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Distributors of Minnesota have stopped getting it but I will tell you there is no other comparison . Sad to see it go and when they still sell Ron Diaz crap

Do you enjoy Captain Morgan, Sailor Jerry, or any other sweet, spiced rum out there? If so, this rum is going to be for you! It is cheaper ($15 or less for a 5th, depending on the liquor store, I pay $12 for mine). It is very smooth when mixed. I cannot drink many things straight anymore, thanks to a several year binge... This rum mixes well with Sprite Zero and a splash of sour mix. I find it comparable in taste (when mixed) to Captain Private Stock, but this is much cheaper. Captain also gives me heart burn after a few drinks, and this does not. It isn't overly strong on the "alcohol" smell, and does well to keep you buzzed. Be careful though, because it mixes so well, you can drink your share very quickly, and it will sneak up on you. Happened to a friend of mine during poker night. One moment, he was tipsy (like the rest of us), the next, he passed out while he was talking. Kind of funny looking back.

Was surprised at the quality, expected less actually. Pretty smooth with lots of molasses and the spices hinting at the end. Easily replaces Captain Morgan spiced.

It just had such a harsh taste that I missed they enjoyment of its flavor. On the other hand if its cheap enough its viable mixer.

It smells more fruity than spicy, which was surprising, but not a lot of flavor. A little vanilla, a little rum, and a bit of alcohol. Not for drinking straight, but could easily go in a coke or ginger ale.

Low end spiced rum that is better than some more expensive ones out there. $15 gets you a nice tasting rum with the flavors you'd expect such as vanilla, caramel, baking spices, butterscotch and some oakiness. Dried fruits and nuts also unveil themselves to the palate.

Meh, it's a spiced rum, just like a lot of them. Nothing special here. Probably mix with coke fine. Wouldn't go out of my way for this by any means.

Better than Sailor Jerry for sure, but still leaves a lot to be desired for a spiced. Gimmicky story turns me off as well.

This has to be my most favorite rum. When I discovered it I took a chance, and I was floored. "Not from too much either" it has a hint of vanilla and what I believe to be hazelnut. It warming and very smooth.

This is an excellent sweet spiced rum for the price. Mixes very well.

Very good. Nice caramel color good smooth rum. Good rum doesn't have to cost a 100 bucks a bottle.

Not as good as the kracken, but way better than any other spiced rum. I would buy it again.

Shellback has been my choice of spiced rum for two years now as it is very smooth with great taste I used to drink captain Morgan but shellback is just bettered

I tried this one because it was on billboards all over town. They played it safe, not too spicy, not too strong, not too anything. Felt like flavored vodka more than spiced rum, but that's ok if you are looking for an affordable mixer.

I hD two rum and cokes and literally had the squirts for 3 days and puked for 2. Give this to enemies for Christmas.

I rated it a 6, because this spiced rum is smooth and flavorful enough to drink straight, the only way I drink rum. I find many spiced rums to be impossible to enjoy straight. In this case, the spiced flavor to is minimal, and, therefore quite acceptable. As a cheap rum, this one is quite pleasant and fits the age old requirement of "cheap-but-good" really well.

it just had zero personality. Ok with cola at best. It honestly barely qualifies as spiced

Let me start by saying this is an excellent mixer it really brings a glass of coke or a cuba Libre to life. The value is also there incredibly cheap. The aroma is there but a tad sweet. This is an odd one to try to sip. The silver rum was a great straight up rum a more classic style. This one on the other hand is a very odd rum to sip the flavors and spices are a bit strong and don't please much straight but as a mixer they shine through. Better to sip than Monkey spiced rum at half the price though.

This is good with coke.nothing amazing.does not have much spiced flavor a spiced rum should have.

As far as rums go, this one is pretty unexceptional. It has a decent nose, doesn't smell like a hospital ward, and can be drank straight from a shot without causing uncontrollable coughing, or hurling. (yes, I know- I'm being snarky. I can't help it...) I actually keep it in the cabinet for those guests who aren't worthy of my "Good stuff" (heheheh, most of them never realize it, either...)

Unfortunately I bought a bottle ( still have, minus one drink)- tried a taste straight, was very harsh and not enjoyable in any way... That is okay with me since I do not drink spiced rum straight a whole bunch. I mixed with my usual stand by ( coke ) and still was very harsh, did not taste like a "true" spice to me. This may be my virgin palette, but I would not Ever drink again.

This was a decent rum. Good with a coke zero. Nothing special, but it didnt make me gag either.

Nothing too fancy here. Smooth, easy going flavor with not a lot of bite. Great value!