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Dzama vanilla rum

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17 Dzama Vanilla ratings

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Great for cocktails or desserts but lack of body and complexity for sipping

I pour this stuff over my Icecream and wow its amazing. also really good by its self as a break from the complex aged rums. or in a coke. its a must have

Peu amateur des rhums arrangés, ce rhum est une exception.
Je n'ai jamais connu un si bon gout de vanille : une merveille !!

La gousse de vanille ne laisse aucun doute...les arômes sont biens prononcées ! Le contraste avec le goût est surprenant mais les puristes vont le proposer en apéro 😉.

Pour ceux qui aiment les vieux rhum et rhum traditionnels de degustation , ce rhum n est pas pour vous.le produit est bien pour un aperitif entre amis qui decouvrent le est doux mais trop vanille a mon gout.
Note 6.2.

Niet lekker om puur te drinken maar heerlijk met Cola, de vanille smaakt komt dan echt naar boven

As a sipping rum it has failed in my opinion, but with (pepsi) coke it was really great.
It reminded me of coke vanilla from the coca cola company.

Very interesting thought. Drinkability is not that high, but I am glad I tasted it, very nice experience for me. Strong Vanilla aroma makes you think that you will dring somethig sweet but as soon as you have a sip you get punched in the face by dry and harsh agricole which is full of vanilla aroma, but sugar nowhere.

Specialist store recommended this one. I'm glad he did. Low price, wonderful taste with a hint of Vanilla.

Rum chutná nečekaně po vanilce. Dobrý, nasládlejší rum.

The vanilla is there.. Even though it taste somewhat synthetic.. But all of the taste i hidden behind a screen of old dry taste.. Maybe it needs to brethe for a while..

Agréable , fort rond ... Vanille très présente.
A boire plus comme apéro que digestif. Sur glace sera meilleur.


Une superbe odeur de vanille qui surpasse l odeur même du rhum... Une entrée en bouche piquante et cette vanille qui revient...

Un très très grand moment pour ceux dont la vanille ne dérange pas..

With a vanilla cane in the bottle, it goes without saying that this rum is quite sweet - almost too much to my liking. But if you are into rum with vanilla notes, you can't go wrong here.

I find this rum good but not super great. it has a pronounced vanilla flavor.The label is very beautiful.

Amateurs de vanille, voici un must-have !
Ce rhum malgache est envoûtant. Le nez annonce la couleur, et la bouche ne le dément pas !

Really good rum and nice bottle with it's vanilla bean in it! The sugarcane cultures are situated next to vanilla fields so it became a strong taste of it! Really nice!

Dzama vanilla rum