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Dos maderas luxus rum

Dos Maderas PX Luxus rum is produced using rums from Barbados and Guyana. The unique aging process includes an initial 10 years aging in the Carribean in oak casks. This is followed by an additional 5 years of aging in Spain in casks used to age the sherry Don Guido.

Bodegas Williams & Humbert produces the Dos Maderas family of rums, a well known Spanish winery founded in the late 1800s by Sir Alexander Williams. The region of Spain where the winery is located has a climate perfectly suited for wine and is known as Europe's wine cellar.

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65 Dos Maderas Luxus ratings

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Wow wow wow wow ! OH my god !
Nose : Sweet with a lot of alcohol, so I thought I was gonna be disappointed...
In the mouth, oh my god ! The alcohol disappears ! So much flavour ! Very sweet, but in a good way. So round, perfectly balanced, ADDICTIVE !!!
The aftertaste doesn t last long at all...

A bit of alcohol at the beginning but if you let it rest for a while in the glass the sticky alcohol fades and you smell sweet aromas of almond, caramel, orange, and vanilla.
In mouth you feel the smoothness of this rum. You taste almonds, vanilla, oak and some sherry. A very sweet rum. The aftertaste is a bit to short with sweetness, sherry and some spice.
The Dos Maderas Luxus is obviously a sipping rum that I enjoy neat. One of my favourites.

This is a very good rum, which is surprisingly sweet. I generally like sweet rums, and this is no exception, but the sweetness comes across a bit artificial tasting to me.

Tastes of molasses, spice, sherry, oak, vanilla, almonds, with a unique sweet additive that I can't quite place. It's definitely an excellent rum, though it falls just a bit short of the rums I've rated a 10. Still, this is a high 9 to me, and definitely worth trying if you get the chance.

Lækker rom, oser af kvalitet hele vejen igennem.
Den tager lige skridtet videre fra den meget lækre 5+5.
Lidt dyr, dog en fed rom at have i samlingen.

This one is a very unique rum. A very unexpected yet somehow familiar flavour. It tastes like a tropical island. Coconut, vanilla bean, molasses, ripe fruits. It is an absolute explosion of sweetness and flavour that is rich,silky smooth and very easy to drink. It's not my everyday as it's very rich but still something I enjoy for something completely different at times. A very good rum that everyone should try at least once.

Meget lækker rum med god fylde og udvikler sig meget i glas og mund

Wow, so beautiful, excellent choice, fabulous finish, great flavour, sublime. Sugar added.


And opens up nicely with a (very) few drops of water.
Does have notes of a nicely aged port (my other favourite spirit).
Thus far, my 2nd favourite after the Appleton Estate Exclusive.

hold da op jeg er imponeret over fylde og sødme og en meget lang eftersmag. SÅ meget bedre end px 5+5. Dyr men virkelig en lækker rom

This is the smoothest drink I have ever had, it has almost no bite whatsoever. However, the only thing I can taste is the sherry cask. This combined with the rather hefty price diminishes the score.

Wow! Great rum. I was fortunate to taste the rum at my local liquor store. I had to buy it. Totally got my attention. First I smelled just alcolol, but I wasn‘t disappointed at all! I totally recommend this one! Allmond, Caramel and a bit of orange...

Une approche délicate avec des saveurs qui se termine sur une longue finale, vraiment bon. un luxe...à se payer pour se gâter

Belle complexité, sur le sirop d'érable, orange, bonbon et le caramel. Très belle robe assez foncé.

Fine bottle.
Ok smell.
Good taste
Nice aftertaste

Sugar: estimated at 37 GPL. Wonderful sweet mix of sherry, wood, caramel, chocolate and a touch of spice. Aroma matches the taste. Soft on the palate with a lingering taste and warmth. Fabulous rum!
I like sweet rums and I would put this rum in my top five along with Diplomatico Ambassador,Abeulo Centuria, El Dorado 25, and Appleton Joy. It’s not easy to find and if you feel like spending $160 USD then go for it!

Lever fint op til luxus titlen i forhold til 5+5 versionen som ellers er fin. Dejlig mild og sød rom der smager dejligt.

A very delicious glass of rum, but at that price point there’s a lot of other great and cheaper choices out there.

Tried the Dos Maderas Luxus on a very rainy Wednesday and it is miles better than its younger siblings. This one could be called Dos Maderas 10+5. Color is nice and deep, smell test is a tad strong and very earthy, taste test reveals a very nice complex flavor profile, but the woodiness of the rum prevents it earning anything higher than an 8. Still easily the best of the Dos Maderas line-up.

it's a nice ron with a port finish, smooth and tasty at all.

Le nez est dominé par du caramel, mais plutôt doux et pas écœurant. Ca sent également la pâtisserie avec une note de banane en fond, genre banofee pie. On peut aussi décerner un parfum de dattes.
L’attaque est très douce, d’abord vanillée et caramélisée, sans excès de sucre puis arrive une note mentholée.
La finale est plutôt courte et reste sur une touche vanille/caramel
C’est un rhum plutôt agréable (bien qu’il manque clairement de puissance à mon avis) mais il est malheureusement aussi trop commun et fait partis des rhums clones (zacapa, botran, etc…)

na mile daleko od 5+5, skoro by som povedal ze to nieje rovnaka destilerka. rum je velmi jemny. vyvazena sladkost na nastupe, ale sladkost pocitite aj v tele. tam uz nieje tak vyrazna, co tomuto rumu vobec neuskodilo. jemne pripominajuci rumy od dictadoru, ako vonou tak chutov (kava, kakao, karamel, vanilka). skvele vyvazena chud bez akehokolvek palenia alebo skrabania. jeden z najlepsich rumov ake som pil. toto je rum pre zvlastne prilezitosti vyzorom aj chutou. osobne by som ho zaradil medzi jemne sladsie rumy, co mne vobec nevadi :-). 9.1/10


En klar vinnare, har den nya flaskan. Len mjuk och helt fantastiska smaker.


Great rum from start to the extremely long and delisous finish. Great nose, sweet but not to sweet and you will notice the sherry and wood. A bit pricey but hey it's a fantastic rum. Get u sum uh dat..


Incredibly unique sweet rum, unlike any other rum I can remember. Just a little spice with hazelnut tones. Cherry with nice lingering finish, slight tart hit. Could easily see sipping all night