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Wray   nephew white overproof rum

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Yeah I know, mix it with Ting. Look, Ting will mask the taste of anything. Cat urine mixes well with Ting. The more useful question is, how does this stuff taste on the rocks or even neat? Well, I'd rather attempt to eat a live porcupine before I drink it again. Its distinctive flavor (wet dog fur) overpowered (ruined) my tiki drinks. Also, I had no luck drinking it on the rocks, even with lime and sugar. And straight up? The unmistakable aroma of hospital emergency room made my eyes water, even before sipping it. Years later, I still have half a bottle of this stuff and I avoid it every chance I get.

This is delicious. Imagine a very sweaty person standing in overripe and rotten tropical fruit while frying bananas, papayas and pineapple on a grill which is occasionally doused in gasoline and you'll be somewhere in this rum's fun park of flavour. It is packed with that distinct Jamaican estery funkiness. Bacardi white this ain't.

I believe it is a mix of pot and column still distillate (I'd love to see a pot still only expression, btw). Although it is intended as a mixer--it's pretty much an essential white OP for many cocktails--I actually quite enjoy this neat, albeit with a few drops of water to bring it down to a more manageable 45-50%.

It is truly bold, singular stuff! This IS rum! If you like flavourless white rums may I suggest you check out a little drink known as vodka. And just as an aside, many of the people who gave this a negative review apparently rate stuff like Zacapa and Diplomatico Reserva very highly, which, in my opinion, are more like rum liqueurs. These "rums", although popular, are invariably overly sweet, characterless and inoffensive spirits that have had whatever soul they may have possessed blended, sugar'd, glycerol'd, vanilla'd, prune'd and mystery-ingredient'd out of them. This, on the other hand, is simply rum, as all rum should be. Anyway... just something to keep in mind when reading the negative reviews.

Recommended for:

People who like real, characterful rum.

Fans of flavour.

Folk who enjoy the peculiar funkiness typically found in Jamaican rum and many unaged agricoles, cachacas, clairins, etc.

They say Jamaicans drink it straight, no chaser.. Green Bananas, rotten vegetation and alcohol on the nose. For me it's only tolerable in Jamaican style punches.

I don't understand this....rum, or whatever it is. I don't get how it's getting high ratings when, after I poured it, got a terrible smell as I floated it on my tiki drink that called for an over proof. I figured I had bought a cleaner or something. I by a rum, good or bad, it should taste like rum, not arse.

I have been trying to finish this bottle for 2 years, I gave it away twice, and it came back, like a bad penny. If I had known it was so bad, I would have bought 151. At least it tastes like rum. I thought it was a spoiled batch, until I read some other reviews. I can't even describe the taste. To call it gasoline, would be bad for the hydrocarbon.

Some of the funkier Jamaican rums can be hard to find these days... While its not a pure pot-still rum, like many of us funk lovers would hope for, its certainly pungent and flavorful compared to most other white rums. This is one that you reach for when it comes to tiki and fruit drinks, maybe a pina colada. Widely available, and for a decent price ($20, on average).

This rum has the most amazing intoxicating aroma I have smelled. Tons of overripe banana and esters going on. Super unique. Strong on the tongue but honestly is okay to be sipped. Super super aromatic, reminiscent of Italian aromatized wines.
Of course, since it's overproof you should add some water or ice if you want to sip. With water or ice the nose rounds out a bit giving way to more subtle and round sugar and caramel scents as opposed to the initial fruitiness. Palate, again, super unique, banana, cherry, coconut, I want to say some subtle cheesy notes in there.

It seems most people who bought and used this rum didn't do much research or don't know much about styles and regional differences in rum because I honestly think this is a shining star in terms of funky Jamaican rums in its bracket.

Just know that when you buy this rum you're buying an alcohol and flavor bomb. This isn't a simple rum which can be used as a substitution or be substituted for.

Err...people giving this high marks? Really? OK, so it's great in a cocktail, especially a zombie...but hang on, almost any rum here is ok if you mix it with something so you can't taste it, and the best bstuff you wouldn't want to do that to anyway. So you want to get off-your-head-drunk...fine, just drink twice as much good stuff!

It smells like gasoline, it tastes like bad absinthe or something gone off. The only overpowered alcohol I thought was even vaguely interesting was greek Raki...and this is nowhere near as your money.

