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Ron de jeremy spiced rum

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Not some celeb cashing in. I thought it would be amusing to have and give to guests but actually its bloody lovely. Very sweet though.

Nothing special but very tasty in the mix with cola, nothing more or less.

Mixer rum all day its powerful with a 47% abv but goes very well with cola and ice. Wonderful on a summer nights evening !

Købte en flasks til 80kr, og det er virkelig en god pris, for denne rom

Hodně jde cítit chuť karamelu a celkově je více cítit alkohol.

Tried 4 different Ron de Jeremy's back-to-back on the very first day of the year. The XO has the deepest dark color of these 4 rums. Semi brown color for the Hardcore Edition and for the Spiced rum. Very light amber color for the base Ron de Jeremy. The Spiced Ron de Jeremy is super close to the Hardcore Edition. Only major difference is the 38% alcohol on Spiced versus 47% on Hardcore Edition. Both earn a 5, nothing more.

Za mě je to normální kořenění rum ze středu tabulky. Takové rumové Teplice. Není ani skvělý ani špatný. Příjemně ostrý chuťově na úrovni, cenově vyšší než je konkurence s lepším rumem. Do drinků je díky silné chuti dobrý, cenově to ale nehraje.

The rum is properly aged and once you taste it, it is smooth but spicy. You have all the mentioned kind of spices in your mouth now and you can play with them, then you swallow. Long dry finish comes up which is something unusual for spiced rum; it’s warming and pleasant. Probably more enjoyable for more experienced drinkers (I do consider myself rather “spiced rum virgin”) but this is very nice experience for me. Ron de Jeremy Spiced is different than other spiced rums I would say. I would not use it in long drinks, I like it on the rocks, even in Summer time.
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I really enjoy this rum. It has nice but not so alcoholic smell and I can taste some bananas when sipping :)

This is the best spiced rum I have ever drink.Price is not high. Brand is funny. Some reviews are saying that its not sipper but I have not that opinion.

I am not a fan of spiced rums. Sweet, taste of cherry little bit. Not bad, not good.

Lite kryddig, pepprig.
Len och mild munkänsla.
Inget man springer benen av sig för.

Doux, Caramélisé et épicé à souhait - proche d'un Pampero en plus caramélisé, se boit très bien seul comparé aux autres rhums épicés classiques

Glad I tried it. Wouldn't rush in for another bottle mind you. It's great to drink with Mushy Peas and a greggs steak bake

Not too bad if your adventurous in your rum taste !

Een fleske met een verhaal is altijd leuk! De zoete caramelsmaak komt er (zelfs met cola) goed door en een kruidig nasmaakje maakt het helemaal perfect.

Lots of vanilla aroma to this,great taste very smooth. Few of these and you know you've had a drink. Recommend

This is one of the best spiced rum's i've had. Again, SPICED. No sipper but it's great w a splash of coke. I don't like the branding much and I wouldn't let the bottle out of my cabinet with guests in the house. Ugh.

Quite disappointed. I am not fan of spiced rums, maybe i was over-hyped because of the brand. While tasting I had a full mouth of cinnamon and could find anything else in there.

Spiced rums aren't generally my favorite, as they tend to have a lot of artificial tasting additives that hide the rum. But this definitely one of the better spiced rums I've tried!

It's a little on the sweet side (which is fine by me), with a nice creamy texture. Smells and tastes of vanilla, caramel, nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon, and pepper in a crème brûlée. This is very nice for a spiced rum!

Edit: I tried the 40%abv version. Apparently there's also a 47% version of this! I'm guessing I might like that better, and if I do, I'll update this review.

Interesting. Nice full flavour, well balanced. Little too sweet. Not so complex but fair.
Great label :-)

Not good at all, to be honest.. BUT as an alcohol component in a drink, I would proabobly do it!

A smooth spiced rum, not overly sweet, went down well with Coke, not smooth enough for me to drink straight, but little is.


Fin rom, til pengene. Har en god eftersmag uden at blive for sød.