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Deadhead aged rum

DeadHead Aged Rum is produced in Veracruze, Mexico from molasses and then double-distilled in a Pot Still. The rum is then charcoal filtered and lastly aged for six years in Sherry casks.

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Okay, it has a creepiness factor of 10 which makes it stand out from all other rums out there in regards to containers. However can it stand apart from other rums in regards to flavor?


First off the color is a light amber...closer to a yellow color in some apple juices. It has a slight sugar cane aroma with fair amount of astringency reminding me of ethanol. The flavor isn't too bad. Not great but it hits you with some sweetness and vanilla/toffee tones which then fades into a rather decent burn. Being that it's a blend of sugar cane juice and molasses it does have a bit of an agricole edge to it. The aging gives it a bit of oak bitterness bordering on objectionable but not quite. It ALMOST is a sipping rum but misses just by a tad. However it does very well as a mixer.

I recommend buying one bottle at least for the appearance and if you like it, buy another and tell your guests they were traveling salesmen....WERE....

Okay...feeble attempt at humor.

Not a bad rum. However it really doesn't stand out from other similarly aged rums. Therefore I can't go higher than a 7 here.

Forget the bottle. This is a fine rum. Aromatic. Complex. Singular. Notes of spice, grass, and funk. Makes a mighty fine cocktail, probably is amazing with cola, and is a unique sipper. A little pricey, but try it if you get a chance.

Spicy and dry rum. Hints of cedar, vanilla and honey. The finish resembles a fresh cutted grass fand oak

It was a big disappointment for me. Don't recommend it at all. But it could be worst...

I tried this because of the bottle, but discovered it was delicious

This seems more like a souvanere product, than a serious rum. I find the taste leaning towards tequila rather then good rum. Not for me.

Great tasting rum. I had to have it for the bottle, it tastes pretty great too.

Zbytečně vyhozené peníze. Rum jsem dostal darem. Má sice hezký obal z levného plastu, ale obsah je srovnatelný s tuzemákem z likérky Drak. Hnus

Schmeckt nur "irgendwie", aber ich weiß nicht so recht, wie ich ihn beschreiben soll. Langweiiger, kurzer Abgang. Lohnt sich überhaupt nicht.

Yes, the bottle was cool, but it was also difficult to open the first time- reuslting in spilled rum. Lighter than I thought. Aftertaste not particularly pleasant. Was a 3.5 on my scale, but here I round down.

I can't help mysefl but i smell plums which is not bad thing but it sets you for something sweet. Then when you try the rum it tastes dry almost tabacco like which is not something i preffer.
Color really hits you as it is more like white tea or so...

Had better, had worse... Not my favorite. Probably won't have again.

A really neat bottle but the rum was just ok. A bit of vanilla and toffee with a bit of burn but it tasted good mixed. Definitely not a sipping Rum.

Gelungene Flasche, wenn auch billiges Plastik.
Falls du Tequila liebst ist dieser "Rum" ok.
In der Nase und Gaumen eine Qual.
Ansonsten das Geld nicht wert.

neatly nice bottle, albeit cheap plastic.
If you love tequila, this "rum" is ok.
A torment in the nose and palate.
Otherwise not worth the money.

purchased as a novelty and taste test, however not one person of our four thought this was pleasant to drink.

I have enjoyed this rum neat on many occasions and still can't believe how smooth and balanced it is.

Sice originální láhev, dle mého ale spíše na škodu. Za prvé, z marketingového hlediska nabádá předem k vysokým očekáváním, navíc výrazně podpořeným cenou. Za druhé, láhev se dle mého názoru pro rum vůbec nehodí, ale vzhledem k tomu, že jdu proti proudu, nechám na zvážení každého z vás. Samotný rum je však pro mě trochu oříšek. Otevření láhve a první ochutnání byl spíše negativní zážitek. Silný, hutný rum, který hraje všemi vůněmi i chutěmi, ne však příjemně sladěnými. Kávu i čokoládu jsem zacítil, v dochuti jsem si představil i anýz. Po chvilkovém vydýchání byla z rumu cítit silná vůně jako z továrny na tabák, nebyla však vůbec příjemná. Vůně se pak dále tvarovaly, ale konečný výsledek mě nijak neoslovil. Při druhé degustaci za týden, jsem již počkal dostatečně dlouho na vydýchání a výsledek byl výrazně lepší, v závěru nově lehce cítím i chuť sušených višní. Silnější rum zůstává, ale v chutích i vůních stabilnější a vyváženější. Na druhou stranu, pokud si člověk pročte, jak by měl rum chutnat, v několika bodech se shodne, jelikož pestrost je opravdu velká. Závěrem - přes počáteční rozpaky jsem si na rum nakonec zvyknul, dávám mu vždy delší čas na prodýchání a hodnotím nadprůměrnou známkou.

molasses and sugar cane juice. half dry rum.
i smell some burn, grassy fruity notes, some candy.
i taste a light rum. for a pot still it is very light bodied. licorice. citric elements. raisin. the grassy notes of an agricole in a low amount.
5/10. drinkable. but nothing more.a waste of time if you want to enjoy a good spirit.

Een van de stoerste flessen op de markt, doet me denken aan de koppensnellers van kippenvel. Jammer genoeg is de inhoud het tegenovergestelde. Puur is deze rum voor mij niet te drinken. Ook met cola blijf je de heel scherpe en straffe houtsmaak proeven. Voor mij een no go.

Een fantastische fles die heel mooi in de rumkast staat. De jaloerse blikken zijn echter ongegrond want ondanks een mooie donkerbruine kleur en een lekker chocoladegeurtje blijft er weinig overeind bij de 'tasting'...

Een sterke, houtachtige smaak overheerst en zorgt voor een erg bitter smaakpalet. Soms komen oog en tong echt niet tot een compromis...

Een collectersitem om in de kast te hebben. Puur voor de lay-out. Kan zijn verwachtingen niet inlossen. Zeer jammer.

Very disappointing for the price point. Very boozy, and burns. Aromas were nice, but second and third sips were just as strong. It as if some one took a nice rum and added a tequila shot to it.
Not recommended

Taste rather after tequila with a distinct aftertaste of alcohol.

As with all rums that come in novelty bottles, I wasn't expecting much (especially after being burned by the $45 usd Pumpkin Face "Premium" white rum...).

I expected to have a few sips with some rum imbiber friends, have a few laughs at those few sips, then dump the rest of the bottle in a summertime Punch/Sangria at the next family BBQ and then just keeps the bottle as a display piece for the next TIKI night.

What I found was a NICE lightly spiced rum that is easy to drink.
Okay, that being said, I know it won't replace the Appleton Estate Exclusive or the Dos Maderas Luxus as my top 2 sipping rums, but I won't be hiding it from my guests that know I'm a serious rum amateur either.

I has a well marked pepperiness that will make (daytime) cocktails linger in your mouth without overpowering all the other ingredients; it's slightly sweet but not syrupy ; it was a hint of sugar cane but reminds me more of Cachaça than something made with molasses.

All in all, not a bad rum ...and it even comes in a pretty remarkable container.