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Cana brava light rum

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13 Cana Brava Light ratings

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I could enjoy CBL all day its just the right touch of sweetness and easy on the throat making it a true delight.

I feel like when people are rating white rum they tend to forget what it is supposed to be.

Caña Brava is something very special. Significant thought seems to ave gone into this rum. From the bottle being shaped for different holds and volume markings on it so you can reuse it in the future, to to full flavor that approaches but does not go over the top - I love it. Used in a traditional daiquiri with cane syrup it is spectacular. For me it has taken the "warm up" aperitif cocktail to a whole new level. I do think its flavor profile may be a bit rich if your looking for it to play well with other light modifiers - i.e. an Airmail

I historically don't pay more than $18-$20 for a bottle of solid white rum. Caña Brava is my new exception to this rule and pull it out when I want something a bit more special in a daiquiri or a more forward but not overpowering presence in a tiki cocktail.

I give this a 10 because it makes the best traditional daiquiri I've tried. It mixes extremely well in general, making it one to return to again and again: a benchmark for filtered white rums. I believe Don Pancho, the legendary distiller, specialized in this style of rum, and took a very long time to develop it, using many rums older than 3yrs to create the ideal blend. I don't mind $30 a bottle, the drinks made from it are worth it.

even better as a mixer adding that extra touch to a variety of drinks.

This is another white rum that can pass me by ... Foul flavour with harsh afterburn

This rum is a little on the dry side, but has just enough sweetness to make it good. Smells and tastes of sugarcane, allspice, with just a hint of vanilla, citrus, and oak.

Nice, though I slightly prefer other lights such as Diplomatico, Selvarey, and Koloa.

Daiquiri for days baby. Not many better options than this and if you do decide on one let me know

Had this in a daiquiri at club 33 in Disneyland. A true Cuban daiquiri. Panama rum, lime juice and sugar.

I've only experienced this is tiki drinks/cocktails. Might be a bit smoother than the cheaper rums for cocktails. Definitely taste the alcohol over much else, but very smooth in comparison to other light rums.

You'll never touch Bacardi again. Quite simply a solid, balanced white rum which only adds and never takes away from a cocktail.

I find this to be very solid, but not all that tasty, as I have a preference for pot-still flavor in a white. It's smooth, consistent, and has a clean finish. Good, as the label suggests, for a daiquiri, yet, leaves me wanting more.

You need to try this rum. It's molasses based, yet with the aromatic vegetality of a fine agricole and enough fruity overtones to make it an outstanding sipping rum. Really distinctive in every aspect. If you're lucky enough to find a bottle, turn it around and admire the beautiful paintings on the back of the front label, as seen through the rum.

Everything about this product - but especially the taste - is top notch. You will not find a better white rum for any price.


Bold warm and spunky. Grassy with hints of fruit.

Very viscous and nice mouth feel.

I like it on an Airmail but makes a killer Mojito as well.