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Blue chair bay coconut spiced rum

Blue Chair Bay Coconut Spiced rum a blend of white rum, natural coconut, and Caribbean spices. The rum is produced in Barbados at a beach-side distillery and mellowed in white oak casks.

Blue Chair Bay rum was created by Kenny Chesney - a well known country singer from Knoxville, Tennessee - and named after his popular song "Old Blue Chair."

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Great Coconut flavor not over powering but lots of taste and as mentioned no burning afterwards. Mix with a Coke and add a beach, a bar at the end of the world and kick back. I wasn't crazy about the 'white' but this one is great.

A famous country star has become an alcoholic, similar to Sammy Haggar. A nice rum from Barbados as if they don't have any good rums! Nice coconut flavor which combined with rum is like peanut butter to jelly in a sandwich.
No strong burn or fake flavors with just the right amount of sweetness. Great mixed in cocktails or sipped neat with an ice cube on a hot summer day in an "Old Blue Chair" on a porch or poolside or at the beach.

I pour this straight over ice, no mixer needed. This is a little sweeter than I prefer but does the trick for a coconut spiced rum.

If you are looking for a great sweet and spicy rum for your Coke look no further. Ever time I drink this I feel like I'm on the beach!

Fantastic rum, on par with their Coconut. Though I don't think there are many uses for it. Personally I'll throw it in Coke or Dr. Pepper if I'm craving something sweet. However the plain Coconut is better for other mixed drinks as the "spice" isn't very heavy and gets drowned out easily. Using Coconut Spice for mixed drinks just gets you a slightly muted coconut flavor in comparison.

This is a good flavored rum. Similar to the Blue Chair Bay Coconut, but with a heavy spiciness. I prefer the regular coconut, but this is good.

A bit weak for my liking at only 26.5%abv. Still, a decent flavored rum.

So smooth straight out of the bottle, Kenny did a good job with this one

First rum that is so good straight out if the bottle

Spiced or coconut? Both! Pretty sweet when you drink it out of a coconut. Good concept and a great crowd pleaser.

I tried this straight up and it was ok it was coconut and spice just like the name says. However, I could see it being better in mixed drinks or a cola for sure. It's kinda like when you buy flavored coffee and it smells amazingly but, when you tastes it's it needs alittle cream same concept. Except the cream in this case is coke or in a mixed beverage

I recommend this rum as a mixer for someone who enjoys a really sweet and mellow summery libation. Too sweet for me, and very thick and syrupy like maybe loaded with corn syrup. Not much in the way of spice but more coconut than Malibu.

The coconut and spice create a unique combination what is full of flavor. Great coconut rum for those who do not like their rums as sweet. Can be easily enjoyed on its own or mixed with Coke.

The best offering I have tried from this maker. Still a little too sweet and with a little bit of a strange aftertaste, but not the worst I have had.

Sugar: estimated at 80 gpl. The coconut smell and taste is there and it's not that chemical coconut aroma and taste. There is some heat to the spice portion of the rum. It's a very sweet rum and could be classed a liqueur. It's not palatable to me as a sipper but if you are making a coconut based rum drink with some spice then this is probably the only rum out there for that. Pina Colada with a kick comes to mind.

I bought this after reading many great reviews. Like all bottles, I opened it, and was hoping a treat to my nose, but I was wrong. It smelt like I just opened a bottle of rubbing alcohol. Not used to seeing a clear spiced rum, I started becoming skeptical of my whole experience. I despise "white rums". I may just have never had a good one, but they all leave a bad aftertaste to me. I was still hopeful, since you have to be an optimistic to find what is the best. I poured a little in a glass, and took a sip. It was a little too much for me, but I did taste some of the spices and coconut. I figured that it was just because it was a white rum, and my body likes to reject white rums. I put an ice cube in my cup, a little rum and a little Sprite, the way I would mix a full glass, just, proportioned so I didn't waste too much if I didn't like it. I was once again, hit with the white rum rejection. The spices and coconut where nice, but I couldn't get over the white rum part of it. It may mix better in other cocktails, but for my simple mixture, it doesn't make the cut.

Interesting twist on the coconut and the spiced - at the same time. Still a little too coconut for my taste, but if you are buying it for the coconut, you might like it a lot more for the additional spice.

This is 1 of 2 perfect Coconut Rums. This is a very very smooth spiced rum that you can drink straight or mix with cola. A must have for any collection.

Not my usual style of rum, but I can appreciate that this is well crafted. Good pina colada mixer.

This is a amazing combination of the right coconut flavor with a splash of spice. Amazing by itself or mixed

This stuff is incredible in Pina Colada or straight up. If you are a fan of coconut and CHAI give this a try.

We found a bottle in Cape May, NJ last weekend and it makes a great rum and coke. Just add a little lime and it's a perfect mix.