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Shellback silver rum

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This is by far one of my go to silver rums. It has great crisp flavor with mild heat and is very smooth. Is great for daiquiris or other tropical cocktails.

This is my go to rum for a rum and Coke or a piña colada. Slight, smooth and slightly sweet with a touch of vanilla. That should be a staple on anyone's shelf. Unfortunately, I've heard it's discontinued.

Notch above Bacardi it was to rough for my liking. I'll stop here and keep my comments kind.

I had to give this the max rating because it’s a good rum and as a 26 year veteran of a sea going service it’s a title I can claim.

I find this rum more enjoyable to drink than a lot of other white rums in the $15 price range. Nothing fancy flavor wise with some heat at the back.
Would do well in many cocktails!

The aroma is completely dominated by very strong vanilla, almost to the point of not tasting like rum. For the price, however, it's not bad.

Though finding shellback in NY state is very difficult, I do like shellback siler for my rum and coke. For the cost " around $15" it is very good.

Better than Bacardi at the same price. Don't expect it to be a sipping rum. Mix it with something

Smells like straight vanilla from the bottle, cool. In the glass it smells much the same. Kind of like a vodka sniff, which I dont like because vodka is gross. Its a really bad choice straight, it burns it stops it burns again stops and burns again. It tastes exactly like it smells, kind of a raspberry vanilla taste. Its not complicated by any means, 3 flavours, alcohol, raspberry-is and vanilla. In coke its much the same and holds the 2 raspberry vanilla flavours. Honestly not a very big fan because its reminds me too much of vodka, specifically stoli raspberry. This would be good in tropical drinks that could entertain its fruity hint. But for rum nah I'll pass. Also the cap doesn't tighten on very well so my bottle leaks. Was not happy about that one.

I could tell there was a little but of Vanilla. I would only use this as a mixer.

Pretty much a vodka made from sugar cane. Zero nose. Zero flavor. It's just a blank rum. Pretty much only good for adding alcohol with some sweetness to a drink.

Originally posted on my blog...

Opening the bottle reveals a wonderful sweet floral aroma with plenty of vanilla scent. Shellback Silver smells like pink bubblegum! This may well be the best smelling rum ever. It could be perfume!If you take that literally be prepared to take a few field sobriety tests! I’m not kidding about the pleasant aroma though. :) The taste…that’s the most important part, right? Shellback Silver Rum was a bit of a let down here. Not because it isn’t tasty… the taste is actually great, it’s just weak. It’s similar to bubblegum after you have chewed it for a little while. Nothing but the alcohol seem to develop on entry Mid pallet is when the action happens. The taste is sweet vanilla with plenty of fruity notes. I can’t pin down exactly what is there but it’s very nice. It is a great flavor profile for sure. Too bad it’s buried in the back. Shellback Silver is a very smooth rum. The smoothness quickly gives way to the short and dry finish. Nothing too special but certainly nothing bad either. This rum would be nice in some citrus juice or even a Pina Colada. I enjoyed it on the rocks. A little melting ice helped bring the flavor to the front. Don’t even try this in cola. It would just get lost. With Shellback Silver enjoy it in citrus juices or on the rocks. Shellback is a good sipper but it will leave a dry thirst behind.
Shellback Silver is a rum that was so close to being a “wow” and just came up a little short. It’s good. But it could be so much better. They nailed a wonderful flavor profile but just left it hidden too far in the back. Still, I will most likely buy it again, especially when it’s on special.

A decent straight shot rum. Great aroma, finish, and rum kick for the price point you cant complain!

Not bad for a white rum! Has a nice flavour when mixed with cola. As with most whites, best in mixed company!

This is better than the spiced shellback but not by much.mix it with some sprite or 7-up an some lime.A nice drink on the beach.

A strong sugar/caramel note up front. In a good way.

Tried this at the beach last year and liked it for mixing. Definitely has a vanilla aroma and a sweet taste. But mixed with pineapple-guava juice it was a nice drink for the beach.

The nose on the first crack of the top is pure vanilla, pour into a glass and the sugar sweetness comes through. After the first few sips the senses seem to lose the flavors and the rum becomes just something that will be a good base for your favorite mixer.