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Cacique 500 extra anejo rum

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45 Cacique 500 Gran Reserva ratings

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Surprised me at the first sip. Gives the impression of being much stronger than it is. The first impression is quite raw, but mellows afterwards. Nice sweet taste, but not on a par with many other superb Venezuelan rums. The price however is quite good for the quality.

Had tasted much more better rums from Venezuela, is not mild enough / too strict and rather sprittig .

This venezuelian rum is to me, like all the venezuelian rums I tasted until now (Diplomatico or Santa Teresa) a very smooth and sweet rum! Excellent!

the hint of honey/measels made me love this rum. Excelent on the rocks, no complaints. Great Venezuelian spririt.

Feel chocolate, firstly stronger then it is. For this price good rum.

Es la selección de los mejores rones envejecidos hasta 8 años en barricas de roble americano. color ambar oscuro con aroma a roble vainilla y frutos secos , chispiante en boca y sabor afrutado.... excelente en las rocas o con jugo de frutas.

Se volete avvicinarvi al Rhum questo può essere il vostro primo passo, un rum semplice non complesso da gestire facilmente, abbastanza dolce, con un leggero sentore alcolico, qualità prezzo buona, per quel prezzo difficile trovarne di meglio.

Enjoyed the Cacique 500 Gran Reserva last year while vacation in Venezuela and I have to say this one is very far away from the much smoother Cacique Antiguo rum. The 500 Gran Reserva has a strong burn and not a whole lot of distinct flavors.

In der Nase sehr vanillig und caramellig. Er lässt erwarten sehr süß zu sein. Trinkt man ihn, überrascht ein ausgeprägtes Nussaroma, weniger Vanille. Insgesamt doch recht sprittig im Abgang und kaum langanhaltend im Geschmack.

Es ist sicher kein schlechter Rum, aber es gibt deutlich ausgewogenere. Ich war etwas enttäuscht.

This is a different rum than I was used to drink. The smell is not very pleasant, reminds me of paint. The taste however is much better. Herbs, spicy. Strong taste. I would buy this one again.

Don't go for the cheaper me...thank me later!

One of the better dark aged rums... is a solid taste with a dark flavor but not smoked, no hangover never.

Nice sipper, but its bit raw still. Ice helps a lot, otherwise with strong burn. Decently added sugar.

I like this rum. It's sweet and easy to drink and good with coke, too.

It is a good rum, but one step down of Diplomático reserva exclusiva y Santa Teresa 1796. It's better with some water than neat.

This is my absolute favorite rum for a mix with coke. Nice and sweat in a coke.

Quite OK, but a bit too strong alcohol taste and the afterburn was harsh, not smooth. Would not buy it again.

What a strange name. Don't even know how to pronouce it. I have had this in a bar where I tried several rums at that time and this one was above average. Nice taste and smell.

Es un buen ron añejo, ideal para tomar combinado con refresco de cola, aunque solo con unos cubos de hielos tambien sabe bien


there are a lot of better rums in venezuela for the same mix with cola

Excelente para el conocido cuba libre uno de los rones mas vendidos en venezuela bastante versatil buen sabor imposible dejar de probarlo

Beautiful round and sweet flavoured rum. I bought this on a flight back from Spain instead of some Brugal and it immediately brought to mind all the great tasting rums I'd had across the bars of Spain. Foolishly didn't try it straight but I'm largely a rum and cola man, tasted rich and creamy ideally served with an orange slice.

While this is just short of what I would drink on it's own, it makes for great drinks without digging too deep in your wallet.

Half way between smooth and strong, very tasty, but didn't convince me mixes with coke. Maybe I'll give it another try in the future but I think this rum is just good. Dind't try to sip, but seeing the strenght mixed with coke I don't think it's worth a try.