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Ron de jeremy the adult rum

Ron de Jeremy 'The Adult' rum is produced in Panama and aged for 7-years before bottleing. The rum is crafted by the 72 year old Master Distiller Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez who has also created Zafra, Cana Brava, Abuelo, and Havana Club.

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27 Ron de Jeremy The Adult ratings

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What can I say. Next time I have to taste on the rocks. And them with cola. It supposed to be a good rom but it's not.


This one surpose to be Ron de Jeremy Rum .... but I got 4 diffent versions of this brand, i better study them closer :)

Actually, I like this rum. It's very tasty for an 8 yr rum, but since it's from “Don Pancho”, how can it be bad?

It's a light rum but smoot. At the end of the taste you get some bite, almost to much for my taste (ethanol, alkohol taste)

Edit: After 45 minutes in the glas most of the after(alkohol) taste is gone, now the Ron de Jeremy Adult Rum is much more enjoyable.

Nicht schlecht, bei diesem Rum fehlen aber noch ein paar Jahre

When I saw this rum, I assumed the product would be poor and more of a gimmick. I was wrong. Although its not the best rum out there and the finish is quite harsh, overall its not a bad mixing rum.

The harsh finish takes away the chance to enjoy this as a sipping rum, but I will happily drink with ginger beer and a squeeze of lime.

This rum, unlike it's owner, is classy.

It's smooth vanilla notes have a hint of caramel and goes great on it's own or with a couple of ice cubes to cool it down.

Now to try the 15 year old!

I can't drink it. I far prefer the spiced from the same maker. Not a fan of the marketing but... Nice bottle though and color. But it just takes up space behind the bar.

En ok rom med masse af smag, Men ikke en rom jeg er så vild med at jeg er nød til at købe den

I was impressed with this rum based on the low price of only $29.99 (

Has a nice sweetness to it. Smells and tastes of molasses and spice, with a fair amount of 'woodiness' (lol).

I like it a lot!

Rigtig god Rom med masser af smag, Mangler lidt af den gode eftersmag, men god til prisen

Fin rom, til pengene. Har en god eftersmag uden at blive for sød.

Gillar denna romen skarpt. Den är lite dyr på SB men går att få billigt i Tyskland och då är den helt klart värd pengarna

Yes, you obviously can sell everything with sex. Funny fact is that they had to change the label in Finland since selling alcohol with sex is forbidden. What makes it even more funny is that this Rum brand is invented by two Finns.

Mimořádně silný rum, opravdu zahřeje, tohle není pití pro holky ani náhodou, je celkem dražší.

Like the spiced rum, this is surprisingly good considering the gimmicky name. Not a bad gift considering the laughs you'll get.

It actually is good! I enjoyed this bottle with some friends, nobody complained.

It could have done with a bit more depth of flavour but still a very smooth rum, first one that i was able to sip straight.
For sipping let the rum air out a bit.
I still prefer mixing with cola

It had a good smell and a fine colour. But it really needs to be in the glass and decadent for a long time, for the rum to really open op. And has a lot to offer if you let it. I really recommend you all to try it out.

You can drink it, shallow flavor profile with a little afterburn. Good present or just a gimmick to have on your shelf

its strong but doesn't taste like it is and it's smooth as hell. The hedgehog made an excellent rum. When I can find it I get it! My personal favorite rum.

I tasted this rum with the double of Ron Jeremy, at the "Salon du Rhum".
A classic rum, not so bad

This is a preview of what rum could taste.. It´s shocking light.. Not for sipping.. But if you should have it in drinks you could go for a cheap vodka instead..

ok, I did buy this bottle of Ron de Jeremy just to have it on my shelf. Tried it as a sipper an thought it lacked any good flavors. Threw in an ice cube and some diet coke and it was ok. Paid $30 which I don't spend on something I'm just going to use as a mixer.

Won't buy again, instead I'd add another $14 and order Plantation 20th or Diplomatico Reseva Exclusiva