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42 Santiago de Cuba Anejo ratings

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Pour tout ceux qui visite Cuba, il n'y a qu'un seul rhum a rapporter. Pas très dispendieux et c'est le plus savoureux.

Es ideal para mezclarlo con Coca-Cola, la relación precio sabor es muy buena. Lástima que sólo lo que conseguido en Cuba.


Wonderful flavor- very smooth. recommend it to dark / aged rum drinkers

As common as anything in Cuba. Very cheap and popular. The brand the locals drink, and you can see why. Not one to have straight, but any other way it's a winner. Fill up your suitcase on the way home with this!

excellent rum, not overpowering. Great for rum and coke!

Deosebit, fin cu aftertaste plăcut chiar dacă are doar 38%

This is one of the cheapest rums around but at double the price would still be great value. Smooth with a rich honey colour and hints of tropical fruit flavours and tobacco. This is wasted with mixers. I like it with just ice, soda or plain water.

Excellent my first Cuban rum, brought all the way back from cuba by friends.

So based on the higher ratings on here i went for the much cheaper Anejo. Smelt like a weak nail polish remover , hints of honey and caramel but nothing too pleasant. Tasted better than i thought it would , dry , quite sweet but had a bit of an unpleasant aftertaste.. But as i bought it as a mixer i hoped it would improve with a quality Fever Tree cola... it didn't ! Even my daughter remarked that this wasn't up to my normal "standard" rums.. So wont be buying again and will probably give the 12 yr a wide berth !

Nice , smooth tasting rum for a really good price.

C'est un vrai coup de coeur alternatif à Havane Club.
Très belle couleur dans le verre, puis des arômes très nets de vanille bourbon, bois de chêne.
Pas de feu en bouche, douceur, court mais très plaisent.
Un bon rhum pour mélanger

...den man sowohl pur trinken als auch mischen kann. Nicht ehr üß aber leider ist er geschmacklich sehr schwach und kurz im Abgang. Der 12er ist um ein vielfaches besser, höher hab ichs in Cuba damals nicht geschafft.

Colour- caramel brown with light Amber flashes
Taste- vanilla notes with a slight hint of banana
Uses- perfect for cocktails but can also be drunk on the rocks in the sun while dreaming of sandy beaches
I first tried this rum as most people do in Cuba its available everywhere there, therefore its hard for me to rate it and not think of lovely warm beaches beatiful friendly people, oh and proposing to my wife, I was worried that when i bought a bottle put it in my case it would metomorphosize on the plane into undrinkable piss water like most holiday drinks do, but much to my pleasure it was still just as nice at home it is not a world beater but a great mixer and a good conversation starter.

This rum is very surprising for the price. It is my favourite on a regular day. I have it 1:1 with Sprite or 7up. It is smooth and the ending is honey sweet. It is unique. I come back from Cuba with at least one bottle each time.

Very mild smell, smooth going down but a bit of a bite on the back end. Upon further sips....the finish reminds me of tequila. I'm not a huge tequila fan so I lowered my rating from 7 to 6. A good conversation piece to have in the cabinet but overly great in my opinion. The finish really spoiled it for me.

Got as present from friend. quite nice considering price. You can enjoy it whole sipping with ice. great with coke :)

Tried this in a dark 'n' stormy and it was really nice.
Not a very unique taste, but mixes really well.
Might adjust the score after trying it neat/with coke.

very tasty cuban rum, not as dry as most of them. Bought it in Cuba for so little money I would give it a 7 for the good value but it would be not real. Its tasty but I liked Caney Cenuria for example more than this and both are cheaper cuban rums.

se simte ca a stat in butoi, are un miros lemnos. are ceva nuante de caramel si vanilie. totusi e un rom ieftin si nu poate emite prea mari pretentii.

Tobacco and perhaps vanilla... not overly sweet and is a solid mixer for the price. If you want a good cuban rum leave the Havana Club on the shelf and grab a bottle of this. It's sold everywhere on the island and very well liked by the locals!

Best Cuba Libre you'll likely taste.

Actually not bad.
Its much better then expected.
Very good drinkable.
Mid sweet mid burn.
Good taste.
Price not high.
Strange but not bad at all

Zatim jsem asi neprisel na chut Kubanskym rumum. Tento rum nedokazu presne charakterizovat, ale citim na pozadi chut jodu. Je kazdopadne za zajimavou cenu.

Very smooth and easily hides in a cola mixer. My go to rum when I'm sitting on the beach while visiting my favorite Caribbean island.

This lacked n complexity for me but pretty good for the price