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Privateer american amber rum

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Not sure where OP got "Amber" from... it's labeled as "True American Rum".

43% ABV (earlier bottles were 40%). Batch 35. A blend of rums aged in new oak, bourbon, and brandy barrels. Smooth caramel nose, like a Bajan. Some charcoal? Ash? Full and rich flavor. Loads of tobacco, some vanilla. Somewhat reminiscent of HC Selección de Maestros, but not as dry and with a little more flavor. It's great, but the mouthfeel is a little thick (from the brandy barrels?).

I am hugely impressed by this bottle. Privateer has a treasure in Maggie Campbell and she is doing a bang-up job there. Keep up the great work!


This is my new standard, my new go to. Truly a standout American rum with no additives, no bullshit. These guys are pure artists.

Pours pretty(golden amber), drinks better(smooth, mild pepper burn on the back)

I was looking forward to trying this. I tried the gin and that was pretty good, different, nice botanicals and reasonably smooth. I tried the Turkey Shore's Old Tavern Style, the other player out of Ipswich Ma, and it was smooth, although not deep with flavor, but very nice and easy to consume (I cocktail with it when not looking for full bodied spirit). This fell short vs other small players. The nose seemed as though it would be bourbony with some oak and the pallet confirmed that at first, but the finish was difficult. It felt very bitter and difficult to swallow, made me choke. I had to consciously work to get it down. Disappointed. If the finish was smoother and consistent with the body and aroma it might make a nice whiskey or bourbon substitute, but with the finish this harsh I will pass.

curious to see it with a bit more age on it