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Cane   abel small barrel rum

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4 Cane & Abe Small Barrel ratings

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Was pleasantly surprised by this local concoction. The color is a beautiful brown and mixes very well with cola. The hint of whiskey flavor takes a bit to get used to (I'm not a whiskey drinker) but it's perfect for this drinker.

According to their website, this rum is "distilled exclusively from dark brown cane sugar". The flavor I detect has that distinct dark brown sugar flavor but also has a distinct vanilla extract flavor underneath. The rum has been aged in new and used oak barrels giving it a somewhat oakiness but not overpowering. The finish goes back to that brown sugar/vanilla flavor that lingers on the tongue. This is almost a sipping rum in of itself but works best as a mixer.

Can you believe this is produced in Wisconsin? Good job!

The location of manufacture of this rum was a pleasant surprise. This is a product of Madison Distillery and appears to be a conscious effort to be different from the sugar can juice and molasses crowd, and I believe it has achieved it. So why did I rate it a 6? Because I do no like sweet rums. If you enjoy popular rums such as Zacapa & Zaya, you will like this rum. I enjoy rum agricole, especially Flora de Cana's dry white, so you will understand my rating from that. Otherwise, this is a very good American rum.

Bottle: With it's American Indian style label and old school whiskey bottle shape, I think it is a charming looking product.
Bottle Aroma: There are tails in this rum and the distiller has made a conscious choice to allow you to taste some of the complex tastes that come from aging a rum with a good supply of fatty acids from the congeners in fermentation.
Glass Aroma: A sweet rum with a hint of oak.
Taste: There is an initial heat to be expected with a younger rum but the blend of sweet, oak, grassier tails, make for an enjoyable rum. It remains warm all the way through and I would carry this in a flask in winter to bolster the constitution when it becomes brisk out.

I enjoy this rum often...a nice addition