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Brugal siglo de oro rum

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Good after dinner sipping Rum.
One or two pieces of ice will help the oily flavours dissipate smoothly in your mouth

Zdecydowanie największa chwała jaka mnie spotkała na rumowym gruncie. Wspaniałe doznania, które towarzyszyły mi podczas picia tego zacnego trunku, pozostały w mojej głowie do dzisiejszego dnia. Nawet nie spodziewałem się, że smak, zapach może się tak zakorzenić w pamięci człowieka. Wszystkie doznania, poczynając od smakowych, poprzez zapachowe, a na obcowaniu z eleganckim opakowaniem kończąc mogę porównać z czymś niezwykłym. Mam nadzieję, że jeszcze kiedyś u mnie zawita!

I think a lot of Rum lovers would like to have this bottle, it looks expensive and the blue box is supernice. I could read from someone buying it 10 years ago and I do beleive that the quality at that time was higher on a lot of the Rums. This Rum is oaky and thin.


No doubt, Siglo d'Oro is a fantastic rum. But with a price if about 100€, I believe there are several better rums out there in that range.

There's nothing to say about this rum that will do it all the justice it deserves. Great buy!

De los rones Dominicanos sin lugar a dudas es de los mejores. Presentación impecable, sin embargo esperaba un poco mas, un poco tosco al final. De todos modos muy recomendado.


One of my top 5 rums smooth little dry sipping a little pricey but over all one of the best Dominican rums

Got to try this rum at a tasting
Very smooth with earthy tones
As I would never buy a bottle of this price it was nice to try a high end rum that was well worth the taste
If your into high end rums and have the money pick up a bottle you'll be pleased that you did

I wasn't sure if I'd like this or not based on other reviews which said this was on the dry side, and the fact that I'm not a big fan of the Brugal 1888 as I think that's too bourbony.

This was pretty good though. It wasn't as bourbony as the 1888, and it was VERY smooth. Still, a bit on the dry side for my liking.

Smells and tastes of bourbon, oak, leather, tobacco, and vanilla. A very good rum; almost a '9', but just short to me due to its dryness.

Another blended rum, here to underwhelm you with its predictability. Nice flavours, nice balance, nice color, but nothing out of the ordinary

I brought this passing through Hong Kong a couple years ago and have just opened. I am slightly disappointed. It doesn't stand out at all. Yes, it's sippable, but I will recork as the packaging is very fine, and will keep it on the shelf.

siempre que viajo a catar un rum me hago como un lavado de mente para no ir con ideas preconcebidas
por esto le doy la puntacion maximo a este exclusivo producto que le pone mente y corazon para su elaboracion felicidades

Je l 'ai goûté lors d'une dégustation de la saq. Il est vraiment cher mais il est rempli de finesse avec un goût de bois et miel. une odeur de fruit sec.

This was my splurge choice for a rum tasting we do every year. It is an interesting rum as the nose is amazing and the first notes are heavenly but when it reaches the back of the tongue there is an oak/oily burn that many find quite harsh. Ice does help quite a bit but for the price this caliber of rum should not need to be watered down in my humble opinion.

WOW - This bottle come in a very nice package! - I have to show you all. I was looking for the blue ceramic bottle and thought i bought that, but got this one instead.


This is one of the best I've tried very smooth taste with a creamy flavour.

It's overpriced. Not bad could have been better. Next time I'll get something else.


My wife bought me bottle on a recent cruise. This is a sipper that I'll keep in my vault for special occasions. Know I know how good rum can be, I plan on exploring more.

Still got the bleue bottle. Best rum in my collection(aprx.130 diff. bottles) next to the solera rum zacapa xo. Paid it 220 euros 10 years ago. It could almost not be found in Europe that time. UNTHINKABLE NOT HAVING THIS TUM IN A GOOD RUM COLLECTION!!!!! YOUR MISSING OUT SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY!!!

Edle Abfüllung in hochwertiger Flasche. Nicht ganz so weich. Lang anhaltender Geschmack leicht nach Karamell.

This is a very good rum. I consider it to be on the dry side as it is not very sweet. This makes it more subtle in the tastes it produces. Medium to long taste in mouth. If you like caramel and pure plantation rums this is reminescent a little bit in the dryness.

First time I tried this rum, I was a little disappointed. I let it sit in my cabinet for a few months, revisited it and enjoyed it very much. I didn't find it too sweet and love the finish. It can be hard to come by and a bit expensive... so I save it for special occasions. Would buy again.


I've realized I like sweet rums. This is a very dry rum, but it is fantastic in it's field. What strikes me the most is the blooming oak taste that seams to grow throughout the tasting. It is a clean oak taste, nog much whisky, sherry or cognac barrel as other rums, but clean old oak. Yes it has the usual tastes like dried fruit and molasses, but the oaky aftertaste is what lingers. Pretty elegant and an unusual choice if you're after a more dry and clean sip. Not my cup of tea, but I'd imagine someone into heavy whiskys would like this. Still giving it a high rating because it is very interesting, odd, and not in any way unpleasant.