ageing.