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Blue chair bay white rum

Blue Chair Bay White rum is produced in Barbados at a distillery that is only yards from the beach and aged in white oak casks.

The Blue Chair Bay rum brand was created by country singer Kenny Chesney and named after his popular song "Old Blue Chair."

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A nice frosted, heavyweight bottle that can easily slip through your hand if you've had one too many. It looks very at home sitting on a beach bar or in the sand.

As clear as vodka, the rum creates thin legs that stream quickly down the sides.

Notes of banana and coconut are easily noticed with the sting of alcohol drifting through every once in a while. Even before drinking, the nose promises a high level of sweetness. The smell is best enjoyed with your nose a little higher than usual from the glass.

As expected, the tropical banana and coconut flavors pop on the tongue immediately, but they quickly fade, giving way to a strident and fierce alcohol burn that wipes out all flavors.

Not too harsh, but a smoother finish would have meshed well with the mild banana/coconut mixture. Instead you get a thin stream of fire going down. I can see how this rum could work very well as a mixer.

The tropical flavors return once the burn fades, leaving behind a ghost of the initial offering.

Mild tropical flavors mix with a medium burn which impedes on the experience somewhat. Good for what it was likely designed for: drinking in a cocktail in a beach chair near the ocean. Not enough complexity for sipping, there are much better options out there.

The rum has a pleasant soft texture, as it feels slightly buttery across the palate. There is an underlying taste which reminded me of mineral water which I suppose may be associated with the soft buttery mouth-feel. I also tasted a mildly sweet butterscotch flavor which is very lightly accented with mint and licorice. There is also a growing spiciness which hints at citrus zest and banana peel. I found that I preferred to add ice to my glass rather than to sip the rum neat.

Blue chair Bay white rum is a good rum for mixing with fruit juices or diet coke. I did not get the aftertaste that some of the reviews mentioned , and it is far superior to Bacardi. I won't compare it to Appleton or other darker rums because they are apples and oranges in my opinion. Good mixing rum for the beach

I caught Kenny Chesney's concert this summer at Orange Beach, Alabama (great show) and tried the BCB White for a second time. Same results just very average notch above Bacardi but not in the same league as Appleton, Banks and a few others. However the Coconut bottle was great.

This is an astounding mixer for Pina Colados, Mojitos, and daiquiris.

Bad after taste very strong taste like pure alcohol

Originally I tried Blue Chair Bay's Coconut rum and was quite impressed. I thought it was a small step up from Malibu in that it didn't have a syrupy quality. However drinking their White Rum is reminiscent of the time I had ether accidentally sprayed into my mouth, with more burn. You could probably hide the burn with a strong mix, but the alcohol flavor lingers forever. Just not worth buying. Gave it a 3/10 because like I said, you could probably hide the flavor if you (like me) made the mistake of buying a bottle.

Zero flavor, very long alcohol burn. Might be okay in a frozen daiquiri or something, but otherwise avoid this rum.

I use this as my white rum for juice cocktails...pineapple, orange and grenadine.

Decent for mixing, but lacks any unique taste. A touch of sweetness at first and no follow through.

Better than Bacardi or Captain but, many better options at that price point. Not a horrible swail but, is preset. No real flavours...

I found it to be to sweet and syrupy. Might be better suited to frozen drinks or desserts

Kenny's rum is definitely a rum to have for your bar. The white rum has a slight sweet taste and nose followed by a smooth finish. It goes great mixed in Coke or other rum-required cocktails. I would highly recommend.

When you want a less potent mixer this does the trick. When j.wray white overproof isn't available, this does the trick....but add an extra shot before shaking.

The aroma from the bottle reminds me of a polyvinylchloride plant. And the taste is equally as bad once the initial mild sweetness fades and fades fast leaving a bad chemical aftertaste. The only reason I didn't rate it a "1" is because of the hint of sweetness. Otherwise it's more akin to diesel fuel than a rum. They need to scrap this and start over again for improvements. Any respectable liquor store will have white rum much better than this. Really only usable to add alcohol to something non-alcoholic but be careful. Not recommendable.

Clear sort of smells like a solvent. Better than Bacardi. Drinkable and OK mixed. Not recommended on the rocks or neat!

It's a clean white rum without any bad "swill" qualities. It's reasonably smooth. No strong after-taste but also no distinguishable flavors standout - it is clean. Good for mixed drinks. You won't feel bad about serving this (for sure get this over Bacardi if you're having a party) but you certainly won't sip this one on its own.

This rum is made at he same distillery as cockspur rum. This is a younger white 80 proof rum made by a great bajan distillery. Think of a less refined cockspur 12. Similar in the complexity but with more edges to it.

Decent rum new to the market. Mixes well with cola and other mixers.

Tried this at the rim festival. The rep is totally blind to the product. They seriously think this stands toe to toe with other premium white rums, when in fact it probably stabs toe to toe only with Bacardi Inferior rum. Such bad swill that I won't even waste time with the coconut versions.

Not my favorite from thus company but still a great rum

This is a good rum for fruity drinks at the pool party, or in a diet coke on the deck of my boat. Not amazing, just a good solid mixer. It has surpassed Brugal as my white rum of choice.

I found a bottle the first week it was released in Cherry Hill, NJ. It's a very clean white rum that makes a good mixer. Great with fruity drinks that call for a white rum.