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Santiago de cuba anejo rum

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74 Santiago de Cuba Anejo ratings

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Wonderful flavor- very smooth. recommend it to dark / aged rum drinkers

As common as anything in Cuba. Very cheap and popular. The brand the locals drink, and you can see why. Not one to have straight, but any other way it's a winner. Fill up your suitcase on the way home with this!

Spændende bekendtskab, men med kendskab til deres 11 års, så er det svært ikke at forlange mere. Kæmpe ros til Fidel Castro og kravene til rom fra Cuba, men 11 og 25 års er oplevelser i særklasse og derfor en smule skuffet her. En smule billig/sprittet/parfumeret i smag, men stadig et fint glas og især med prise in mente.

Pour tout ceux qui visite Cuba, il n'y a qu'un seul rhum a rapporter. Pas très dispendieux et c'est le plus savoureux.

Es ideal para mezclarlo con Coca-Cola, la relación precio sabor es muy buena. Lástima que sólo lo que conseguido en Cuba.


excellent rum, not overpowering. Great for rum and coke!

Lekker rum voor mixen ook voor een mojito
Kan ook puur gedronken worden

Siempre será un placer probar el ron cubano. No puedo esperar a probar lo que debe ser el 500

One of the best rums I have had for this price. Great as a mixer and not terrible straight, which says a lot for the cheapest rum on the shelf in Australia. Would recommend.

Great stock standard or benchmark Cuban aged rum. Nothing great, but definitely not yellow swill like some others.

Purchased this in Cuba and found it an okay mixer rum. I have had it for a while and it always gets passed over for another. I have friends that enjoy it in mixed drinks.

Very Nice alone, on ice and whit cola.
It is verry easy to drink and you can youse it whit all kind of drinks.

Something different from Havana Club. Will have a space in my heart as I reminisce on my trip. Use as a mixer if anything.

Really nice scent, chocolate, fruit, a little wood. Best for Cuba Libre, if you leave him a little time also a nice sip. Not to complex but harmonious. I like a lot. Around 15€ if you order it, a litte more in shops, but you have to be lucky to find it on the streets.

Something different from Havana Club. Will have a space in my heart as I reminisce on my trip. Use as a mixer if anything.

Un rhum facile a boire, pas forcément très complexe mais qui criera dans votre bout "trouve moi un cigare et une plage abandonnée immédiatement !". Comme beaucoup découvert en voyage à Cuba où il vaut une misère, une bien meilleure alternative au Havana Club. Si vous avez un copain qui va à Cuba, demandez en lui une au passage (et une pour moi aussi tiens).

Tried the Santiago de Cuba Anejo at the Cuba Casa de Mojito in Ho Chi Minh City and the place was for sure not lacking the ambiance, but this rum is not for neat sipping. I'm sure it will make a killer Cuba Libre, but I was sticking my guns for a Mojito. Not bad, not spectacular. For the money, it's hard to beat this one though as a base for your favorite mixed drinks.

Found it quite decent when tasting this neat, but comes to it's own in a simple Cuba Libre. Very tasty and refreshing!

Did drink this in Cuba the first time. Smooth and soft taste. Can recommend this rum

Für Cuba Libre einer der besten Rums.
Vor allem ein super Preis-Leistungsverhältnis. 15.50€
Pur ist er mir etwas zu scharf.

Given the price definitely one of the best choices, both with cola or pure. My favorite rum :)


Pas mal a déguster sans accompagnement. Rien d exceptionnel mais quand même agréable.

I had this one a long time ago, but it did not impress me very much. For this price it is probably good.

On the nose.. not good
Taste: strong but smooth
Conslusion: well, gotta start somewhere. It's ok, but not spectecular.