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Plantation gran anejo guatamala

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Full bodied, oily, allmond like aroma and taste, light sweet. Well ballanced rum, one of my all time favourites.

One of the latest addition in the Plantation portfolio, the updated version is actually a blend of rums from neighbouring Guatemala and Belize. Guatemala at least produces their rums using fermented sugar cane honey (evaporated sugar cane juice) instead of the traditional molasses. Guatemala also uses a mix of bourbon and sherry cask for aging in their own solera system. This makes it quite difficult to put an age statement on the label, and was confirmed by the Ferrand/ Plantation brand ambassador at a tasting event last November.
I went through a bottle of Gran Anejo with some of my friends last summer paring it with some nice cuban cigars. Montecristo no2 to be precise. Honestly the cigar was a bit overpowering, and maybe a lighter Hoyo de Monterrey would be a better match. Even then, the rum was delicious, with some dark chocolate aromas and flavours, and a distinctive licorice finish.
I bought another bottle :)

Sweet scent and sweet taste as well, that is followed by sharp spiciness and pungent hay aftertaste.

Whiskey aficionados might like it.

Plantation Gran Anejo Guatemala was such a hard bottle to find in the US that it took me over 4 years of searching and scouring and finally a bottle emerged from Germany, so I had to grab one. Plantation Gran Anejo Guatemala offers a lot of exciting flavors and very clear but sweet flavors like raisins, it hardly has any burn at the end, but a very long and lingering sweet taste in your mouth. Having a back-to-back taste testing with the Plantation Gran Anejo Guatemala versus the Plantation Gran Anejo Guatemala & Belize and you will not find even the smallest amount of difference. They must be a different bottling year for the exact same rum. Plantation Gran Anejo Guatemala is still a long distance away from the amazing Barbados XO 20th Anniversary rum, but comes as a good second best Plantation rum in my books.

This Rum is so beautifully balanced in alcohol, body and natural sweetness with perfect notes of wood, and slight notes of chocolate and plums. A lovely piece of distilling work, satisfying the sipping afficionado with a taste for balanced, mild spirits.
A very pleasant sipping experience. Relaxing, soft. Beautiful work.

Nice rum! starts with Scents of tobacco, spices and vanilla, turns to a sweet woody taste. I love it! Also the bottle is really nice with the decoration on the bottle.


Til prisen har den rigtig meget at byde på. Skøn rom, en blanding af frugt og sprit, uden for meget kunstig sødme.

Decent bottle, boring colour. A little too much alcohol in nose and mouth. However, a good value. Okay for sipping, maybe better for mixing... quite similar to the Plantation 5y Barbados, but slightly more caramel in the nose...

Bon produit, accessible à des amateurs débutant dans le rhum, bouteille à posséder pour faire plaisir à un ami de passage

Beautiful, rich body. A warm and sweet rum. Perfect for whisky and Bourbon lovers

good rum for my taste, my guests also like it in general

Quite heavy taste with strong burn. But also sweet notes in first touch and in long aftertaste. I like Plantation Barbados more

Bon en drink, pas trop fort, assez sucré. Manque de complexité

Duft af frugt, kokos & vanilje.
Smag af frugt, kokos & vanilje. Blid og med en lille smule kant.

Beautiful nose with candied fruits and café. The mouth is smooth cognac and finding again soft tones of candied fruits. Nice one.

Very good rum for the price. Well balanced with interesting flavors. Good for either aperitif or as after-diner drink. Perhaps a bit too sweet though.

Beaucoup de saveur porté sur les fruits sec et le sucre... Touche d'amende prononcé.
Rhum assez gras qui permet d'avoir une belle longueur en bouche.

I was a bit surprised when I smelled it in the glass. The taste was also very different from the Grande Reserva and the 20-year old. I missed the smell and taste of something that's in the other 2. I always think of raisins, but I'm not very good at naming ingredients in drinks or food. But after that surprise I'm still able to appreciate this rum. Very full-flavoured, heavy taste. Sweet with a nice (I guess) woody after taste. I had the feeling to light up a cigar with it, even though I don't like cigars much.
Pretty good for its price!

Friendly, taste and average (which means very good) Plantation.

Great rum one of my favorites. Try it! Sweet but not to much.

In contrast with my review of plantation barbados, we really enjoyed this one. Pleasant sipper.

Ikke smagt. .

Det var nummer to plantation jeg har smagt vildt overrasket, dufter dejligt af frugt og kokos vanilje og smager også af frugt, kokos, vanilje faktisk Rom til prisen

Har ikke smag den i nu så kan ikke sige hvordan den smager.