On the nose it's a little sharp as you would expect form an overproof Rum. It smacks you in the face a little like Animal going off on a belligerent drum solo delaying the coda as Dr. Teeth grows wary of certain destruction. However, there is an ensemble of fine instrumentalists waiting their chance to solo in the background. A little pineapple, papaya, grass and sweet mustiness along with buckwheat honey and toffee brittle showcase the supporting orchestra. This isn't meant to sip but feel free if you can dial down your intake to keep your throat from whimpering in fear. Yes, its hot but not a hellhound by any measure. This is a constant staple in my bar to brighten up and add depth to many cocktails. My favorite is substituting in a 1/2 ounce for cachaca and making knock-out Caipirinhas.

I don't get why people don't appreciate this rum more. For being the hands-down biggest seller in Jamaica, you'd think it'd get more respect abroad. Thick, funky, pungent, and of course, strong. It's a punch rum, but it has its place in cocktails as well.

Wow, if I have a large double, will I go blind?
An interesting taste and aroma.
This was a gift, not sure if I would purchase another when finished with this one...if I ever do

Even without lime (which is preferable) this gives a great citrusy taste when mixed with coke, pleasant burn and a gentle warming feeling.

I don't think you need another white rum.

This is a classic over-proof rum. It is great to mix.

Classic over proof with one hell of a bite. Unique flavor that is not meant for everyone, this rum is great for mixed tropical drinks.

There's only one way truly enjoy this rum, Jamaican style - straight up with a tiny splash of water. Tastes just like how it smells at the Appleton Estate. Fantastic!

If you ever just need to get drunk this is the real deal, High octane entertainment. As some reviews said it tastes and smells like gasoline, well yes sort of. but gas is worse.. I found I mix some Guava or Mango nectar and a little Lemonade or orange juice it masks the gas taste,LOL. but I still drink it sometimes it really does Git-R-Done

Only thing subtle about this rum is the name. I finally came to an armed truce with this rum by adding 3 parts oregat, 2 parts Rose's lime juice, and 2 ounces of branch water to two parts rum.

Once you gang tackle this rum, it goes along peacefully. The banana OVERTONES have to be beaten into submission.

Which gives me an idea. Gonna have to try this as an ACTIVE ingredient in Bananas Foster.

Will get back to you on that one.

If I equated this rum to music like I do with coffee, this is Naw'leans Neville Brothers/The Meters funk of the 80's and 90's. Intense and personal.

This is a very strong Jamacan flavoured white rum. Even a half ounce in a rum and coke is overpowering and not my kind of drink. It is like drinking Appleton VX with twice the flavour but only 1.5 times the alcohol.

Nose: Smells quite like blanc agricole rum, fermented tropical fruit, raw banana, a lot of sour tropical citrus fruits, vanilla and faint toffee. Also very alcoholic.
Taste: Very alcoholic, has a lot of that jamaican "funk" taste, citrus, fermented tropical fruit.
Finish: Harsh and burns for eternity but i tasted this neat.
Overall: I actually really like this rum, it has a ton of unapologetic character that might not be for average rum drinker but i think this really kicks ass.
I solely bought this for tiki drinks but it can be enjoyed with some ice or neat but im kinda crazy person who also likes to drink absinthe neat, so this definitely is not for everyone but if you have a taste for funky stuff, you will like it.

If one is avoiding the stout 151's this one fits in nicely as a 126 proof. Try mixing it, and it shines through. Not many mid range proofs out there to give heavily flavored cocktails a pleasing ethanol balance. Jasper's Punch recipe below is a good start:
JASPER"S RUM PUNCH ***** (32% ABV before ice shaking)
1½ J Wray & Nephew White rum (126 proof)
1½ Jasper’s Secret Mix (so he could pour 200 a day)
or (if no mix handy)
1¼ lime juice
1/8 strong demerara syrup (2:1)
1/8 Angostura
dash grated nutmeg
Shake cracked ice, pour all into mai tai glass.

So much flavour, it's bold and round with strong taste of Jamaica.

Funky and direct rum. Great as a base to build home made liquors and punches.

Working from a leftover bottle brought to a party by a guest who presumably dumped the W&N and drank something else, I constructed a batch of passion fruit daiquiris for a family gathering. I was, however, the only person able and willing to get past the first sip as the predominant taste and spiky nature of the drink was all about the overproof rum. When passion fruit liqueur can be obliterated you know the other component is industrial strength fluid.
Not to be daunted I tried again with Coke as a mixer. Simpler and better but only consumable in a bind.

A good cocktail rum with funky notes, very suitable in drinks