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Ugly dog light rum

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I live in Michigan and ugly dog vodka is popular here because local. I saw their rum and thought ok I will give it a go. Just opening I knew this was gonna be rough. Its smells of STRONG yeast to the point of bread and Rubbing alcohol (not exaggerating it REALLY does) It honest burns even the nose to smell. I took a swig on the rocks (to my worse judgement) and I will not even bother describing how bad it was. I spit it out within a second having never had something so foul in my entire life. I tried it in diet coke but it is still foul and harsh with a strong taste of yeast and rubbing alcohol. Im not even exaggerating but Bacardi 151 is smoother than this. Very disapointed

After a sample was poured, I checked the aromas. I found them light, sweet. The cane was in the menu with only the slightest of caramel whisping in the background. A taste: Subtle, light with a nice alcohol "bite", at 80 proof a very nice flavor definitely sweet, more a sugar flavor. Yes, this is a very good mixing rum. I agree that this (most whites really) is not a rocks drink for everyone. But to compare it to mass-marketed rums -- no sir-ee, this is quality, smooth and could easily be a sipping rum. Guys, be very proud of your rum!